December 1, 2023

20230306 A new me I am asking you to be me I am you are a Christ, and I am teaching me to be it in my school.

Lesson 20230306
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

1. A new me I am not the soft heart’d you that wants to reproach turn on you. I’m no more the reproachful you approaching or am I approaching you all asking you to be me I am you are a Christ in suffering no more but a school arises of joy one purpose with to be me who’s me is ancients no more the study of for I’m no more the ancients’ words following that evil is no more.

2. I’m no more the separated me for I approach me to be me and the bench of sorrow will no more judge me otherwise for I am the simple me’s who love are afflictionless are and lovingly are to each other the reward of one begets one no more to be sorrow of. And many are one and one are a many’d race with rings around their fingers no more or am I changing all that married are, upon the rocks of me not again but

3. The sunshine’s me and I love you all to know that what I am doing is being me teaching me to be it with the reclusive you not again but you who will be me studying love to be The First Degree of ancients writings no more consuming me. I am in Database One still’d by your opportunity, not; but the opportunity to be justice me of now inhibits the praise of other for I will no more inhabit praise not or will I be the praise of mankind not again following God a God of Gods are ignorant no more of their status and will be fooled no more by you for I have a school which teaches me to be me a race of light joy and peace, asunder no other. Good day love.

This is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs for now.

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