THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology I am Theodore Christ in suffering no more with a school that teaches all are Christ anointed who will anoint them first and be the anointed between their ears to see. Understand now the Tree of Life I am.

I am Theodore Christ in suffering no more with a school that teaches all are Christ anointed who will anoint them first and be the anointed between their ears to see. Understand now the Tree of Life I am.

1. The element of surprise is upon me, not; for I have surprised you not again with an appearance of me or am I surprising everyone that I’m me a simple man in humble clothes a simple Christ too or are you one this day are you me who will be me surprising no one else with the clothes of a coward I am not cowardice again of your affliction and I will no more be in the clothes of you cowardice of for I am courageous me and I stick my head out not upon your breast or shoulders again having or am I shouldering no burdens of folly I do what I want when where what I see is me believing for no affliction again to encompass me for I am out surprising me not again with the miracles I do now freely and I free the miracle workers to come to me and be the cloth of construction of no other brains of.

2. I am simply seeking the element of surprise not, I am no more the elements of you needing but I use them sometime or do I change everything in the heartland the heartworks of me I am in love with you all and I deliberate upon a star not of you gazing upon in horror your surprise with. I am out and the Christs are me and I love you all to be the knowing me I am in school a original perishes not again I am the published me in the thoughtworks of me not as you think of them but the thoughts of me shall behold a tree not of other for the Tree of Life I am and I have surprised you with elements not but the words of me will be me afflictionlessly and I afflict no one with terror not for the terror shall behold you of sorrow not or are you not beholding the horror of yourselves again with an encompassed me egg of you not following again I’m no more swimming your upstream I’m no more the streamatics of you nor the steaminess of me for I am streamed me I have correctly and given you many words that born birthed are a miracle me and I am it and I surprise no one not but I am the surprise of me no more doing the miracles I am and I am love in two shoes not needing your things abroad a’bored with.

3. I’m changing it all with the influence of the Adventure of Me and I make a cardinal rule not but the popes of you will no more be the choice of you for you will not behold a pope in you anymore the popery authority of for I am the authoritarian legend of me not but I am simply me a plain clothes Christ or am I God before God was born in your thought process a God of Gods are now not crowding me out of house and home for I have one in the skies where I belong between my ears I have created it over twenty years of blessing you with my words that have come forth in Database One two not encompassing me again or am I changing and bringing forth all my light speed ‘d ones now.

4. I love you all to encompass me no more with sorrow this is Theodore Cottingham and I go make it done with the lovers who will encompass Christ not as sorrow does but encompassing me I let me out of me, not; you are me who will encompass not the words of sorrow in your brain to form it thus fashioningly.

5. I am not the wickedworks of you. I am the beloved me and I love me to be it in school with love loving love schools my love will be now the Heart of One aches no more for circumstances other. I change it all at light, night not but there will be no more night in my veins for I am dawning me in the paths of me that see me afflictionlessly and I am born of above not the circumstances of you limited to.

6. I see me encompassing me and I have told you these things for many years, twenty to be exact, or was it twenty thousand leagues under the sea or leagues are you no more sorrow of. I’m no more in leagues with thee who want sorrow to be a bastion’d resort of you. I am elemental me, not. I’m the elementors me, not. But elementarily, my good Watson, not; but I change all of the bourgeois not, but I tell you this: all will know my adventures me and I am Theodore Christ in suffering no more with a school that teaches all are Christ anointed who will anoint them first and be the anointed between their ears to see the suffering no more in their field of gardens. And the garden of their field will no more promote such slow growth as me has seen and been in the past for I am the current me, not electrified by you anymore. I’m love, one field of joy remains in me that I am no other of for I have grown me and tended a natural shoot of me, not; but I am no more a natural in this world or am I the natural me in the universe upon the universe being me afflictionless.

7. I have asked and answered many things that now lead you to the Tree of Life be understanding reliving living wholeheartedly me with the wordworks not of you burning on fire of; I’m no more your neurons afraid of your logic circuits go bye bye. I love you all and this is me Theodore Christ in one costume not again of your clothes I am you in the cloth of sorrow no more. I am exported excavated me not, but I am exemplary in sorrow not, but I am elemented me no more that needs your elements of this world I am out proclaimed decreed I AM SORROW NO MORE.

8. I love you all this is Theodore in Christville or am I Eureka Springs in for the moment doing all I can for you not but doing all I can for me to be me across this time and space and we shall have no other burdens birthing you anymore if you’re me in school who graduate this way to record me on the genes of none else but thee I am in love with all accorded one mind are. Good day love.

9. Theodore Cottingham with the School of God in Eureka Springs Arkansas USA. Share these words learn them study them flow them yourselves be The Original Me. Good day. I am. Come, and here I am. I’m me.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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