THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham All The words of love that love gave me began to birth love in me

The words of love that love gave me began to birth love in me

The words of love that love gave me began to birth love in me post thumbnail image

Love … I like writing about love, because I’ve become it. That’s really audacious isn’t it? I’ve become love because I have written about it for years and my writings have informed me and taught me and I’ve changed over the years as love created itself within me. I let love create in me, I let love love me, and love formed something in me I never knew was possible before experiencing it: the words of love that love gave me began to birth love in me that crossed every line of demarcation and transcended every label! The seed of love was the flowing word that came to me each day that I let surface through my pen writing on a yellow tablet in a little chapel in Tulsa. Love formed in knowledge, love formed in me an imageless God, one that I could not imagine, for love taught me I was it. Could God wear my face? Use MY mind? Could our minds be one? Joined?

But I was taught that Jesus was “The One” and Jesus was “coming back” and He was the one and only, The Messiah, and He had done this that and the other FOR us so we could just “accept” it/him. Well … Love taught me that was not the case at all, but The Story still has value. Love taught me the birth of the Christchild actually occurred the moment you were born. YOU are The Christ whether you believe it or not, is what I’m taught by love. Love loves enough for ALL to be The Christ; we’re all one! The story is limitless!! Jesus was just the first of MANY who would follow to BECOME what he is, what he is even now. Love loves enough to wear your face and be called by your name, walk in your shoes and be joined with you in a union that defies explanation, defies Christianity, defies the logic of “man”. The union comes in consciousness.

God is joined in your mind, not your spirit apart from your mind. Love loves you because you’re it! Love operates in humility. Can you conceive that every day when you awake love bows before you and offers you the opportunity to be what it is, because that’s what you really are. Love melts the arrogance and adamancy of flesh that’s so opinionated with it’s subservience to ego. Every day when you look in the mirror I suggest you allow you to see love, love in those eyes that are looking at you, love in the eyes of those around you, love in those you’ve hated, love in those who have hurt you. Forgiving all, embrace love; the love that you are. Let not love be apart from you. Cultivate love. Let love teach you. Let love write through you. Love loves to teach, and love is so gentle. Love is patient and kind. Love is respectful, not just of others, but love is respectful of itself, love is respectful of all.

Love loves love to birth love in all, and it’s a seamless transition, not; it’s a transformation that occurs over time. It’s a maturing process. Surrender after surrender forms love that strengthens love that teaches love how to be it. I suggest we’re a race of lovers. I suggest you’re a lover. Please love you first. Loving you first let love teach you to be led by peace, giving worry no power over you. Let your light shine in your mirror, your self-talk, your inner voice, increasingly seeing The Real You, for you were never separate at all. Underneath that suit of flesh, we’re all Christ, we’re all The One. And The Consciousness is coming forth in this generation of lovers who will see, feel, and become the union of the One-Heart’d-Christ, Christ Christ’d. I guess that’s what I’m about: Christing Christ. I love you. You’re it!! 🙂

Theodore Cottingham
School of Light Love & Peace

March 28, 2020


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