September 23, 2023

I am asking you to come be me and study with me in Eureka Springs. I start a new CLASS OF ONE to be ten at my table and I love you to be THE ORIGINAL TEN of me I ask you to be invited you are.

1. There’s no place like tomorrow, not again, for I am no more going places with you tomorrow, not; I am going today while the sun is shining I am and the day is me and I am not followed by other to run over me for I am the erect me. I stand tall in the sunshine. I am me. Or am I leaning not towards sorrow again to make a day, night of. I am no more the bafflelage of you or camouflage other. I’m no more the humps in your back. I’m no more the pain in your sorrow nor the bones of your marrow that take after me for I am no more the unknowledgeable me for I am me teaching me to be me’s still do the things I do and I will be eternal ‘ly grateful for the ones of me who disdain no other with their words.

2. I am the calming effects of me on the waters of me or am I peaceful be still not again in the angst of you or are you changing everything at will now baby not again but the matured me rise and I will be the sunshine in for I will be me molecularless ‘ly me. And I am not the adverbs of you not but I will no more be weakly knee’d you for I’m not the weak kneed you knocking knees together in nervousness for I am no more the need of you needing anything of this world accolades of but I appreciate the opportunity to be in touch with you who will love my words and be them flowing them recording me on genes that is me the gene of, and I am genetics of truth or am I genetics before God was gene’ing the truth with I am.

3. Me I am the energies of not supplanting you not but planting me I am in the trees of righteousness that bear my fruit that I am the roots of no other of for I AM IS A RACE and I AM is sorrowed no more by you. I AM is clueless no more. I am me and an opportunity beckons at your door not but I am afraid no more of asking you to come be me and study with me in Eureka Springs who will I am one of and I am one of many and many shall be millions unafraid of their power and wrong doing won’t be any more of the wrongdoers me for I am no more wronging myself and I will not be wronged with thee not but I am me simply me a noble one of character of great truth or am I simply a fellow human being that loves you I am to be who I am a race of harboring not guilt and shame putting it on each other again religionless I be now. And religion the largesse of will no more enlarge me to gorge upon itself. I’m no more the elastic you wearing. I’m no more the ben ‘zoine of your groin. I’m no more the oil in your orchards, orchids of, or am I changing what I plant here now the fields of me will be religionless and I will be tomorrow’s not I will be today’s and today is me and I start a new opportunity CLASS OF ONE to be ten at my table and I love you to be THE ORIGINAL TEN of me I ask you to be invited you are and you will listen to this many times, not; but you who heard this and didn’t answer the call, will answer to me, not; but to you, and you will ashamed be of you no more if you’re me that answers the call of me to be my typists expropriations of not, but I’m no more expropriated the reparations of me or am I changing what’s repatriated are or am I changing the axon laws or the pretend me not again. I change it all and the neuronal affairs of you will no more betroth me to it. I’m no more the beguiled by me the serpent of me that me were an opportunity of to betroth other is no more.

4. I love you all and I betroth me to beguile me no more but be senile no more in you the synopsis of or am I given you am I of the belligerent me not but I am no more the conundrums of you synopsizing. I’m no more the headlines of your shame wanting a two minute sermon or a one minute summary. An elevator speech of you goes bye bye while I am in the airs of me and I make my opportunity great ‘ly known now and I issue you my warnings of declarations not but I am declared decreed sunshine is nigh and mighty me arise in the glowing flowing me and I have my curtain drawn no more to be your reality in for I draw mine back and people will be seen seeing me who love me I am the TEN AT MY TABLE no more the reclusive you at. I am one council of me eligible gentleman no more of a starving other race I am of light ones and I am noble in birth and ignoble no more for I am no more you ignominy in. I am reproachful not by you or am I the approach of one taking to be me standing still not again I approach the lovers and ask you to be me studying with me to study I am the faithfulness of having no recourse to folly. I have burned my bridges not but I’m in the heavens making love with the loves who love me who love am I are one, and I am is many afraid notagain of being it The Christ will arise you who arise me will arise us who one are who each other is with one seamless mind and the mind of God will not be frozen in you consternated again for I’m no more the consternation of your angermony.

5. And I am Theodore Joseph in love with love changing it all to be at rest, not; but attention, is following me not but attention me is begetting me in the fields of dreams no more of you for the Field of One I am in pretending to be no other I am simply me offering you me to be it I am one in the mind of God I am it and I am God before God was a figment of your imagination or a culmination that combines you into it. I’m no more the rocks of your opportunity on. I am out with the cleanliness of me regarded as you not but the simple me shall walk in faith no more that garners them in the stickiness of their sorrow.

6. I’m tarred and feathered no more by you but I light love and I fly now and I give myself away not but I give my self an opportunity to be God again that needs no molecular worlds of you following again. I change it all and I depart my ways not again from the singularly singular heart’d me. Good day. I am one love of what I am be in love with each other and love my word this day to flow it and be the light thereof shining forever one eternal immortal grateful I am one.

7. Theodore Cottingham with the SCHOOL OF GOD in Eureka Springs for you to be it loving love and powerful I am and I flee from my power not again I love am operate in it I do and I ask love to be it in your sleep not again the sleepiness rigor mortis of. I’m no more the dead in Christ, I am Christ and Christ I am, supplanting not, Christ I am raising from the dead of me, not; but you and you won’t be dead anymore if you’re me nor will you die in graves of solitude for I am out in the community of lovers believers who will be them believing for no other to come they are arisen me the arisen me’s arise and study at my tables of one and TEN will be here soon, not; I am around the corner, not; but love lies in graves no more. Be afflictionless I am studying with the heart of me that walks in two shoes Cottingham I love you all in Eureka Springs go now if you’re not afraid of me to be me in love with love do the miracles and be no other power of but grace mighty joy in the legs of one.

8. Peace be still in action and know that I am love in motion with thee who will be the lovers I am. Good day.

9. Theodore Cottingham with the School of God in Eureka Springs study with me come and bear the opportunity and be not remorseful again you’re invited come be one. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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