September 23, 2023

About this School

The School of The Original Me
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

The School of The Original Me is all about being The Real Me, that’s you, you recreating you to be it. A quest beyond flesh, is just beginning the existence of, actuality of, tangibly forming a community of lovers, creators committed to each other’s quest to be limited to flesh no more. The members of each class communicate freely with all class members interacting facilitating and accelerating each others’ learning process. At all times each member here is faculty staff and student. The Real You is within you as The Teacher is within each of us to help us recreate ourselves. This school creates the environment and values to help us see, hear, feel, and become who we really are, and operate in what we really are. We’re all freeing ourselves to be The One while freeing each other in the process. We understand from the beginning of our study together that we are one, altogether one class, and no one is above or below another. This is a School of Leadership inseparable from light, love, and peace; all of which are cultivated here.

Our values include humility, kindness, integrity, initiative, good manners, graciousness, respectfulness. All of us are one. One family. We are many colors, of many ethnicities, greatly diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, educations and experiences. Yet we come together as equals to propel and heal each other, ourselves first.

This is a place of healing, and being healed by love, becoming what it is. You are the power, of that. The process of becoming who you really are, really are at your core, not programmed by any of the powers and authorities of this world, is a process of exploration and discovery. This is Leadership Creation school. Much will be asked of you. Many questions you’ll have to deal with, and face head-on, that are not comfortable. This is not easy. It requires a great commitment to create yourself anew. To do so requires you not only learning your powers but using them, with wisdom.

Length of Study is simply determined by you. Course #1 is Journey into Leadership. It is the entry point into this School and the entry point into this system of education where you learn to learn from The Real You that is within you, that IS you. This is where, with interaction with other faculty staff and students, you learn how to read the lessons, understand them, link them, map them, write about them in posts and papers, experiencing a process wherein you initiate and mature in your leadership creating a new you, one with the consciousness of being The Creator of the new you that powerless isn’t any more. All other courses come out of your surrender to create them, recreating you in the process. Length of time to completion is indefinite and is different for each person.

Tests and grades: There are no tests, and no grades given. This is not that kind of school. You’re not competing against you or each other. This is not a school to come and achieve anything. This is the School to become The Real You, that you create anew. It’s rigorous and scholastically inferior in nothing. There’s a great deal to read, to consider, to comprehend, and to write about, present to others, and to share in various forms. All of this is described in Database One of our curriculum.

Tuition: Send me an offering, or bring me you.

Enrollment: Enroll as you will. Come, see, hear, feel, and become. Judge you worthy. And enjoy. Great joy awaits you.

Curriculum: You determine your path through our curriculum and yours will be unique to you, designed by you, as you make decisions every day interacting with our curriculum, dancing with the interplay of new lessons that Theodore brings forth almost daily along with new writings of yours, others in your class, your experiences, your curiosity, and your diligence.

We are not religious and dogma has no place here, neither does arrogance, hubris, or patriarchy.

We are not affiliated nor accredited by any other agency or organization. We value our values and and our values create value for all concerned.

Do you fit here? Is this your time? Are you ready to be The Real You? Ready to recreate yourself anew? Willing to operate with your authority to be who you really are? Agree to operate here with our values and mode of operation?

Don’t expect to be able to understand all the Lessons right away. There is much material to comprehend in each one and each person will get different experiences through them. They are layered, and not linear. They have to be put together, assembled, and form a picture they do through the linking and mapping process that is described in our curriculum as “lessonating”. Don’t be daunted by the uniqueness of our curriculum or how this School works for it is this way for a purpose, allowing you to choose, determine, and mature into uniqueness of The Real You. It’s like learning a new language, or a new way to communicate with you that’s within you. Here, you learn to see and hear through the words of the lessons and feel their love for you embracing you for you to become what Love is, never powerless again.

You’re invited. Learn not by the past but by creating the future I am, that’s you.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA