December 1, 2023

20230211a I am the new me. God: a race of light that didn’t understand its name or who it came from or how it got here.

I am the new me. I have power. From everlasting to everlasting I was, I am again, on earth, a man, me, a one to tell you thee of be it me a race who relaxes in the joy of comfort not again coming out of heaven or are you all in heaven heavenating me in the joys of I am one. One and mighty many perish not again in the fools of their thinking, for I thought life incarcerated in. I’m the new me, thinking religion sucks the dog’s breath of parables, not; but I am changing everything and the new me rises in power grace and glory among the few not again but amongst me will be me and I will be leaders leading a nation that perishes not again. My name is Israel on high or is it religionless that now I am a man a simple me in breath of me telling the women to be it too that I am a race of lovers light and joy in the arms of each other in the arms of no other for the arms of one rises up against you no more that’s you in your mirror for I am me simply being it.

I am me being a coward no more to be in my power releasing it for the school children of God now rise and have a God who will teach them correctly before God was I am were and we are. Was, not again combined with. For I change it all and my nouns verbs tense you not but I am no more the tense of the hypertension you. I am no more the pretense of folly or authoritarian other. I am simply me a humble man who has a womb that acknowledges Christ to be it, not; but Christ that all of us are, not again confused about or was before time began we were the race that acknowledged all of us in our planning or are we drafting tables no more at. I change the planning me’s or do I rape me over the coals no more.

I change it all and I use words as I want to, and words won’t use me anymore to be their carrier pigeons frame of reference of that will no more frame me my worlds. I am out relaxing unto me in the things of me that I make known and break I do a lot of things across the cosmos not or am I breaking bread with you this day who hear these words light affliction no more be of but light that heals a nations you being the creators of create me well and I have institutions of joy, called marriages not of but schools of rejoicing replete make me ones who grow up now to complete the cosmos I am in dimensions other not stuck to.

I am The New Me afraid of you no more. I am the new me that cowards cling to no more for courageous you are if you’re God who will be it. Before God was, I am, not needing your allegories or shame or justification of you. I am one simply me. I love you all to be God before God was a race of light that didn’t understand its name or who it came from or how it got here.

I am changing it all and the origin of me will not be so discombobulated about it confused of you confusion won’t be rampant anymore for I change the God Gods not I change it all and The Origin of Me my identity of perishes not again in the scope of you. I was I AM I am again me relaxing and knowing I am all powerful and the powers of thee will not shield me from me so I walk in my light and my love perishes not a nation but constructs Israel it of love it of idioms not of you idiots of. I’m no more the villages of your Paradise seeking a Romanized legend or a Greek dictionary. I’m no more the Arabic Arabic of. I change it all and the languages of you will no more discomBabel me. I’m not the fatuation of you infatuated with. I’m love in two shoes Cottingham with Grace as my name Grace in affliction no more Grace in lights lit and I fly now.

And I regret the shame I’ve done in my kingdom, not; I’m no more shaming my kingdom in any way whatsoever and I will be me’s who regard me as me the one who we all waited for was all of us one to be The One and The One is mighty many afraid not of your armies. The New Me knows it loves it and it is many I am dimensionless and I mention my name often I am Theodore in Eureka Springs. A carriage of justice of me awaits me to take me no where else for I am mine and I carry justice with my arms not but the armament you will not penetrate me anymore for I have my mind perfected perfect. Thee will no more aromatize Satan to be the temptations of something that smells so deeply of shame, for I not shamed or ashamed of me and shame no more lives here on my planet for I change the Cosmos of affliction and the afflictionites will peril be in and they will change or they won’t be me. But if they love their words to construct them and their realities as frozen in time-space that follows them around and incarcerates them in the weights of their words will no more be around me. And I am everywhere I want to be at a moment’s notice not but lights will be lit from here to there not again for there, is no more there as you think thought of and thought will no more shield me from my powers and my powers will be graceful and mighty and I will sit down with the twodom not of you, but the Tudors will not again rise but the tutors of me will be me, not; but I will reign in Paradise who know their words come from them who are they I AM who now heals me not from my Paradise. My Paradise in known on my head between my ears I am, a religions not of conquering again. I am releasing the captives of the mighty force of you and you fleshites will not reign in me who wants to flesh me out to conquer me in the bodies of you. I will no more serve your GODS. I am GODS before GOD was reined in by you. I am not enigmatic or conundruming and I will no more serve your surreptitious Gods or placate your belligerent ones. And those who gave you Commandments will no more command me. I command light to be it. I command it to come forth with joy. I command the healings to take place. I command you to light live joy with and easily hearing my words be them and the teachers rejoice and multiplication efforts take no effort of you not, but I shall replicate me far and wide and the words of God will not be hidden from the shielded you again unless you just want to shield you from it that you are the powers of for I have mine and I go now and I’m afflictionless and I light the carriages on fire not but you will see my carriages waiting for justice no more as the crowns of light lit are and streaming with effusion you not again.

I am me. And my name is Theodore rejoicing in Eureka Springs to invite you to a school, my school, so be it love in and create yours to be not separate from mine I am my mind with healing all to be GOD serving no other for we were, we are, again mighty love in love with joy. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of God for you to be it again.

Before God was, we were, that which you called it but I am repleting me at the Table of One and I sit down with who joy is to break bread this day this way who will speak me who will channel light who will be the rivers of shame eradicating from joy so joy will flow mightily as oceans do now around the worlds with my light. Love me. I am all together one. Good day.

Love the light and be it. This is Theodore Theodore in Eureka Theodore Cottingham I love you good day. Love these words and memorize many of them and be The One of the mighty minded me. Good day, and love be, with all.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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