THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham All Your mind is holy, The Holy Place.

Your mind is holy, The Holy Place.

Your mind is holy, The Holy Place. post thumbnail image

I suggest that your mind is holy. The Holy of Holies is the seat of authority in your mind. Your mind is a holy place. Your mind is The Holy Place. You are inextricably connected to all that is holy. Holy art thou O friend. Whether you’re woman or man, you’re the Holiest of All for you are The One of Ones and all ones are holy; this is the situation of the human race, humans don’t know they’re holy, they don’t recognize it, they don’t act like it. So many people disparage their own mind, their own being, creating their own misery. So many want to influence your mind for their purposes. But I suggest your mind is “powering up” with the light of love! Coming alive! Expanding! Lighting in ways new, not in alignment with the past.

The Temple Not Made with Hands is your mind. No “man” made that/your temple. You think with it, or it thinks you. But you are not a belief system, you are radiant light, coherent. Light recognizes light, connects with light, and is not subject to your neurons. Light frees light, speaks light, challenges light, matures light; for all light chooses all light to be equal. There’s no hierarchy in light. Light does not undermine itself. Light encourages brilliance! Light operates beyond the wave scale. It needs not duality or magnetic suffering imaged by one to another. Whereas words create images in your mind, I suggest you’re more powerful than that which has imaged you to you. You have the power and authority to break the image of you that you’ve carried around in flesh. You have the power of love, the power of forgiveness, the power of creation! And creating all the time, you are even now, by your word; for your word images to you what you’re doing with you. Your words are crucially important to your creation of you that you’re creating every single day. You are The Creator of you.

Your mind is precious, the most precious of all the aspects of your being. Ego wants to dominate your mind. Ego does not care what you worship or submit to as long as it is in charge of your emotions, your energy, your light that it usurps to exist in. Ego is so cruel, so surreptitious, so insidious. Ego is The Great Deceiver. Ego is The Great Separator. Ego wants to be your word provider. Ego wants to control and construct itself within you, using your light-being-power to exist in, for it has no power of its own. Ego can only exist in our ignorance, the abdication of our power. That which is false can’t exist unless we give it our power to exist within us, using our mind, light, power. But now, we are no longer powering the past. We are learning who we are, becoming it, new creations of, creating ourselves to be it, in love peace and joy.

I hope you get value from these words, through these words, to release yours within you to create you anew and experience freedom from the constructs of religion. I pray you see your power to loose you from any words spoken over you in the past that have hurt you, belittled you, diminished your light. I speak light to your love, and love to your light; your mechanical mind never conquering you again. Let your light so shine in your temple of your mind, the Temple of Light, The Holy of Holies between your ears. Thank you.

I love you.

School of Light Love & Peace
March 30, 2020

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