September 23, 2023

I judge me worthy. I redeem me; no one else can.

I judge me worthy. I redeem me; no one else can. No one else is going to. Redemption doesn’t come from outside, it’s all an internal work; within my soul, not; but my mind. My mind is worthy. My soul shall not stand in the way any more. My surrender to my mind of light is complete -’ing me. I’ve become me, at war with me no more.

My mind is no more telling me I’m separate from God. My mind is no more telling me I’m separate from you. I am one with you, one with God, one with one is one. I’ve forgiven me of every sin, everything I have done and not done, every sin of commission and omission, every sin of motive word and deed. I forgive me, for I’m The Judge of Me you see. And you’re The Judge of you. Each of us are The Judge of who we are, what we’ve done, and what we do now.

Coming unto the knowledge of God I have rendered judgment unto me. I judge me to be equal with God surrendered to God for God is one, one consciousness not at war with itself again.

My light-body-mind is no longer subservient to my molecular mind. I no longer am belief bound. I am just I am. I’ve never been more content than I am right now.

Whether I live or die is moot. I know who I am and I know who you are. I am at peace. And whether I have a school or not, I have healed me … by my word, that has flowed from my pen. I have given it voice. I have become what I am, I Am again. One with my word is me. I have given it you.

I pray you BE a 21st Century Christ that’s you with your face, your name; taking back your authority to be who you are with an identity of your humanity and your Christship not being separate any more. I pray you forgive you of all you’ve done and not done, that you redeem you from the curse of The Law: the curse of Religion with its rule ritual and sacrifice to other, putting yourself under that no more. I pray that you learn how to learn daily from your inner voice with it “crying in the wilderness” no longer for to be heard, valued; and you transformed thereby. I pray your joy arises, that it resurrects you, resurrects your contentment, your power, your patience wisdom and understanding. I pray you’re powerless no more against your beliefs of the past, or the forces that would seek to destroy you by rendering your power useless and your authority void. I speak your rising up. I speak you’re powerful, beautiful, and humble. I speak your consciousness into place completing you in the form of the Angelic, beyond all imagery and imagination of other.

I bow before you and ask you to be you.

School of Light Love & Peace
March 29, 2020

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