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A school of leadership where you can experience a unique curriculum that you tailor as you progress through it. You meet The Teacher in the words. The Teacher is within you, and will guide you to read, map, link, and become what The Teacher is. Have an adventure. Explore this Database. Search it for new words and phrases. Note how the diction and grammar change. See how it forms a new paradigm of God-authored education, dynamically interacting with you as you surrender to encounter the Consciousness of God in your consciousness, forming one consciousness to complete a Christ here and now ... the 21st Century Christ that's you, the light of the world, The Real You.

First time here? Search on what you want to know. Tuition? Search on tuition. Grades? Search on grades. Leadership? Meonics? Tests? Entrance requirements? Yep. You got it. Search. You search on what you want to explore. Learn to read surrenderedly where your inner voice connects and The Teacher leads to the next step/phrase/lesson. Click on a document file name to open it. All are pdf files. Note that exact phrase searches require quotes, and wildcards such as * and ? are supported.

To start at the beginning, search for 1.1.1 which denotes Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 1. The last Lesson that came forth as a part of Database 1 is 1.7.196

The School of Meonics, Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA. Email

All contents Copyright 2022 by Theodore Cottingham.

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