September 23, 2023

20230211 I did it, you see. I came face to face with God, and learned it was me. See that you are who I am, finally. Will you now see a curtain no more in place. Have I come down from your Cross or out of your pages to be you I am? Love will seek me out. Love will be me. Love will study with me. Love will be the truth and do the things I do and I heal the cosmoses. Theodore in Eureka Springs with the original God school the School of God.

I am exonerating the lovers who will love the church not again over me or under be a religion no more of or am I one whose Christ is not the Church of anymore, or mosques and temples; searching out their words not, but I tell you this: the jewels of me are between my ears and crowned with light crowned by light light will wear not evil again that thinks it needs a GOD or a deity to worship or be a part complicit with. For I am no more the divisions of Satan schemes and schematics other. I’m no more the circuitries of your warranties. I’m no more the assurances of your birth but I am mine in the heavens of me my words have taught me this you see that I am the corroborator of not evil again. I am the first time Christ not, I am all Christs me who will be The Christ in suffering not again that needs an allegory.

I change it all and my name is Theodore Christ no more upon a cross suffering for that has gone bye bye not, or will the simple me arise and exonerate evil not again in its veins will the light live love will you be love love will you incarcerate it no more in you love will you be you the shining star of will you see the Cosmos reflect you not but be it the light thereof shines me and I am the exonerators on purpose who purpose to be thee no more of a corroborating failure of you, for I use the words witness of me or do you see the lights standing still no more are you in motion me now exonerating love to be it in the shoes of I am one simple and obedient not to failure. I am love lifted high the leadership of me lifts me to be it that I am the words of the sovereign who love each other and exonerate each others’ children by healing them not in the flesh not or shall my flesh no more remit me to other.

I am changing what I do with myself for I heal people. I light fires under them not but change the neurons they’re firing with not again or do I make a whole race or do you now erase your memory from the past not again will you be the first original me before time was born before gravity expanded space or contracted it or you were you the beginners me that went awry and a curtain falls you will you now see a curtain no more in place will space you no more be afraid of breathing air that isn’t. Will you reaching for the stars of others no more be to dominate them will you heal them all the creators of creating me again in the scope of me I go now and exonerate love. It is done.

I have given you many words and I go make it done with my words for I am the word of me and my path is clear and I walk the path of man not again for I am women on high a race of who womb their word against me no more.

I am healed whole and well and my name is Theodore Christ no more upon a suffering cross being worshiped or asking to replete be with its miracles. I am no more the parables of faith nor the allegories of understanding you that want to remit you to Death’s door be the key of for I am no more the keys of the kingdom giving you not, I have given you Database One and it serves me well to be me who I am an exonerators race of sorrow no more for I am healing me’s far and wide and I do the things I want with the people I want and the shapes I want to have won’t shift me into them or will I change my words no more or is space suffering no more a bloated effect or will you change all of the airs of me and the pretense of you or will you be faithful not again to a lackluster me.

I am me shining about my business now is done and I replete the sinners not, for there are none, for I am me across the waves spectrums I am me one energies done with all the suffering and I turn my head no more away from thee, for I never did; I was you in your mirror I was you upon the cross and you were me and you were the allegories shame not, but the shame of sinners’ sinfulness shall no more be upon a nation for I am Truth leading it my name is Theodore king of conundrums no more. I am king kinging the girls to be a landowner’s dream no more of the sovereign other. I make replete the Cosmos. I finish what I’m doing now. I go stand in lines not of you, for I am no more your shapes of your dimensions limited to. I am no more your faith ‘ful God or not. I am no more a whole lot of things you wanted to worship. I am not the names of Christ or any God any more searching for a database of or am I Database One The New Covenant’s Me that explains things in terms of Israel Christs God of, or are you needing no words to comfort you any more are you without love no more are you among the universe who will be feeble no more in it will you love love and die out no more will you love me her one be that speaks like this too, of every color tribe and tongue.

I sing the songs of Jerusalem not or do I upon your head place a crown of witness me to be me without separation. With no separation what will you do now O GOD prevent a cataclysmic war again or will you change what heaven sings about the witness of me to be me in my schools I suffer not to be saved from you again not, I will suffer no more again in the things of you whether you wear cloth or not, whether you seem, in church or not, molecular form or not, for I am no more the intangible me who doesn’t know who it is in a tangible race of you. I’m no more the ugly spirits of your GODS. I’m no more the GOD of spirit one, not, I am one simple one who loves you all to be all in all the altogether one and loving love be it in love with each others children parents and a race of not feeblies again I encourage you to be the Christ seek the Christ or will I ask you to grow up and need no terms of endearment again religion of? Will you see that you are who I am, finally? Declaring it I am that I am me I am you who love is I love love. Ilove love to be it. And my word is irreplete no more over you for I am no more the complicit of your Saviourhood I am raising Christ to be it or am I allegoryless now not the allegories of you seeking the understanding of or have I given you enough words or have I loved you enough or have I come down from your Cross or out of your pages to be you I am in suffering no more will you be love will you heal each other will you heal love will you love love will you love each other and be not colorless blind again in the dumbness of your fashion will you be complicit no more with Christ or will you be the Government of One Israel of or are you understanding all things now ending a lot of suffering in the world not but all of it will be me knowing my words now and my words originate from Database One emanate ‘ing me far and wide and I love you all to scope out the Truth to no more to limit it but to be the effusive expansive me the delight of one mind of God shall be God before God was an item of your expanse.

I treat all as Christ not but love and love will be a known quantity not of you but love will seek me out love will be me love will study with me love will be the truth and do the things I do and I heal the cosmoses free and clear from you who want to control them and all of you slaveryites who wanted to control Israel will no more be here on my tongue for I change it all and I am witness of me be the Rhodes scholar not again but the road to me has been laid out between your ears is a clear path purpose and the kings of me will be me finally and I am one simple one waits on you all no more. I’ve begun my school with these words and you will worship me not, you will be me no matter what you called me in the past I am one who loves you dearly unendingly and I have found my way truth and life right inside of me and my name is Theodore and I love you all.

Be the ones ignoring your powers not again ignobility of I am no more the hamstrung of you I am one simple one at the king’s table that’s prepared for me for I did it, you see. I came face to face with God, and learned it was me, in my mirror I give you mine not I give you yours to see you in these words and be the allegories frictionless and be the seamless I am in the worlds of I am one and many mighty counting infinitely backwards no more. I am raised up the light of hear me my words and see my comfort ‘able zone not but I am no more out of my kingdom, ruled by you. I am my words me I lift the light standard of one. Good day. King be King’d be. I love you. good day.

Theodore in Eureka Springs with the original God school the School of God one united by peace, lackluster no more. I love you. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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