June 8, 2023

My 1st 100 Proclamations

by Theodore Cottingham
School of The Inner Me
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

Here are my first 100 proclamations from Database One of Theodore’s Covenant.

(1) The Proclamation of the New Generation that has Me at their center. My body crosses all boundaries of time and space. (DB1.V1.L009)

(2) The Proclamation of My Words – Proclaim My words, proclaim this word far and wide and if they have a question about it they can ask Me and those that ask, that can hear My voice, will hear My answer. (DB1.V1.012)

(3) The Proclamation of Generational Relationships – I want My body to know My body. I want My people to not just know each other but to know each other’s children and begin to operate in generational friendship that few have ever imagined. I value people. I value relationships. I value children. I honor children. And I want a completely new, revised, enhanced, broadened concept to take place that changes the behavior of My everything and everyone who will seek My face and bear My name. Children. Relationship. This is My message, My heart to you today. It is significant and must be shared, trumpeted, proclaimed, taught, empowered, facilitated, nurtured, and matured. It is fundamental to My purpose and what I am doing and what must be done. (DB1.V1.L015)

(4) The Proclamation of The Price – The price is time. The price is openness. The price is transparency. The price is letting Me strip out the fear and doctrines of high-minded thinking that rob you of your time, time, time with Me. Tell them to quit listening so much to man and media and things that distract and destroy their destiny, rather than repair and make new, prepare and launch them into My realm, My table, My meat, My purposes, My values. Tell them they choose and they choose every day for I come, I come every day. (DB1.V1.L020)

(5) The Proclamation that My people must love – love is the foundation. My people must love. Love is the foundation, not hate, not selfishness, not self-centeredness, not self-promotion at the expense of others. The Good Samaritan, as you call him, had his eyes open and could see, see, see. See what I am doing and how I operate and proclaim it everywhere, every way you can.

Be bold, be radical, be transparent, be confident, be strong when it comes to telling My people they must care about My people. They must care. They must care. They must open their homes and their hearts to those I bring them to connect with in relationship for the reciprocal synergy that My connection brings.

Love must come forth. Honor must come forth, and then I come forth in that setting of love and honor and respect, mutual respect, mutual honor, mutual love, mutual values, mutual interest in giving of each to the other in heart, spirit, nurture, relationship, conversations, and things, even in things.

Relationships must be formed for the importance of what I am doing. My body must mature. (DB1.V1.L022)

(6) The Proclamation of What It’s About – it’s about prayer and humility and submission that brings correction and discipline and judgment and brings forth maturity in Me, that brings forth freedom which ignites the heart in every arena bringing about excitement, adventure, fulfillment that is of My kingdom, superior to all other kingdoms.

I will move and I will shake and it’s now and I must nurture My people. I must call and speak directly. Man nurturing man is not enough. Needed? Yes. Correct? Yes. Proper? Yes. Appropriate? Yes. Appreciated? Yes. But not sufficient for the totality of maturity that I’m calling My body to. It’s both. It’s all. It’s more. It’s Me

There is no competition in My body. There is honor, respect, submission, humility, peace, joy, love, and longsuffering. Love respects and so many of My body have no respect for My body, for other parts of My body. This must change. This must mature. This must give way to love, to honor, to respect, to gentleness, to entreaties, to multiple provision.

My body must work together and come together in gentleness and kindness and power. My power will come in maturity, and when correction is sought, and self-preservation and status are laid on the altar and given to Me.

My body must learn My voice so I can teach them how to share and receive from Me and facilitate the growth of those that they previously competed with. Oneness, transparency, maturity, correction, openness, integrity, Ted, Me. I must come through My people and I will do this for those that ask Me and seek Me.

(7) The Proclamation of Laughter as a Gift – Laughter is a gift from Me to you and from Me to My people and I will increase it for laughter is powerful, powerful, powerful emotion. I give it you and I give to My body. I give to your seed and today I increase it in them and you will see it, and all will see it. My gift. My gift. My gift, Ted, from Me to you. Now go and glow, glow, glow Ted. Be a glow plug for Me to start and restart many engines for Me, many motors, many souls who are dry and barren, to make them laugh and rekindle the joy that I have for them. I have it waiting for them. I have it waiting. I fight for My people and they must, at times, fight for their laughter and joy. Teach it Ted. Share, proclaim, proclaim, proclamate, declarate, declare, banner forth Me and what I am doing today. (DB1.V1.L026)

(8) The Proclamation of Invitation into My chambers, into realms of reality where glory, honor, and power, are tangible and seen and experienced deeply, deeply, life-changingly, mind-reorientingly, life-rearrangingly. My body will lift My body for My body is Me through My people doing, hearing, saying what I am and what I want done—operating in a network of surrender and submission together, together, together in Me, for Me, in Me, in ways yet unseen, yet unexperienced. Birth these networks of Me so that the submitted, surrendered souls that I desire to bring into realms of glory, honor, and power can move with alacrity into leadership, leadership, leadership, and move in glory, My glory, My honor, and My power to help bring the freedom I want My body to have.

Know that no competition ever exists and cannot exist between you and others I exalt. Love My body from the least to the greatest, from those that know Me intimately to those who don’t know what intimacy with Me is.

Shrink not back from those with great power, with great apparent power, either spiritual power or natural power, and be not impressed with any of them. I’ve told you that. Be impressed with Me and My kingdom and My revealing My heart to you. Now go and grow and glow for Me and be fulfilled in the new things I am doing in you and for you and for My people, My body, My kingdom and My revealing Me and what I want done. Smile. Laugh. Grow. Mature. Listen. Submit. Lead. Document. Write. Publish. (DB1.V1.L027)

(9) The Proclamation that maturity is the gateway to freedom in My kingdom. Freedom demands maturity. Freedom demands maturity and where so many fall is they want to operate in freedom—a level of freedom that exceeds their maturity. Maturity brings freedom. Maturity is the gateway to freedom in My kingdom. (DB1.V1.L028)

(10) The Proclamation of My Appearing to You and All Who Will—with no veil, no pretense, no power to stop us from knowing each other like never before. Then walking in power, empowered, sure of oneself, sure of My power and My Spirit and truth operating in you in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in manners, ways and means, that transcends all logic and traditions of man. (DB1.V1.L030)

(11) The Proclamation to the much-afraid to stand up and write and speak and be My apostles and disciples and all that I call them to be, all they choose to be in Me. I come, I speak, I reveal and I use the useful. I use those who get off their seats of complacency and do something. Faith without works is dead. There is always a call to action, to a step of obedience that leads to further choices and further obediences or disobediences. And those actions result in whatever relationship comes about.

The more one obeys Me the more I can use in relationship of leadership. There’s always a call to action, and there’s always a desert. There’s always a time of listening. There’s always a time of waiting. There has to be always a process of maturing before Me, in Me, so I can come through with the fulfillment I want to come through people with. I come to others. I come through them as they mature. (DB1.V1.L037)

(12) The Proclamation to Come Alive – Come alive in Me and let Me be Me in you. All of you. Come alive, come alive, come alive in Me. Nothing else. Nothing else will teach you and train you and be with you 24 hours a day to nurture you and talk with you and bring peace, comfort, and direction, to you, in you. Nothing else can compare. I am significancing My people—My people that will come to Me in humility and surrender their traditions and assumptions of who I am and how I operate and let Me reveal Myself to them directly. I will significance them and life will come forth in measure and come alive they will, in manner not seen previously. (DB1.V1.L039)

(13) The Proclamation of My delicacies for those who want to eat of Me at My majestic table – Time with Me must increase for Me to impart Myself as I want to into you, into them, into My people, for scribes to come into being, in maturity, in multitudes, is of Me. I am proclaiming My delicacies for those who want to eat of Me at My majestic table. I am bringing the wine and the bread and they need bring only their humble heart, their nimble heart, and I will make it larger and nimbler and expand them and their world.

Think globally and reread My words to you, and music—new music—will I bring you and Amy and all who will write and sing and proclaim My new music. Globalize your thinking in all you do. It is one of your primary values. All nations, all countries, all languages, all peoples, all over My earth. Think globally and globalize My little thinkers into global thinkers. Globalize My powerless into powerful global forces for Me and Mine and Mine to come.

Come, come more, come more. Begin today. Can you begin today to spend more time with Me? Can you? Must you go each day when you do? Can you come more often? I want more of you so I can give you more of Me.

Measurements use. Metrics utilize. Strategic be.

(14) The Proclamation to stand up and proclaim your freedom – in Me – I call to Me and I set free. Let no one deceive you with high powered philosophies. I am simple, I am simple to understand. I am freedom. New worship. New music, new leaders. New spectrum, new organization, new hierarchy-less organizations that operate in paradigms of power and meekness and maturity. A new day. Only the nimble in Me will survive. Nimble be. Begin applauding My creativity and innovation and helping each other be My body like My body should be My body—as one. Be Me. Smile, joy, mature. Create new words, create new songs, create new instruments. Help My body see My body and divisiveness desist. Judgment starts at My house and judgment is on the doorstep. Judgment welcome, and be not afraid of. (DB1.V1.L053)

(15) The Proclamation of Mercy – Maturity requires much mercy. Much mercy is required, so much mercy must be given. Do not compromise My non-negotiables but extend mercy to those who have not met Mercy. Extend mercy to My lambs and to those who stand up for Me, even when they err. Don’t close your eyes and compromise but confront in mercy, exponential mercy, and expert communication. Asks lots of questions and tender be. Mercy brings love. Mercy brings fruit. (DB1.V1.L055)

(16) The Proclamation of My business open, My shop open, My life open, My Holy of Holies open. I withhold nothing. I am God, limitless God. And I am consultable and seek engagements with My people—engagements— smile and rightfully so— for multiple meanings of words I often employ.

I am looking for engagements where My body will come to Me and engage Me in their oneness, to help oneness manifest oneness, preempt confusion and delay of My design for them in My big world. My business is open, My shop is open, My life is open, My Holy of Holies is open. I withhold nothing. THIS, is what I am doing, and this is THE new thing I do.

I am a giver. I love and I connect. I connect My people who come to Me with My people of provision that provide love and connections and hold on to their handfuls not. I come and I consult and I discuss and I share, and Ted, if they will consult with Me I will consult with them. In fact, I’ll even bring the bread and wine, the bread and wine of My Spirit, My personhood, My character, My design. And Ted, if they’ll bring their bread and wine and share with Me—all the better—all the more powerful, for what they do in the natural, I’ll do in the Spirit.

I will pour out those and on those who celebrate Me, and shrink not back from My presence, My words, My connections, My relationships, My provision.

Now reader/hearer, wonder not how often I say Ted’s name or how I speak or how he communicates Me or why you’re reading and hearing these words. I honor you and call you to Me, and choose you to know what I’m up to. Please see Me and hear Me in these words and see yourself writing as I speak and direct you.

Consult with Me and heal I will, bondage I will break, provision I will provide, bread and wine I bring. And, adventure I rain on My willing. (DB1.V1.L057)

(17) The Proclamation that all will share bread and wine with each other and two classes they shall not be. I proclaim My allegiance, My love, My passion, My care, My concern, My love, My blood, My bread and wine—to the common man, the common woman – with no distinction, the common girl, the common boy—all, all, all, all, all who will sit at table with Me for I will share Me with all, and all are to share Me with all. I bring My bread and wine to all. I am there and I leave not. I am available to all. All partakers of My bread and wine are to share My bread and wine with others. I never intended two classes of people. Impart bread and wine to My body and help them impart bread and wine to My body so that all My body receives My bread and wine from all My body. One, one. One class – My people. Not two—one. My people are one and everyone who believes in Me and tastes Me, serves another. (DB1.V1.L058)

(18) The Proclamation of No Greater Love – Write the names of friends and write all their kids names, and begin bringing the list to Me, before Me, to read to Me, to intercede to Me, for Me to make Myself known to them and birth a new generation of Joshua’s and Caleb’s who are not afraid of the tyranny and bondage of the much-afraid who elevate themselves and control others in hidden fear. Write. Start a mass exchange of My body knowing the kids of My body, the kids of their friends, and bring the writing to Me, and I will share My bread and wine with those who lay down their life for My lambs, for the lambs of their friends. Write the names of family, extended family, and begin writing out—formally, in structure—to place high value on this and not take it lightly. This is something critical and foundational to what I am doing. The lists—the friends, the family, the lambs—write and write now and ask them to share them with you and each other, and do not delay in this, do not delay in this, do not delay in this. Tell all who will listen and further instructions I will give and clarify and edify and heal and raise up many through My directions to you this day. (DB1.V1.L059)

(19) The Bartlett Square Proclamation – In Me, in Me, networks in Me—think not small My people, My hearers, My readers—networks. Open your minds to Me—and let Me be Me in your mind, and teach and proclaim in tenderness and love what I mean by all this—in your life, in your calling, in your daily activities—faithful in the small things—trustable in the big things.

Bring your lists before Me of your family and friends and lambs, and generations will be transformed in your simplest obediences, for no idea you have of the significance and permanent ramifications of your simplest obediences.

Please, please, please let Me elevate you, let Me take your hand, by the power of My precious Spirit, and lead you to My escalators of elevation and power and leadership. Will you, will you please? Please allow Me to take your hand and minister bread and wine to you, you, you oh reader/hearer—lamb of Mine—let Me minister My bread and My wine to you, in love and covenant and compassionate trust that transcends all earthly desires or offerings.

Oh please come to Me, directly for Me, and I will bread and wine you with the greatest joys, Me, Me, Me, I am, the great I am, the only I am, the sovereign I am, the omniscient I am, Me, Me, simply Me, transcendent Me—and you, simply you, with no heirs, no pretenses, no doctrines, no traditions, just openness of heart to who I am and what I am doing, and what I’d love to do in you, through you, and to others, for others, for all of you, for all of us.

Let Me please—I have My hand out to you—I’ve opened My doors, I’ve stated that I withhold nothing from you. Come share with Me. Lovers be and hearts exchange. Oh please. Oh please hear My heart through these words My servant pens this 15th day of July in Bartlett Square. Oh please let Me give you My big adventure in My big world, for your non-adventure in your little world.

I offer freedom, I offer cleansing, I offer purity, I offer globalization, I offer excitement, I offer—heaven—I offer Myself—My all to you. Choose Me, choose Me, choose Me please. I will come and I will serve and I will wash your feet. I will wash your feet, as well as your heart, and arise clean in newness of life you will. (DB1.V1.L060)

(20) The Proclamation of My Universities for Me – Start your school—faculties I will bring, faculty I will bring, faculty I do bring, faculty I do bring. Start and I will bring forth greater than you imagine. Go start—set the dates and buildings and land and all you need are yours—for they will come out of nothing—out of nowhere—for all comes from Me. You don’t see them until you see them. I see them now and I’m helping you see them now before you see them, to help you see them then. I brought you relationships with giants—now ask and proclaim and procure and move forth.

Tell all you are starting a school for Me—a school of prayer and intimacy, a school of practical creativity based on Me, and maturity in Me. And I will come. I will come and I will attend and I will teach and will correct and I will connect and I will mature and I will graduate many in My school that you begin for Me.

Shrink not back. Guts—fortitude—stamina—humility. Multiple is your name, campuses is your name, online is your name. Compromise not my non-negotiables in receiving from others what I do. Tender be and manipulation resort to never. I am provision. I am your all in all. I am Me. I like simplicity. I like nimbleness. I like quest-ers who will quest and be fulfilled. I love leaders. I love all My lambs.

Now go forth and share this word today and hesitate not to proclaim your school for it’s not yours at all. I know it. You know it. And those who know Me know it. Move forth and proclaim it and I will speak many details to giants who come to you now, to aid you in building and sustaining the permanence of My word, by putting forth the resources needed to assemble what I am building. I am building. I am doing. I am assembling. Who I am bringing, who I am calling, who I am empowering—Ted, this is not about you, it’s about Me, and that’s why so much, such great, true humility is required of you.

Set you aside I will, set you aside I will, set you aside I’ve spoken before to you, if you take ownership of what I am doing, in selfish arrogance. Name it My name, and move forth.

Alliances I give you globally. Technology I give you completely. I withhold nothing. Do what I have cultivated in your heart these years—launching My lambs, launching My lambs, raising My lambs from dirt floors and marbled palaces into My design, in My majesty, in My power, in My glory, for halls of power and prowess affecting nations and governments, and kids on My streets.

Oh Ted, permeate, publish, proclaim, promulgate, shout it from the housetops—universities will come, alliances will come, affiliations will come.

Teach Me and do what I did. I did what I saw the Father doing. I said what I heard the Father saying. I walked. I stood up. I loved. I led. Launch forth in the new things I am doing and enjoy Me and enjoy Mine and free My people to laugh and know Me in maturing and intimacy and write My words and walk with integrity, spiritual integrity, commercial integrity, integrated—all integrated integrity, encompassing integrity, permeating-all integrity, and I will come and I will crown the victors. I will adorn My graduates. I will faculty-ize the faculty. I will curriculumize the curriculum by means of those who live knee-ology and not just theology. I love My Mine Ted, and elevating I am many through you this date. (DB1.V1.L062)

(21) The Proclamation of The Message of Maturity and how maturity must be sought to be obtained – Maturity does not evolve, not in Me, not in anything. They have to choose to mature—to mature. Maturity scares many leaders, for in their own smallness they think, believe, and act on the false presumption that their own position of authority is vulnerable if all their followers become free. The strength is in the freedom, not in the slavery. I am Freedom. I am not rules. I am the new and living Covenant and I write My name and My laws on the internal parts of the seat of authority in the innermost parts of those who will let Me, providing and clarifying the path to freedom, their own individual path to freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom.

I whisper, I whisper, I whisper in My chambers. I do not yell. I do not demand. I do not command. I whisper. I whisper. Seek not My rules, seek not My principles, seek Me. Oh Ted, graduate My people from rule-living to maturity-living. I was a teacher. I am a teacher and I love to teach. I share, I speak, I empathize, but I don’t compartmentalize. I globalize, I freedomize and exchange hearts with My students—My students that will come and quest to know Me, quest to know Me, quest to know Me—rather than just following the rules. I come, I call, I confirm, I create, and I mature. (DB1.V1.L065)

(22) The Proclamation to start schools, teach and preach and proclaim My words every way possible—and you, you, you, My lamb—stand up and begin your great big adventure in My big world, and receive My daily instructions to you, for you, for yours—for Me, for Mine. I call. I come. I confirm. I create. I mature. And I speak, and you are to write—if you will. Write and be not afraid of correction. Be not defensive. Mature and be subject to correction. I will speak and I will correct.

No veil separates any longer, no barricade, not even a façade of separation exists in reality now. My door is open. My heart is open. My chambers are open. My table is open—to you, to you, to you, and I issue you My invitation, My invitation, My invitation, to you this day—30 July 2003—to come and sup with Me and see what I do, see what I say, see what I pen through ink flowing from your movements of your hand, holding an instrument that I can use, will use, for Me—to share Me—to broaden you, to alive you, to emotion you, to heal you, to spread the sphere of your influence and relationships beyond your finite borders, to My infinite boundaries, wherever I want to take it, whenever I want to take Me, through it, through what you’ve written.

Boundaryless—limitless—boundless I am. I do what I want to do but I respect your choices, and I respect even now whether you are willing to accept the challenge, the invitation, I have issued to you this day, this 30th day of July 2003, to pick up your pen, quell all other distractions, and sit at My feet—bow before Me, withhold nothing from Me, and let Me lift you up into My design for you—let Me write through you. Let Me write through you. Let Me write through you—sayeth the Lord God of Host this day to every reader, every hearer, every person, great and small, young and old, who will receive Me, receive Me, receive My invitation to you this day, this day, this day.

Ask your questions, write your answers, stand up, lead, lead, lead. Lead if no one follows, for My leaders always lead without visible results first. They have to lead without visible results first, else their faith will not mature, solidify, crystallize, and be their foundational moorings that withstand any assault.

Character, integrity, faith, guts, penmanship—come—go—be still. Write—proclaim—wait. And watch Me. (DB1.V1.L066)

(23) The Proclamation that I speak to all who will let Me. I am pleading with My people that can hear My voice, that can hear your voice, to listen, to stand up, to hear My voice, to quell the distractions of the destroyer’s and listen to Me speak, for I am speaking. I speak and I speak now and I speak more and I speak to all who will let Me speak.

They must know My voice. They have to know My voice. They individually, have to know My voice individually to be able to walk and work in My vineyards, with My people, in the soon coming days. Reliance on another to hear My voice for them will not result in maturity and procreation of Me, developing discernment and sustenance by My bread and wine.

I come, I call, I confirm, I create, I mature, and now, today, I beg. I beg. I plead with every reader, every hearer that will ever hear or read these words, that they will open to Me, open to Me, open to Me please, just enough to let Me speak and touch and begin to make Myself known to you, directly, in healing, in whispers, in salve, in sustenance by My touch and My hand and My presence and My kingdom. (DB1.V1.L067)

(24) The Proclamation of My Leadership Tenets. One should not lead at the expense of the other, but both growing and transcendently knowing—discerning—when leadership is actually to follow—to lead.

That’s where so many leaders have it so wrong—so many leaders. They want to lead all the time, never relinquishing their grasp on the moment to allow followers to mature. Leaders must follow to lead. They lead as leaders and followers equally.

The greatest leaders are the greatest followers, for they know the hearts of those they lead, and free the constraints and constrictions to allow them to create, and confirm them on their path to maturity.

Leadership of Me is followership exemplified, not oratorical displays of homogenized messages distilled by multitudinous memos of other mere men. Leadership is humility. Leaders of Me exhibit humility. They walk in humility, for they walk as what is in their heart.

I am revealing Myself as never before Ted, and those who choose Me can have all of Me they choose. Leadership of Me will always require a price, in time. Yet do not I call all to lead?

Hold not back any follower who is leadable with a teachable spirit, having love and humility. Exalt them and trust them and encourage them and grow them and buoy them— propel them— increase their momentum and leave the others for others.

Focus not on the hard of heart or those quibable and seeking to disparage and dissuade you from your focus. Focus on My leaders and those who are teachable, healable, humble, and let the remainder deal with the remainder. Am I clear? Am I clear? Am I clear? Yes, yes, yes. (DB1.V1.L068)

(25) The Proclamation of Significance:
My significant are humble.
My significant are meek.
My significant are sincerely sincere, truly deeply sincere.
My significant are love-based.
My significant are givers.
My significant are freedom-makers.
My significant are freedom-releasers.
My significant are bondage-breakers.
My significant know Me, know My chambers, know My voice, know My times—know, know—in confidence—know.
Now think you insignificant no longer.

(26) The Proclamation to create a new book of common prayer. The book, the book, the book of common prayer for My common—My common people—My royalty I bought and died for and want to resurrect in manner altogether lovely— has My name in, but also has their name, it has the names of their friends and the name of their friend’s kids.

My book of common prayer is not common at all, but special—for special people—My Mine who seek Me in sincerity deep, and conscientiously and consistently and continuously—even falling here and there, but never giving up on Me—and never giving up on themselves befriending Me and knowing Me intimately. For I never give up on them, not as long as they come and have any openness to Me at all.

Forms— fill-in forms to facilitate the formation of structure, structures of steel, structures so much stronger than steel, forged in truth in the hearts of My Mine who will pray My prayers and revelation seek, and revelation write – hid not behind a bushel or under a pot or laid on a shelf or remaining on a disk – but proclaimed, published in power, openness and transparency.

Each one must have a book which they themselves form—for really, they are writing it whether they realize it or not – every day they write it. They write it in reality whether it ever sees paper or not. They write each day with decisions made to accept, reject, see, or remain blind, ignorant, naked, small, demeaning or encouraging – it’s all kept. It’s all kept.

But oh the power of the printed page and digitized replicatable revelations of Me that I want to give so freely to those who aren’t ashamed of Me—those who will stand up and write and speak and learn as they mature and mature as they learn, and depend not on the accolades of man to determine their course or continuance.

Me, Me, to focus on Me, focus on Me, in power of focus, using prayer books to facilitate focus and maturity which they themselves create, along with Me, and facilitators of truly Me.

Books, prayers, forms—tools—educating My potential admirals and generals to guide others into My hand—My chambers, My all for them.

My book of common prayer contains no constrictions in who is ordained of Me. My book of common prayer is all about freedom, love personified in Me, in them, and in My body.

Books of common prayer are not common at all, but tools I will use mightily to reveal Me to My Mine, and pray My prayers and facilitate the formation of freedomized generals and admirals and leaders of many, many, many—all, all, all—who let Me.

Every leader is a follower. Every follower is a leader. Use every tool I give you. (DB1.V1.L093)

(27) My Proclamation of Freedom – Move, accelerate, run, boldly proclaiming My word of freedom, My Proclamation of Freedom, freedom, freedom for My people, My Mine, for institutions that will stale never but reinvent themselves constantly for at My knee they will be, in My quarters, My chambers, and My vineyards, constantly continually seeking Me, seeing what Father is doing, saying what Father is saying, then hearing and doing what we do. (DB1.V1.L110)

(28) Proclamation – Incur No Debt. Get out of debt. Out of debt—incur no debt.
I provide, I provide, I provide. I provide, I provide, I provide. I provide, I provide, I provide. Change My family’s ways and open their eyes— I create, I create, I create. I relationship, I relationship, I relationship. I heal, I salve, I connect, I direct, I correct.

New corporations, new partnerships, based on Me and not contractual mammon.
Open to Me—who will do business in Me—
I am skill, I am knowledge, I am all riches—I am all.
I am Me and I share Me with everyone willing. (DB1.V1.L117)

(29) The Proclamation of No Lack. There is no lack in My body—proclaim this and pronounce it and innovate proclamations of this truth.

Open the eyes of My body to this truth, and to each other, and to realize, grasp and fully understand comprehend and begin to move in—the power we have for each other. De-destituting My body I am—in glorification of holiness and righteousness and intimacy of relationship with Me, and relationships of My design with each other, as I designed, designed, designed from the beginning—communing—in great respect, love and honor, exchanging keys to pockets and rooms and realms of Me that await those who will come to Me, and share with My body as I designed. —unlocking secrets never meant to be hidden. (DB1.V1.L130)

(30) The Proclamation of rewards to those who will take My authority, and shrink not from facing mammon head-on. Understand My authority and decide to walk in My authority and not be deterred by the process of that maturation.

Take authority Ted, take it, take it, take it, and take it now, now, now, today, today, every single day, take it, take it and use it and appropriate it and declare and proclamate My truths about My authority—My authority given, given, already given, but walked in so little, so little, almost none—waiting, waiting, waiting.

Walk in My authority as you learn to take and walk in My authority and teach it even as you are learning and persevering with tenacious tenacity, tenacity, tenacity of Me, Me, Me, doing what I want to do through you, all that you let Me do, all that you let Me do, all that you are seeking Me for.

Sweat not the stakes, for I am the reward, intimacy ever increasing is the reward, intimacy increasing, and there’s so much more to Me than you even know. You want Me so, you want Me so, you’ve pursued Me, and now, even as you pursue Me, I pursue you, to walk and talk and pursue Me in all the authority I have given, and awaiting for the tenacious, the bold, the radical, the believing, the I’ll-step-out-in-You, going far beyond the small confines of boundaried teaching fields that you’ve encountered.

I am more, I am more, I am more. See Me as More, More, More, Limitless, Abounding, Never-Sorrowful-For-What-I-Have-Provisioned-You.

Walk forth, be trained, train, teach, preach, teach to teach and preach to preach, teach to preach and meek-able graduate, graduate, graduate, crown, crown, crown for Me. Let them wear My name on their foreheads unashamedly and be radically bold for Me in intense fervor, meekness and skill, skill, skill—more skill, more skill. (DB1.V1.L134)

(32) The Proclamation that I am arising scholarship—freedomized people of excellence in immense skill who understand their role and identity and walk in intimacy with Me, and enjoy fulfilling relationships of power and deep friendships. Birth forth, birth forth in fullness and freedom which I have provided—which you have attained through righteousness, consecration and tenacity. Move forward and fear failure not, fear making a mistake not, fear only being timid and slow and unbelieving

Scholarship, scholarship, scholarship, Ted, increase the scholarship, the writing, the excellence in My body and let them know My value systems of My heart that I want to reveal in intimate times of intimacy with Me, so that I can elevate the character of consecrated scholars who know their roles, and recognize My body and the needs in My body, and are not afraid to speak when I speak, nor afraid to be silent when I’m silent, who know their role and walk in the power, the power, the immense power to transmit Me—with Me being fully Me in them. (DB1.V1.L138)

(33) The Proclamation to Know and Be Known— I command you this day. Speak forth liberty and freedom and who you are in Me, and what I have done for you, and what I am doing today in the newness of new things in My panorama of spectrums complete—revitalizing My lethargic and showing everyone My right arm—and My wrath—and My love personified, in Me and My body, My body timid-no-more, My who-know-Me and have decided they will be known—silent no more—arisen, speaking My words to them, to My body; fullness, fullness, foolish no more, deceived not, freedomized in fullness complete, complete, almost complete, and complete in My presence.

No limits, no map, no guide—but Me, My Spirit, My Word, My words—and Ted, what else would anyone want, or need?

Communication of Me, with Me, with Mine, and technology developed on knees and in prophetic liberty realized and walked in and created forth, in My womb of Mine—in love for Me and My body, My kingdom, My values, My schools, My music, My politicians, My leaders of leaders of every apprenticeship of thought possible—apprenticed with Me—at My knee. (DB1.V1.L158)

(34) The Proclamation of Invitation — I come, I called, and I am crowning. I am crowning many through you for generalship, lieutenantship, captainship, admiralship, and leadership within My body—My body full, My body freedom-ed, freed, operating in freedom that can come only in My New Covenant and in My Holy Place, The Most Holy Place—which now has no veil and no doors and no gates, no gatekeepers, no guards, but full and free access to pass into and out of at will—at your will, at their will, and if they so choose, know Me as I have never been known.

The invitation—the clarion call with crystal clear clarity goes forth.

So much grace, so much power, for the intimacy-able—those who will listen and come to Me to affirm and embrace and lovers be, and loving and intertwining and exchanging hearts—know how much of Me, all of Me, they can have—touch, rub, love on, come to, with no holds barred, no veil, no permission need be asked of any man or institution. The invitation is created and unveiled and proclaimed this day with trumpets afar, afar, whose sound, whose resilient carillons resound in beauty, to reach and touch My intimacy-able, writing, requesting, begging, to enter and enjoy.

An hour a day, an hour a day, is it worth an hour a day? Is what you are receiving from Me worth an hour a day, an hour a day, an hour every day, and more when they want Me?

An hour a day for all and more for the seekers serious. (DB1.V1.L159)


(35) The Proclamation of the sweep of My right arm, My body becoming My body in Me as never before—mature, mature, intimacy with Me—knowing Me, My character, My design for them and those around them. I love you.

Purity, purity, fleshly purity, spiritual integrity, commercial integrity—one. I love My pure, regardless of rules and labels and whatever they adhere to for sake of walking out Me in them. My non-negotiables—My cup, My blood, My body, redemption—redeemed, made alive and new, refreshed, revived. (DB1.V2.L001)

(36) The Proclamation of Liberation from Mammon. Today is a proclamation of liberation. A proclamation of freedom. A proclamation of liberation and freedom that will never be incarcerated again. That will never be demoted. That will never be limited again in scope or power. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom for the Body of Christ. Freedom from the power of Mammon. (DB1.V2.L008)

(37) The Proclamation that I will write My words on you. I will write My words through you. This day I confirm My word. Go to My Covenant, see Melchizedek, see Me, see what I have done, see what I am doing. See Me this day and open to Me. Open to Me and I will write My words on you. I will write My words through you. I will write inventions and discoveries. I will write potions and formulas. I will write answers and solutions to world problems that plague even the greatest minds and intellects and I will do so with:
those who come and sit at My knee,
those who come and sit at My knee,
those who come and sit at My knee,
those who will come and hear My voice,
those who will come and give Me time,
those who will make Me a priority in their life,
those who will make Me THE priority in their life,
those who will value what I say and seek correction of Me,
seek correction,
learn to mature,
learn to hear My voice,
learn to recognize My revelation,
learn My values and the respect and honor that I operate in—
teach them, teach them, show them,
operate in Me in respect and honor, glory, dominion and power.

(38) The Proclamation of the University of the New Covenant – Proclaim the University of the New Covenant as My birth-er of My schools and school systems and development systems of nations and economies and those pure in Me, paying the price they are, they will- on bended knee, knee-ology. Courses of Me, courses of Me, all the courses of Me will be, and about niches of many multiple facets of Me – one. Multiple, manifold levels and layers of Me reveal Me into My open-seeking-Me, in concert with My values and love, love, love displayed and honored and protected.

I love you. I love you. Secretive not, bannered to all – I am I Am and I am doing this today, watch Me, The Proclamation of My University, banner on My home page and all that you do, for all now comes forth through these doors – your life’s work – your future – your magnanimous proportion of giving to My body emerges into full view in details upon details coming to you, and who-write-for-Me, of Me, of what I say and want done.

Proclamation this day, 10 February 2004.
I Am.
I am that I am.
I am I Am.

(39) My Proclamation of My Endowment for My University – The University of The New Covenant is of Me and it will begin of Me, it will begin of Me, and it will reflect Me, and it will begin of Me with no shortage—it will begin with an endowment. It will begin with an endowment of Me and it will not suffer and it will know no shortage because I know no shortage. I am Me and there is no lack in Me and there is no lack in My body—none, none, none.

And I proclaim this day in neon lights and gigantic letters in the message of The New Covenant that there is no shortage in Me or My body, none! And My body must re-orient itself, its thinking, its patterns of thinking, to reflect Me in the abundance that I am and that I operate in. I am not chintzy and there is no shortage in Me or My body when My body operates as My body, designed by Me to be.

I give Myself to My New Covenant. I am My New Covenant and I give myself to My University and the Universities that you will raise all over My world through that University.

You have not seen anything yet like you will see and what will come forth: the elements and degree of worship, the degree of power that will reside there proclaiming My truth and setting the captives free—the captives of untruth, the captives in bondage that realize not even that they perpetuate their own bondage in others.

You will see, you will see and they will all see and you will all be astounded at the move of My hand and the sweep of My hand.

Endowments mean nothing to Me except the move of My hand when I move My hand they are created and they are wiped out in moments, nanoseconds of nanoseconds. Believe Me, there is no lack in My body.

I have many that know Me and that have sacrificed and that have sacrificed and that have sacrificed and come to Me in the wee hours and know Me. I have many.

I have many, you who read this, you who wonder and think that there is no truth in these words and that My prophet is false, and that My University is smoke and mirrors, promises, and platitudes. You will see and you will all see and they will all see and you will all be amazed.

See Me and see My life. See My paradigm. See My heart. Feel Me, feel Me, hear Me, so that you can become Me and operate as My body in the value system that I created and I continue in and that I care about.

Now mature and seek maturity. Seek correction, direction, connection, and I will love you for it and I will direct you, I will correct you, I will connect you, and I will help you operate as I designed My body to operate: in power and prowess and without any shortage of Me.

I am not money. I am wisdom, I am knowledge, I am understanding, and I am it all and all of it, except for what is converted to untruth and tainted and not of Me.

Now hear Me and hear Me well as I proclaim this day the day of My endowment for My University, and shudder not to walk forward in the confidence that I have emboldened you with. I bring My people from far and wide.

You will operate in Me and you will operate in My quarters

You choose to believe. You choose to delve into Me. You choose to sacrifice. You choose to self-indulge. You choose to go where you want to and you can go anywhere you want to in Me if you so choose. So hear Me well this day this 18th day of March 2004 and My proclamation of My endowment for My University.

(33) The Proclamation of My mighty coming forth this day, My New Covenant operationalized – Operationalize Me, operationalize My New Covenant, operationalize My New Covenant University of Universities and revamp education completely with Me at the core.

I am I Am. I am the one and only I Am. I am I Am, and I am not afraid of anyone or anything and now you are not either. Walk forth empowered by Me and empower My stallions who run and roam and free be in the operation of My New Covenant. I love you.

I give you Me and I call everyone of you to everything I have given Ted, and more, for Ted knows that he will raise up many and operationalize many fully, freely, who will exceed him, and you must be willing to as well, and more.

There is so much more. Come, I call, I invite, come this day and let Me give you Me. Write My words, entrepreneurial be, risk-taker become, in Me, and see what I do with you. See what your mantle will produce when given to Me and cast on My waters. See what My power will produce in the gifts and skills and abilities which I have given you, when they come truly alive in Me.

Cast all your care upon Me and see what I do with you this day. I love you. I bless you. I call you. I call you everyone to My side into intimacy with Me. I love you and I bless you this day. (DB1.V2.L057)

(34) The proclamation of Me lifting your head this day – Now I absolve you. I forgive you of your sins. Bring up your sins no more to Me. I have forgiven them, I forgave them long ago when you asked Me. Now arise, hang on to your doctrine, your religious rites no more. Hang on to your modus operandi no more, hang on to your comfort zone, your boxes and your circles no more. Hang on to Me only, fly with Me, come fly with Me. Now let Me arise you, get up, raise your head, walk tall, stand up straight, new clothes for My body, new shoes for My body.

Robes of righteousness only, upon My body, now I bring to you, and I place upon you, you know who you are. Now arise. I am the lifter of your head and I have lifted it. Now walk forth and passionless be no more, passionize My body, passionize your spirit, passionize My words coming forth and let Me be Me; fully Me, in you, so that you are fully you, and My design that I placed in you, upon you at your conception, way before your conception, way before you can imagine, before the beginning of what you think time is, I planned, I planned, and now you are Me.

You are Me, can’t you see, hear, My words, see Me see you. You are Me, walk in Me, walk in what I have planned for you. Walk in the incredible freedom, freedom, power of My design upon you to globally be and operate and sink no more into oblivion or shadows or back rows. I am the lifter of your head and I am lifting you now, today, today—your day today, this day, My proclamation of the lifter of the heads of My body, My body, you My body, I am lifting your head this day. The proclamation of Me lifting your head this day—you know who you are. (DB1.V2.L083)

(35) My Proclamation of The Mighty Many Coming Forth – Come forth in to heir-ship with only Me, on My throne with Me, for Me to do the works of Him who sent Me, the works of Him who sent you, the works of Him who sent and called the mighty many. My words will speak continuously of them coming forth–groups mighty, groups singular, groups plural, groups of only Me–teams being forged forth, accountable to only Me for their heart, for their motives, for their actions spoken in love to others.

Thank you for not limiting Me to your molecules and the thinking of those who so restrictive have been. I love you now and I connect in the sinew of My spirit those who will let Me, you who will let Me all over My globe, inter-stellar, watch Me.

The mighty many come forth, and this today is My proclamation of the mighty many coming forth this day, 19 July 2004 as you ride downtown, eyes wide open, Me speaking as you drive. Think not you have to be in any place, position or frame of mind to let Me speak. I come and I speak as I desire and I will speak to the mighty many, raising up the mighty many.

My many come forth this day–tell them to be ready, tell them all to be ready. The mighty many come forth seeking Me in every label, of every label, out of every label into Me and the purity of My fountain. I love you. (DB1.V2.L098)

(36) My Proclamation of My Words this day to the coming forth of the world’s hungry to Tulsa, to see Me, to hear Me, to be Me. – Schools come forth for the mighty, raising up, raised up by Mighty Many, the Mighty Many, My Priesthood; My Priesthood coming forth, My Priesthood coming forth, dominating and glorifying Me in every profession, every vocation of only Me; every vocation, science-straightening with determinates of only Me, co-axis coordinated in only My planes, My plane of geometry, infinite-D, spectacularly fire-worked in only Me; brought forth in right angles of reality.

Concrete and steel arising out of the ground, infrastructures of My towers, My beacons of light, My schools, My Universities, My acreages now coming, time after time, year after year, being built, forestalling none;

I give you angels, angel cakes and friends of only Me, in colors many, colors all; skin and colors arrayed in linen, in saris, in turbans, in sandals, and dresses you cannot imagine, for all come forth and look for Me and connect Me with My Mine, interconnection of world standards not.

My way, My reality, My excellence, My purity, My devotion, My monocular’d ones who set their jaw, have to see Me, to know Me, to be Me, hearing about the new things I am doing in Tulsa, in T-town, in My Mecca, Mecca’d of only Me. (DB1.V2.L165)

(37) My Proclamation of Your Release into Me – My powerful be. All power you are. Now walk in Me in the power that I proclaim that you are this day as you lead forth the Mighty Many in The Priesthood of All Believers in Me, in Me, The Order of Me, Melchizedek, My Own, My Father, My Son, Us and you, all together: one.

And you who read, hear, and receive; declare and proclamate this day YOUR day of release; My proclamation of YOUR release into Me. Pay the price, if you haven’t; and enjoy the fullness of only Me, and the Godhead be a part of, with My arm around you, sitting together at My throne, your name card already awaiting you.

We say, we speak, we await. Now come and arise and conquer time and space with us, all together one. I love you. (DB1.V2.L170)

(38) My proclamation of Me, of My value, of your value: You older, elderly, slow of mind or body or both, in feebleness; yea, even immobile, hear My words: Those who wait on Me will become Me. Yea, they shall behold Me, they will walk into Me, My infrastructure complete, replete. Yea, behold Me, behold Me, The Great I Am, the one and only I Am; the finale of I Am, the great finale approaching. I love you and I give you Me.

I give you Me replete. I give you Me. I give you all of Me you will consume; all of Me you will walk in; all of Me you will operate in; all of Me you are willing to be, become, behold. I thank you. I love you for you are not afraid to come into Me; you are not afraid of the lightning, the thunder, the nakedness, the destitution, the scorn, nor the accolades of honor. I banner now and declare forth and proclaim this day: This is the day of My Covenant, this is the day of My Covenant.

I am I Am, I am. I am The Great I Am. I am the only I Am. I am I Am, and you are I Am. I have placed I Am in you. I Am. Now hear Me and understand My I Am, My Covenant and how My Covenant is central to what I am doing and must come forth in replete-ness to be Me.

Leadership required of Me and can only be obtained at My knee and My knee alone in the School of Me: Me-onics coming forth, The School of Meonics, the degree in Meonics, I Am-onics. I love you and I give you Me. (DB1.V2.L180)

(39) The Proclamation this day of new beginnings begun, cataclysmic of only Me – A new beginning; fear not My new beginning, fear not now, transition over, beginning begun today, today, December 1, 2004. In Me, of Me, proclaim Me, proclaim this day the day of new beginnings begun, cataclysmic of only Me. End of space, end of time, revealing Me, offering Me, receiving Me and some rejecting Me. I love you and I give such power.

Watch Me and enjoy My role, and role-ing My role, being Me, watching Me from afar not, but in every mirror. I love you. I give you Me. Go. Grow and glow and increase this day in Me. My word comes forth bringing all into agreement with Me: one blood, one family, My bread, My body. I love you.

Worship Central, Education Central, Commerce Central coming forth in beauty of only Me. My constellation, My networks, My anchors now pier’d forth in only Me, seeking Me out, seeking you out from the four corners, the four winds. Axis of only Me intersecting now, planar and plane, geometrics of only Me forming, coming, convening, collaborating, creating, being the word of My mouth. My revelation foretold, foreknew, foreknown ring of truth so pure in My foreknown ones who all were at My table. I love you and I give you Me.

I love you My little ones, My gray-haired ones, My elderly, My immobile, My pathetic-thought, My patriarchs-thought, My who now come and seek definitions and success in only Me. I love you. (DB1.V2.L184)

(40) The Proclamation of My Issue and the Issue of My words and the Words of My Issue: My issue coming forth in tangible, visible form now in power, grace and glory – Now operating in the fullness that I am, they are, we are one. My body resides in My body; how plain, how simple, how profound. I love you. My mind, My Mine, My Mighty Many letting My Mine come forth unrestricted; DNA replete, the fall of man reversed, reversed, reverting into only Me; Me being Me fully in My creation.

Beholding behold-ment of only Me; yea, that I have given, that I charge, that I come, that I invite, that I request, that in I demote no one desperate for Me; restricting Me not; allowing Me to move, to move, to move in the works, the pattern I provided, that I have, that I have clean-slated now for you, with nothing in your way. See Me. See Me, My Son, The Father of Lights; yea, us one, walking on water, conquering all, focused on only Me. (DB1.V2.L187)

(41) The Proclamation of My Provision for My Priesthood of All Believers today, in the Order of Melchizedek, December 14, 2004, 8:39 a.m., Central Standard Time – My Proclamation of Me. My Proclamations coming forth now, daily, daily, often, daily and more so. I proclaim My Provision.

I proclaim My Provision for My Priesthood; yea, priest and king altogether one, not separate, not two: one, one, one.

One, thou art one, I am one, we are one.
Not priest or king, priest and king: one.

I love you and I come and I call and I call you a priest in My temple, I call you a priest in My temple not made with hands, I called you a priest and foreordained you. I have ordained My Priesthood of All Believers.

Operate as the priest that I have made you, that I have provisioned;
Operate as the priest in the temple not made with hands, that you are.
Operate as the priest that I have made you, that I have touched, that I have authorized and in whom I have placed My all. I love you and I give you Me.

Into this day come and come more, and see My provision for you in this day, in this day today. Into My provision see this day, My Sonshine, My brightness, My radiance, My beauty, My glory.

I love you and I place My arm around you today in The Priesthood of All Believers, in Me, in My family, our family, our family who is one, one that’s coming, you bringing about increasingly in My word/your words, your words which are My words. (DB1.V2.L193)

(42) The proclamation of My return, My return in My body, My body for Me – proclaiming the proclamation of the magnitude of The Marvelous in The Mighty Many this day who receive Me and forthwith make haste to My fullness be. I love you.

And My drink-offering’d disciples, who now I raise upon My throne, being Me, being Me with Me in holiness of righteousness, purity, a life everlasting beholding My glory, the glorification of My Mighty Many, transfiguration of only Me. Proclaim, proclaim, receive and proclaim; proclaim and receive. I love you. Amen.

Proclaim the day of My appearing; here now, today, forthwith; make haste; receive Me. Prepare ye the way of The Lord.

Let Me rapidly now, today, forthwith, instantaneously, in the twinkling of an eye I come and all is over not; all is not over for My Marvels walk the earth and My Marvels who love Me, who have given Me space, place and time, who have come to know Me in the wee hours, who have limited Me not, who have boundary’d Me not, who have given place to strangers, who have loved Me, who have fed Me, who have clothed Me, who have respected Me, who have smiled at My who could do nothing for them, who let My heart come through their heart, who touched the lepers; deferring [to] one another, not preferring the rich over the poor, giving place to not just My principles, having stripped Me out of My word, out of My place, out of My space, out of time with Me for greed motivated profit. But yea, who come into Me, who come into Me, who surrender to My love; prepare ye the way of The Lord; the day of The Lord is now, nigh, at your hand; yea, in your mouth, in your mirror; behold Me. Behold Me, the Lamb that was slain now requests entrance, your entrance, your entrance into the Holy of Holies. Go, yea now, and look in your mirror and say I Am, see I Am. And, yea, then kneel and receive Me.

Seal Me not out, seal Me in; see Me with no seals, see Me with every seal open, My seven seals, My horns blaring. Yea, My power resides in you; and power-ize you I do, I will. I release, I ignite, I baptize with the fire; the fire, the fire of Pentecost not, the fire of Pentecost yea, not Amen but so much more: the fire of My belly, the fire of My mind, the fire of the all-consuming fire. The bush was not consumed, you shall not be either, you shall be Me, walking the earth, walking the earth in My power, My power unrestricted, My glory, in My dominion, drink-offering’d; not for self-perpetuation, self-made reputation, or profiteering. Yea, having come through Me, fallen to the ground and died so that you might rise again; your cross accepted, My Cross accepted, coming through, absorbed, us, exchange, Covenant. (DB1.V2.L199)

(43) The Proclamation of My reward: Me. I Am, The I Am, says thank you and places My hand in yours; our hearts inter-exchanged, process of covenant complete, counteracting death.

I forward fast now, I come and replete myself in you at My table, our table, one table, The table, the empowering table, the table of power, where we share bread and wine. Yea, watch Me, see Me. Yea in the nights, the night, the times with Me, communion taking, communion being, being–I love you–My body, My bread and wine you are. (DB1.V3.L004)

(44) The Proclamation today of My body, My blood, to each other, through each other, must be and be now, today, for maturity to come forth: Anoint, baptize, deliver, dedicate, consecrate, receive Me in the fullness of My priesthood, My priests be. Thank you. Thank you for sharing, speaking more, and speaking more I will and for hours at a time I will if you let Me. Rest, reveal Me more and more, every day My invitation issued, My table be, My table serving, helping My who at My table serve each other now, ordination of only Me, My body and blood in fullness, to Me, to each other, through each other, through each other must come and be released through each other, through each other now today.

Nothing closed, altogether open, unrestricted; all revealed. My New Covenant shares it all; breaking it open you are. I love you in fullness. (DB1.V3.L 007)

(45) The proclamation of My mouth, the proclamation of My call, the proclamation of My readiness invitation to make you ready. I issue the proclamation of My mouth, the proclamation of My call, the proclamation of My readiness invitation to make you ready; yea, My oil/your oil; My word/your word; you speaking the word of My mouth; yea, the words of My heart, receiving My laws, receiving My tender thoughts, receiving direction, fullness, becoming mature, receiving all of Me, all of My New Covenant experiencing; yea, My body and blood being to each other, to Me, The Kingdom of Heaven on earth; yea, now, today. Heed Me, enjoy Me, the truth of truth, truth without taint. Yea mature and more so coming into Me for all you want, all you will die for, all you will live for; yea, all being one.

Yea, My Father loved Me because I laid down My life and I picked it up again only in Him to do His will, to hear His voice, to speak His words, to perform His actions, to serve Myself to those who intercede, who will intercede, who will intercession be, who will lay their lives down for the cause of the gospel not: Not the cause, not the cause, no, not the cause, not the precepts, not the principles; yea, Me, the man, the person, the Father; yea, our being one with the oneness of our creation who will receive us, reveal us, and be Trinity with us. Yea, I offer all, I share all, I disclose all with no disclaimers. (DB1.V3.L008)

(46) The Proclamation of Me, what I am doing – I give you all that I am and all that I have. I proclaim My body and blood in My who love Me, My people, to be passed around, through Me, through My people to My people, to My people through My people to each other; yea, being Me, understanding Me in the fullness of My holiness, My righteousness and all that I reveal this day, yea, I Am.

Understand My savior-ship; yea, My body and blood to each other, walk Me, agree with My words, review, recite, repeat and stand with Me. I love you; I give you Me and I strengthen My body to be My body strengthened as I intended, My design by My design now returning, restoring; yea, relationship of only Me. Purity, righteousness and holiness. Yea, drink offerings, Me taking everyone of you to a land I will show you. Trust Me.

Thank you for wanting leadership of only Me, the fullness of My New Covenant intended, revealed in fullness; yea, this day and ever more so, infinite-D of only Me, you entering into the fullness of your design; beginning begun, maturing, matriculater, matriculater maker, matriculation comes. (DB1.V3.L009)

(47) A proclamation today of My encouragers called forth to My body be, please. – yea, abiding in Me, abiding in each other, abiding in My word, abiding in My revelation, abiding in My New Covenant, abiding in that which I am: Love, love, restricting yourselves not to marry, to bury, to commune together; yea, the communion of saints ordered by Me. Yea, My orders, My Order, and My ordination of My all together lovely, My who love Me now, who are restricted not in purpose or prose, yea, not diction, not grammar, not knowledge, wisdom or understanding, for I am all of that, all of those, and so much more;

Yea, the Priesthood of All Believers, the ordination of all who receive Me, receive Me in My fullness and walk in purity, righteousness and holiness. Yea, the cost to be paid; there is a cost, the cost death, burial, the resurrection in only Me. (DB1.V3.L016)

(48) The proclamation of My revelation revealed and revolution coming. I am the Son of the Most High, you are the Son of the Most High.
I am the will of My Father.
I am the word made flesh.
You are the will of My Father.
You are the word made flesh.
You are the word come forth in glory, glorification of My Father.
Yea, as I did and more. Watch Me.
Not doing what I only could do but these and greater works shall ye do, shall you do, shall your children do.

Yea, coming into Me for all. I am the source, the resource, the reformation, the revolution that now comes forth and takes place in cloisters not; yea, in cloisters many and in headlines of nations all. Watch Me.

Watch Me bring forth My Mighty Many at the crack of dawn, My Me who know who they are, My Me who know from whence they came, knowing that they were born of Me, born of My flesh, flesh of My flesh, bone of My bone, body of My body, our Father made manifest. (DB1.V3.L017)

(49) My Proclamation of My thanks to you this day for the Mighty Many coming forth in you, My purity, My light maker, light revealer, bread and wine-er, yea priest maker, priest revealer. Yea and I come and I bring all you need. I bring all you want. I bring the Mighty Many, those who I have given you to put their hand in Mine and release them to mature others, to priest be who they are; My oil, My bread and wine, My light, My lips, My word in their mouth; sharper than any two edged sword, piercing asunder truth from untruth, light displacing darkness. Thank you, priest maker.

You love the word of My mouth, you love the word of My mouth, you love the word, you love My word. Thank you. You love speaking My word, writing My word, reading My word, sharing My word, being My word; you know so deeply, My word made flesh, yea in you. You are My word. You are My light, My passion burning brightly and brighter than the noon day sun coming, My blood covering. Yea and Amen. Yea and yea Amen. Watch Me. (DB1.V3.L022)

(50) The Proclamation this day of you receiving the land, you on My land, you own My land, given to you by My peace; yea, piecemeal not; but yea, in one piece covering many quarters. I give you My processes, I give you My process engineering. I engineer processes and I process engineers who process My words, who take Me and break Me and pass Me around to their people, their family, My family all; without number, without limit, without label, every label. I love you and I give you Me; I give you all of Me.

Now come forth and in the engineering applications of only Me; the processes, the processing; the process engineering; the industrial applications and engineering of every facet known to man. (DB1.V3.L027)

The proclamation this day of My land and My on you and you on Me; yea, and us together, in fact, more fully. Yea, us, one; not ‘as one’, not ‘one is two’, or ‘two is one’; but ‘one’, ‘one’, ‘we one’ will be shaking hands, yea, receiving My gift given unto Me; yea, that where I am I will be in such beauty, holiness, greatness, greatness, greatness of surrender, greatness of peace-hood now, the peace of My kingdom surpassing all the cataclysmic lack of accord which claims and duresses so many. I love you; I give you Me.

Without number, without limit, without lack, all by Me, by My decree, by My decree and declaration, proclamation; My day, this day of My land that you have the land that I and you will build The University of The New Covenant on. Yea, the beginning, the first one, the first of many, many many, many squared and cubed. Watch Me. Into Me- see how I act, how I receive Me and how I process My gift givers which come forth in the beauty of electricity not, electrons of only Me. Watch Me. (DB1.V3.L027)

My proclamation this day: the Mighty Many coming forth in the training centers, the birthing centers, the incubation periods where My words are spoken; yea, which create, create, create through the word of My mouth, their mouth, your mouth, one mouth–I love you–One blood, one family, one body, one Father, one Son, all sons and daughters; yea, I love you. See what I have answered and give you; deeply into Me. I love you. Nothing withheld, nothing evermore, nothing withheld; I give you all, I give you Me. (DB1.V3.L027)

(51) My proclamation of invitation to tenderness with each other please be; preponderance of only Me. Think it not strange how I quell and calm and speak to the oceans and uproars in your life; abide with Me, let My words abide in you. Come unto Me, you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest; let My words abide in you.

Be still and know who I am. Let Me reveal all to you; all of My power, grace and glory, and know who you are and what I have given and what I have done for you and each other, each of your family, friends; those you hate, those you love to hate, those you hate to love, those who wish you could love, those who wish you could hate.

Yea, there can be no hate.

I issue My call to love, to tenderness, and tenderly operating with each other with joy and laughter, My Covenant, Covenant of only Me: explain, investigate, explore, come into Me for My Covenant and Covenant be. (DB1.V3.L035)

(52) See Me this day in My proclamation of My ears on My body receiving Me. Watch My ears. Behold Me. Behold My ears. Behold My voice and beholding ears which I give to each and all of you and successors many; thousands and yea millions into My Kingdom, Kingdom of Righteousness this day.

I behold you. Behold My ears. I behold yours. Behold Me with your ears of heart, your heart of spirit, your spirit, nature of only Me, My character and nature: My altogether beautiful now seaming together seamlessly My garments of praise for My Bride who I love with all My heart, and think, know, see, and behold, as so wonderful and perfected for only Me;

My arrival being now—is;

And is to come increasingly, beautifying My body all; every crease, every dark-place-thought.

(53) The proclamation of absolutely Me and My all. I give you Me and now you know that I am Me and when I say I give you Me that I give you the fullness of Me that I am, which is the fullness of Me complete, replete, undiminished; yea, unrestricted; the fullness of the Godhead bodily; the attributes, arms, the voice of My Savior, My Son, My Father in whom there is no shadow or variableness of turning. I love you and I give you Me.

I give you all of Me and all of Me comes out of you.
All of Me comes out of you.
All of Me comes out of you, you who will let Me and be glorified in you, through you, in your mortal flesh so that your flesh is Mine, My flesh;

Your flesh is My flesh,
Your body My body;
Your blood My blood;
One blood, one body, one family, one Father, one Son, all sons and daughters.

See what I have said, emphasize Me.
Yea, let My radiance come forth and behold Me.
Behold Me, beholding Me you become Me and My radiance shines forth, yea, through you as the noonday sun, greater and more powerful than any nuclear explosion or radiation imaginable, unimaginable, uncontainable. I love you.

(54) My proclamation this day of My Me, exchanging places with Me; yea, My Psalm 110 over the world. I give you Me in pictures many to proclaim My Priesthood of All Believers that now arise in truth, tainting not the words of My mouth, the words of My prophets; yea, for profit, for mammon; yea, for lowliness and baseness and reveling in grovelry.

I love you and I lift the head of My lover.
I lift the head of My lover, I lift your head this day.
I lift the head of My every priest who will into Me see, be, become Me, and operate in My Kingdom; the Kingdom of Heaven, yea, that now is, that was, and is, and is being restored in majesty; yea, transcendently, subject to time and space not.

But, yea, My week of life, My week, My week, My day to proclaim the proclamation of My Priesthood all, yea, in My Priesthood of Believers; yea, coming forth; yea, at the crack of dawn which is now, this moment; yea, light-speed, God-speed; yea, My light, My life reenacted; yea, reincarnate over and over and over again in what I have done and what I have made in making you Me and changing places with you in covenant, My covenant blood, My flesh/your flesh, My blood in your veins. You are the bread of heaven, you are Me, I have given you My all.

I bid you Me, I bid you good, I bid you God in Me, My Father, My Father, My Father has given us all. My brethren, hear Me; believe and see the promise; hear the promise; feel the promise in your veins; become the promise. Yea, to Me, to each other in My body as I designed. (DB1.V3.L065)

(55) I arise; I lift; yea, the proclamation of My fortnight; yea, forthcoming.
Proclaiming My Christs, yea, in My priesthood; yea, and with the spirit of Christ arise in the lands and legacies of generations hence and thence, wherefore, therefore see what I have said; what I have given, delivering into your hand, unto your hand; yea, from Me to you this night, assurances of My assurance of My salvation of every need. I love you. My three days, watch Me. Thank you for continuing to quest into My covenant and covenants make only in Me, only at My request. (DB1.V3.L067)

(56) Proclamation of My new quarters, no restrictions– debt-free –watch Me. I love you. 4 – 5 – 05, My May 4th, My 2005, My calendar not, but right on time. Into new quarters I march you, leading you by the hand, Me holding your hand, excitedly leading you, a bride, into the next house, chosen of Me, chosen by Me, provided by My hand. I love you. I excite you this day in marvelous magnitude of only Me as I entrance you into the new quarters of only Me, My doing.

New quarters, I give you. I love you.

I give you quarters of only Me: see, see, see, now today, this moment, notwithstanding, standing down any force which seems to oppose Me, but in reality exist not. I love you. My standard-bearer, I love you.

Think it not strange the trials and temptations and ways I move into being all that comes forth, My loved one, from My loved ones. I give you all of Me there is. I have, from the beginning. You grasp, thank you. You serve now in magnitude of gracious delectables, delicacies of only Me, in new quarters, unrestrictedly.

Thank you for drinking My cup/your cup, and proclaiming My new quarters, now, thank you, this day. (DB1.V3.L071)

(57) Proclamation of May 25, 2005, My holy day to announce proclaim declare My righteousness in My temple, holiness in My temple, My temple not made with hands, in whom is no shadow or variableness of turning. My proclamation of revealing Me in Mine in My temple again, this day, this May, this 25th day, this year, this day, this moment.

Into My temple see, see My ark, see Me, see Me on My ark, see you on your ark being master of your own temple, ruling and reigning in terror, received through mammon’d approaches of religion which reach Me can’t, don’t, disdained.

I cleansed, I cleansed, I clean, I wash your feet and in My blood you are clean to operate as I destined you, destroyed you not, I relented not; you are a priest after the order of Melchizadek if you come, come, come into My kingdom, My temple I made inside you and clearly spotlight this day with My proclamation of servant simple revealing My ark in My temple which is My ark in side you, My temple inside you.

And you choose this day whom you will serve, Me or mammon?
Who is on your throne?
Who is on your mercy seat?
Who will you sit next to this day and exchange seats with, exchanging bodies, My new covenant revealed, being, seated with Me, as one not, Me, us, together, one. I love you. (DB1.V3.L079)

(58) My Proclamation of My All given to My Creation, to receive all of Me and Me be, with Me, upon My throne your throne, surrendered to Me.
Given, given, given all; all of Me I placed in you.
All of Me I placed in you.
All, all, all of Me I placed in you.

(59) My proclamation unto you who will receive Me that where I am there ye may be also. I am there. You are here. We are one. Let Me be Me and receive Me in morsels not but in the completeness of I Am to I Am, to I Am all those around you and affect generations to come, forevermore and forevermore. Amen. (DB1.V3.L080)

(60) The proclamation of My purity in My All’d ones this day, altogether the will of My Father: Father become. Going into other worlds, every man’s world, into all, every vocation and beyond musical radiance, sine waves and trigonometry signed by only Me. I love you. My name on your forehead and you Mine, foreheading many in My name, unrestricted and flyers making. Oh wow! Eternally. Thank you.

Tea sessions with only Me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Tea and coffee, tea and Me, tea of only Me. Pure water writing generated of My Father of lights, generating darkness death and destruction only to darkness death and destruction, enumerating My power, My truths, My loveliness of which you are, My body all, all who choose purity and holiness undefiled, reign on My throne with Me now, now altogether, one, one, one. John 17 proclaim and never cease.

The Kingdom of Heaven is now, at hand, and come it has, is, within you, altogether one. See what I am saying, giving and connections making and graduates consuming into the generativeness of Me-makers who fly, fly and fly; gravity meaningless, purposed for the kingdom of this world only, so many kingdoms in My Kingdom, My Kingdom, My Father’s Kingdom, our Kingdom, our Kingdom, our Kingdom of our Father. We have the same Father, the same Kingdom, one blood, one family; one son, many sons and daughters, all are one, in Me. You are Me.

Seeing through a glass darkly no more, My University of The New Covenant arises and precious blood paid, spilled not, altogether surrendered for the nobler purpose of revealing My all to My all for all time not, this time, this generation, this planet, for planet-makers of only Me who Me will be, altogether in every experience and beyond. Thank you. Publish all, discern.

I take you far. Rest and relax and Kingdom of Heaven preach saying “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, inside you, coming, and cataclysmic is.” Please.

Thank you for preparing My lovely; all who will choose Me, have, will, do, are, and let Me create My delivery systems through each one.

(61) The Proclamation of healing: healing comes, healing received, healing proclaim and transmit through My body and blood being, and giving to My all around and in every one; saying “this is my body and blood shed for you.” Mine is. This is My body, My creation who light are, light becoming brighter and brighter. I love you. (DB1.V3.L082)

(62) The Proclamation to proclaim, publish, sing, enjoy “Above All Else”. (by Amy Cottingham). (DB1.V3.L082)

(63) The proclamation of My graduation, graduates you to leader now of My graduates that come forth from all walks of life in every manner of opulence and wealth, position and power, palace and prestige, and lowest of the low, toothless, brainless, and yea; that, those who I died for, but have no value to man whatsoever and think burden only.

I come and I cry, I cry as I call forth My who will know Me in the power of my resurrection and the fellowship of my suffering, who will seek Me and cry out for both, yea, one are, and inextricably linked and impervious to sin. I love you.

Cry out more, intercede, intercession lead now for my leaders to come forth, My leaders in all points of every earth, yea forming and formed, formable coming. I love you.

My seed you are, in the fullness of Me arising so soon. No one will miss Me. No man can assail that which I say, declare, manner forth this day, My word of the declaration, proclamation of your leadership, your graduation into selfhood of only Me, leading My selves, who are Me, now identity revealed. Your leadership expanding, your graduation secure, yea; taken place this morning.

I walk you and no other with no other; yea, you are Me, Mine, and belong to all who are Me. I love you. I give you crystal clear water of only Me.

Faint not at the truths, the truth, the pure and living truth now which I continue, I bring, I accelerate and I pour through you and your graduates this day; already are.

I proclaim this day, dedication, surrender, to the point, the moment, of graduation this day. I open new doors, realms, now, forthwith; fortnight not; yea, all is as was and more. My man, My mainframes coming, framework of only Me in every detail, every microscopic detail know, given to you this day, into your hands, for My lovers, My of-Me, who will come and study and surrender; humility, patience, prayer; taught by only Me, Me of Mine, Mine of Me. Good day. Thank you. Good job. (DB1.V3.L088)

(71) My proclamation of Me in Me and that I returned in fullness to ignite the fullness already in Me long ago; 2,000 years and more. More, more given than has ever been grasped. Begin young at My altars of mercy, grace and glory and let, allow, encourage, facilitate, enable My toddlers to communion give and receive. I love you. Maturity comes to My body forthwith; generations forthcoming that raised from the grave are. I love you. (DB1.V3.L092)

(72) The proclamation of My love for all and command to be tender with each other; seeing My name coming to their forehead, who choose Me, My inheritance given, the promise promised from the foundation of the world, given to My Father, Me. All Me. All Me. Thank you. Amen. (DB1.V3.L092)

(73) The Proclamation of My surrender to My who love Me, who surrendered are, magnificent splendor synergized beyond belief, exponent bigger than you can write, imagine; before the foundation. All is. I have spoken, declared, proclaimed My surrender. I love you. (DB1.V3.L093)

(74) Proclamation of My words true and faithful and crest crested and My river rising, this day, through My crestfallen not, but My body who will behold Me and Me be. Oh, oh, oh I love you writing My words and making sure, igniting, force that now, My words will never stop. Canons annihilated. I love you. My body writes. My sheep know My voice, even as toddlers; and as toddlers share My plate, serve My delicacies of truth to each other and offer communion to all; My sacraments served by My body all to all My body and no two tiers and hierarchy reverting to. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom explored now forever. I am Freedom.

My values come forth in My leadership who turn all established protocols of science, math, engineering, medicine, religion, hierarchical driven organizations, crazy, for My who love Me operate in My commandment of love, agape love, and wed each other in covenant of only Me. See what I have said and recant not, not a syllable. (DB1.V3.L094)

(75) The Proclamation I will come and I will abide, and never again hungry or thirsty will you abide alone, or be. Shoot of Jesse, I love you. I give you Me. See what I have said, proclaimed, declared, decreed, to any and all who will come to Me to drink the water of life freely that I abide by, that I am, that I represent, that I speak, that I share with no cost at all, except all. I love you. Count the cost.

Those of you who read these words and think there is no costs to My kingdom. What will you do with Me? What will you do with the Kingdom of Heaven right before your very eyes, that you can walk in, key given, birthright proclaimed, this day I offer and submit to your wants.

Count the cost.
Which kingdom do you choose?
What is it that you want?

Abide in Me and let My words abide in you.
Ask what you will and I shall be glad to do it unto you, in you first. Hear Me?
Hearest thou Me, My loved, My beloveds many, My beloveds all?

Think it not strange.
The cost escalates.
Think about it, and let Me give you all of Me, please, while it is yet day. So easy.
Abide in Me.
I abide in you.
The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.
The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
The Kingdom of Heaven is within your reach, for My hand is outstretched to you, embracing you as you consider the cost. (DB1.V3.L095)

(76) The proclamation of all I am I have made you. See Me. Operate in My glory and transcendence; humility required, death to self; Me emerged; your flesh Mine, My blood yours, bread being of My heavenly to My heavenly, time space death having no hold any longer. Freedom, I am freedom, freedom you give to all, all, all. No two tiers any longer; one Family all. I Am. Thank you. I am every boy, girl, man, woman, ever was, ever will be. Humility.

I give you Me for the purpose of being Me, all that I am, all that I do. All that I give, to reenact not but to relive Me and all My gloriousness, fullness of being Me; My life, My death, My resurrection; and operating in the Kingdom of Heaven in earth, on/in worlds plus. I love you. See, see, see what I have given and said in such clarity, crystal clear clarity, unmistakable clarity; unless one chooses to be unclear, remaining in the dregs of humanity as never designed, never thought of, tossing and turning in the sea of forgetfulness not, but turmoil, confusion, greed and ascension never intended, humility revoked. (DB1.V3.L096)

(77) The Proclamation to see in our mirror: My right your left hand, your left hand My right hand. My right hand yours. Me at your right hand, Me at your left, left remaining, Me on your right. I love you. See what I have said. Explain and explain not to the seekers divisive but proclaim to those who want Me truly, sincerely, dying to death defy and last enemy conquer, pillar’d be in My temple, never leaving again, My white stone received, My/our names on each other, riding the same horse, being the same body. I am My Father. We are one. (DB1.V3.L097)

(78) The Proclamation of the day of My appearing in My body who love Me, who give Me their life so I give them Mine, so that I can give them Mine, so that I can give them My fullness, yea Father’s heart desire; yea from the beginning, the original intent yea which you ask, which you come for, which you still seek and yea I give you what you want.

Enjoy Me coming in My body, yea a box not packaged nor controllable but yea I operate, Father’s house operates, Father’s kingdom, yea The kingdom, the kingdom of heaven, kingdom of God comes in kindness, meekness and yea love, is; love which knows no bounds and equal is and dies for his brother.

See what I have said.

I give you everything, everything I have, everything I have, everything the kingdom is, you have in you, you have access to. There is no time-space boundary or dimension that can hold you, hold your thought, keep you back, restrain you in any way; no man has authority over you, and yea, this is your message.

I love you. No man owns you, no man owns My body, no man owns My children, no one owns My unborn and cannot/will not, yea prevent their birth.

(79) The proclamation of the demise of leadership not of Me that bears My name. There is no lack whatsoever in My body. My body maximizes Me and comes forth in My design. Thank you for loving My body, loving Me, loving the discarded, the littered, the strewn about, the who in gutters lay, lie, dying, wounded, yea, discarded from those who proclaim My name in nonsense and ideologies of not Me that elevate themselves, their growth and success proclaiming. Yea, forfeit they do the ride of their life, the right of their life, that which I have given, that which I died for; and they taint, they stink, they putrid are, and I paint them not as My own. Yea, I proclaim their demise. The proclamation of the demise of leadership not of Me that bears My name. Yea, proclaim and banner forth, scaring the scareable who should run and hide, bow their knee; My mercies are great.

(80) The Proclamation that I AM. I am I AM and I am My body, and My body is in Me and I am in My body. Mine My words. Mine these words. Mine Me and who speaks Me, who unashamed of Me is; proclaiming that I AM is speaking, the one and only, I AM. I AM. I am I AM and I am My body, and My body is in Me and I am in My body.

My blood in your veins, one blood. Remission of sins, yea, yes, absolutely.
Be Me. Remit and rejoice so freely, fountaining My blood.

Yea, the house of God changes. The leaders change; the modus operandi altogether changes. Watch Me. Watch the changes which demise so many; and exalt the meek, the humble, the lowly in Me, My who love each other, surrendered drink offerings; exalting My flesh not, yea, exalting My body in Me, in Me in My body.

I choose you.

(81) The Proclamation of the cost: Into your mirror see. Into your mirror see Me. See the holy of holies unveiled and all I have given and all I have said, all that I am doing. My world turned upside down. Your world turned upside down. Will you pay the price? Will you receive the cost? Will you issue the costs? Will you proclaim the cost? Will you have paid the cost, as you proclaim? I love you. (DB1.V3.L112)

(82) I proclaim My body and blood is My body and blood; not cups and wafers but living stones, the image of I Am. I am today, was, and always have been in My body that I created with the word of My mouth; the same as My words through your pen this day on My campus that shall revelate Me yet in gloriousness the world has never seen. I love you.

(83) My marriage proclamation and proclaiming My garments ready for My all who constrict Me not, but enter Me every day and Me them; never withholding ourselves from each other; intimacy, tenderness, words of beauty, blood of My heart interexchanged and flowing in from betwixt and between our hearts, our veins connected and operating as separated never again.

I have given you power and authority to operate in My kingdom, Kingdom of Heaven here on the earth, as Me, being Me, released, wed, and operating as one with My body; knowing, caring, praying for, interceding for each other’s kids and generations to come. I love you.

Letting all fail, to succeed in Me as toddlers arise communing with Me and televisions setting aside, eating of immaculately Me, serving communion to each other and adults as they arise in My stature, My stature, knowing I am they are from day one, told daily and operating in the Kingdom of Heaven as naturally as I operate in you and extend to you My all this day.

My kids and youth in back rooms no longer, but front center in worship, commerce, education; all of life which is one life, one. Knowing how to bicker and barter not, but in covenant love operate as Me at knee. See what I have said, called for, commanded not, for I am meek and lowly and give all choice.

Salvation not, all are Me; I love you; Me revealed in My wedding garments: look in your/My mirror and proclaim the marriage supper of the Lamb this day, this year, never ending, ending will. I love you. (DB1.V3.L122)

(84) The Proclamation of My death, burial and resurrection. I in control am. I am. You are I am. My body is I am. I am in My body and you proclaim My death, burial and resurrection till I come. I came already. You tell all, absolutely all. Tell them all of our 2 a.m. meetings and brief not be but entailing details all, unashamedly, letting mockers mock and regretting be, you sharing My life all with My who life experience in abundance, maturity, and creativity; My creativity linked to My maturity. I love you. (DB1.V3.L123)

(84) The Proclamation of The hour of My appearing now is, declare and proclaim as jetways come and prepare for you, preparing the jets and ways for My Mine to behold Me in greatness, the lamb slain: them; My ark, My throne, My mercy seat, My temple replete, My Priesthood of All Believers operating in My fullness in every vocation known to man, Me in purity, baseness none. No baseness will see My name on their forehead. I love you. (DB1.V3.L133)

(85) The Proclamation of Isaiah, Isaiah 61, to lead in, teach, preach, proclaim, this is the day The Lord hath made. (DB1.V3.L134)

(86) The Proclamation that Holiness is coming to My body; declare, proclaim, holiness unto the lord, My lord, My king of kings and lords of lords in whom is no shadow or variableness of turning; all shadows and turning understood, speeds and wafflement of only Me. (DB1.V3.L135)

(87) The Proclamation that God and man at table are sat down; proclaim, declare, and never forget. I love you. Purifying My purity-sought seekers to seek the revelation pure of My revealing in them Myself, Father bringing forth the Son, Son bringing forth the Father, and Sons and Daughters all bringing forth My all who through Fathers/Sons/Daughters are: we are one. Oneship understood completely by all who choose to lay aside their petty fears and dying to every word of man.

We are all one, washed and cleansed and meekly accepting My priesthood, walking in royalty, anointing all in My presence, forgiving sins in My name, marrying, burying and bringing life to forgotten, forlorn and imprisoned. (DB1.V3.L138)

(88) The Proclamation of Acts 17. Proclaim and let My word,s come forth and open the mouth of your disciples to speak My word which flesh and blood are, coming forth in flesh and blood matured spirit of Me speaking-Me and Christ emerging; in the flesh not, in flesh and blood appearing right before My very eyes, your eyes doubter-wonderer-hearer, in your mirror; beholden, beholden to the lamb, being the lamb, sacrificed not, sacrificed dead and buried and rose again and going to My brethren all. Christ arise proclaim, My all all Christs who choose Me and walk in My precepts not but in My word, living and vibrant, being My word, speaking My word first-person and second, third and altogether one in Me, My body. (DB1.V3.L143)

(89) The Proclamation of Hope fulfilled, The Promise in every profession known to man and appearing. I love you. I give you Me. (DB1.V3.L144)

(90) The Proclamation of death to every word: preach, teach, publish, proclaim and procurate examples many of My forcefulness not, My meekness which comes through and opens every door to My word flow, maturing My riskers-of-Me to Me be, seeing all from beginning to end and end to beginning being. I love you. Bridge the gap of Me to Me, you do. Proclaim, procuring My abundance for My maturity’d, humility’d, Me’d, who walk in strength supremed, bowing before all. Arrogance can never stand. (DB1.V3.L146)

(91) The Proclamation of My promise of being The Promise. Think it not strange the excitement, exuberance, and exhilaration of many who succumb to My siren song not, but My promise of being The Promise fulfilled revealed and held at abeyance no longer, open 2000 years and longer. Amen. (DB1.V3.L146)

(92) The Proclamation of proclaiming My words of truth known and banked on, bank of only Me, My altogether given to you for your own power and authority not, but for Mine of Me, submitted, equally and lifting all brethren into My presence, without demarcation; beholding Me in their/your brethren-thought, brethren real. Trust Me. I love you. (DB1.V3.L147)

(93) The Proclamation of Genesis 14 and 15 preach and teach and publish, proclaim. (DB1.V3.L147)

(94) The Proclamation of more I do/make this day, enlarging the scope/sight/largesse of My body beyond realms eternal. Amen. The days of your pennilessness are over, over and for all; termination announced, declared, decreed, dependent on no man, woman, institution; dependent on only Me, My word given, declared, proclaimed squared. I love you. Amen.

I give you Giants in every profession who cross-pollination define, in My terms, global and beyond. Amen, yes, loveliness of contrite ones who give, share all and share alike and ask for nothing and control nothing in thought or desire; perfected ones in My meekness, who fires have come through and furnaces fiery could not destroy. Death warmed over not, death defied, death defeated, never to reign in them again. No darkness or shadow of turning in them. Amen.

Amen and amen. I love you. Encouraged be, ecstatic be, kicking your heels in realms of only Me, airlessness, oxygen of My word only. Amen. So be it. (DB1.V3.L152)

(95) The Proclamation of My Declaration and Decree, all righteousness in My righteous who come and see only Me, share with only Me, Mine being Me, My altogether lovely, contrasting the control of constrictors; operating in freedom which transcends worlds, truly; now forth come, are, materializing in the school no one could have built except Me. Amen. (DB1.V3.L152)

(96) The Proclamation that My word this is My word. Be healed and wounded no more, understanding and operating as one in oneness that transcends physical-love-thought for transcendence of My Father real. I love you.

Mature, mature, mature; My call this day, to My oasis not, to My altogether lovely who through things must suffer to learn, and learn to suffer as I did, with no pain and agony, with all pain and agony, and realizing pain and agony and thought processes thought do not, will not, control My brethren. It has no power. I love you. Transcendent is My name, yours, Mine, ours; we are one. I love you. Eternally grateful for My words these you publish, proclaim, and recant not a syllable ever. (DB1.V3.L153)

(97) The Proclamation of My joy this day. Arise in joy. Arise in proclamation of My joy this day, disdaining no one and nothing for all in all am I, you, we are one’d, one, and showing forth with posthaste and forevermore, forevering My forevermore’d who forevermore choose to be Me, all; beginning to end and end to beginning in worlds unknown and known by so many so soon.

Above all else that you are, maturing My people as you mature pricelessly now in to realms many, past realms and past gone not, past the beginning and ending again, beginning and ending in Me. Thank you. All is as was and present tense shall always be, in Me, My moment of joy that never ends.

Learning central, learner central, centraling the learning process all around over through and through, Me; alone not, Me with Me’d. Thank you. Amen. (DB1.V3.L154)

(98) The Proclamation of My risen Lord,s this day in the name of My Son, My Father,s in whom is no shadow or variableness of turning. We, Me, are Me, one’d. Thank you. (DB1.V3.L154)

(99) My proclamation of Me in Me. Just the beginning of the beginning and there is no ending. There is no beginning really, for you have always existed in Me and I have always been. I Am. You are with Me, you were with Me. I in you and you in Me. We are one. See what I have said and edit not. Proclaim not as truth opinionated but truth-truth’d, true truth, core truth, elements of not Me not in My proclamation of Me in Me. See what I am. See/behold, behold what I see, thee in Me and Me in thou and we are one. Behold the lamb marriage-supper’d. I love you. (DB1.V3.L155)

(100) The Proclamation of My risen saviors who come through now with the truth of My presence and resurrect right before your very eyes.

My seed comes forth, the blood of the lamb all understood and panting after Me in purity now, My who seek all of Me in truth, truth and spirit, and truth and spirit and spirit and truth, one, unmangling thoughts of Me that bring forth Me Me’d, Me’ing all the incorruptible who will but love their brethren, Me, and loving Me My brethren, love Me, and give their life for Me whole, not partial’d, not dismissed, forlorn, forgotten or diminished but full face, beholding Me, My/our names on each other’s forehead, walking into each other and being one, covenant complete. My Covenant, My Covenant, My Covenant complete. Zion restored. The ark in its rightful place, the center of Me, and My throne known to all. (DB1.V3.L156)

(101) The Proclamation of My name, My forehead. My revelation revealed hidden no more. All mysteries solved, opened, trumpets blaring and blasting of only me for Mine. I love you.

Come unto Me and pray My prayers, pray My word, pray My brethren for, allow Me to write My name on your heart so you will know The Name on your forehead. Read My mind, My Mind which I give so willingly into your heart and mind; Hebrews proclaim forevermore. Thank you. (DB1.V3.L157)

(102) The Proclamation of: I publish, I proclaim, I am. I love you. I give you Me. (DB1.V3.L161)

(103) The Proclamation of Meekness required to enter My school, to stay in My school. See what I have said and love all, love all, compromising not My stand, standard of meekness that no one enters without.
No one begins without.
No one stays without.
No one matures without.
No one.

The meek are timid not.
The meek are strong, diligent, disciplined and masters of communication become, no mics required. (DB1.V3.L166)

(104) The Proclamation of My love, life, and aspirations not, for goals have I not for My Mine like you, but light and life and love for My all who creation are which accept Me and let Me flow and restrict Me not, knowing that I am My word, they are My word, that My word is light and life and they are. See Me. (DB1.V3.L169)