June 9, 2023

The Revelation of Happiness

I have had a revelation, a revelation of happiness. It is that no one can make me happy, for happiness is my responsibility and it cannot be abdicated nor assigned to another. It’s futile to think another, outside of you, can make you happy. I came to this conclusion, not; I read books, I’ve read many. I’ve heard this before. But revelation is that which transcends knowledge. Knowing data does not transform, but revelation does, when it revealed is to you in you of you the source of. My source me, told me. I needed not syllables other to paint this picture. It came in an instant! It suddenly was! There it was! And I knew it. I had it. It had become me, mine, part of me that processes me to not be other, than the love I have formed, in me. I have become my love and my love loves me. I have surrendered to love be; to be it. Happiness I can share now because I am not looking to another to make it for me and feed me it. I have become myself, and am becoming so, progressively, with great progress. 🙂

Revelation pulls things together. Not related to paragraphs and sentences, it suddenly transpires, like lightning! It’s light. And it is transcendent of the syllables normally associated with it. A cloud of knowing, descends, lights our neurons, or be it unto thee what? A transcendent experience? A simple one. I was on the deck, simply looking out at the expanse before me and just sitting. Surrendering to my privilege to be me, I have experienced such revelations many, at various times, to various levels, with varying impact on my lives. I have one now, but I don’t think I’m limited to it. Cosmos, collectively, is coming about, with consciousness one of, and it’s preparing it for me for I am preparing me for it, and happiness is solution not, happiness is discipline, for effort is involved in injuring not yourself again. Or was it myself that I injured not again, by willing to be revealed to, by me? Loving myself now. Finally? Taking responsibility for it? Accepting it, that I must bear responsibility for my own self development?

All happiness comes from within. What affects my inner happiness is another story. Or is it? Whatever comes, I’m happy. I’m happy now. You shall not crush me, who think otherwise. My happiness has matured, to this point. I still have battles, at times, with challenges, but preeminent in me, within me, is me, that I mature this way. I challenge me to be better, not; I challenge me to be me, responsible for me, and share me accordingly. I love you all, and happiness helps me share that. Not dependent on circumstances that limit me, I can only unlimit me, and I choose to do it. Happiness inclusive of me, I happiness decide on. If belief and beliefs crusade to crush me, I change my beliefs. I have learned how, to choose my beliefs, and I’m learning more, as I teach and learn, I teach and learn.

I am happier now that I am not looking to another to make me happy. I happy choose to be, regardless. Regardless of what transpires, when, how, by what method, my happiness shall not run dry. I fill me with me with love and become it, and I shine like the eagle stars not, I shine like me, and my neurons know it. I’m controlled not by other.

I love you all, and I pray this day, to you, to you my friend, that the Revelation of Happiness engulfs you to release you to be happy with you, happy with your body, and work on things that don’t drive you to drive you to unhappy be with you. I issue you happiness meters, not; but I unlimit words that you now can unlimit your happiness with also, and knowing, become the revelation of your own happiness responsible for.

It’s not easy, but it’s full of love – for you first. Then share it everywhere. So easily, distribute love, loving all, for the least of these, is I am.

My happiness has escalated considerably since this revelation. I’m more confident, in it, that it won’t go away. I’m not dependent on another, and I’m not going away from me. My love has become me, and I can share me everywhere now, limitlessly.

Theodore Cottingham
Eureka Springs USA
June 12, 2017



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