THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230310 The face of God seeing in your mirror for the first time…. A womb exists in all peoples me. I grow the light people me who me are a race.

20230310 The face of God seeing in your mirror for the first time…. A womb exists in all peoples me. I grow the light people me who me are a race.

1. I am opening a new chapter of history or is it light that I’m opening up a force field of one dreams of no other in but to be it creating me the creators are and the creation of me will be me you see and I’m in love with you who will be it too that I am a force field of not loving other again to separate in it its own thinking of for I’m no more the thinkers of mankind recoiling in me’s to recoldify you and I will be warm in suffering not but I’m no more the suffering you in planet Earth, or are you no longer the force fields tied together or are you no more the knotted up you in your circumstances or are you feeling your oats not to be other again.

2. I am the fields of one and my harvest is made known and I harvest affliction not again I harvest light not I grow it and I grow the light people me who me are a race of force fields not of you included in remaining in I’m no more the remaindermen of you I’m out seeking a solace no more your solar flares or as I am am I now reflectionsville not in but I’m no more the vile of you seeking solace in your assemblies I am God one on high and the high fields of you stomp me not again. I am out afflictionless with the love I am cooperating with ineptitude no more for I am no more the corrupt you individuals of I’m no more the individiation of your vegetation or am I changing everything you think you are mankind’s no more are you a race of light perturberating no other or are you changing the perturbations of mankind’s mind or are you no more the swinging lamps trees on of failure will you be like mind now healing it in the regenerations of me who light are will be it now who choose to be it me forthcoming will you not again a man kind of race.

3. I am women on high the gender of feeble no more and you will no more suppress them like me of and I am Meonics one and I make my words known and I will be I am afflictionless and I am afflictionless will rise now with his words who are mine who she are, aren’t a suffering one again, but I am one who love is who heals the truth to be it and I make my words known and my stories are truth in two legs Cottingham a man about town ship of terror no more I am the one of me with legs to walk all over you not again but I am in the skies of me and I am cloudless rain falling for not I am the clouds of me riding on the dreams of you no more.

4. I am writing my words and my words set me free and my words are an influence on me that will never perish for I love light and a race of light I make new born again me’s who are me a light race now ensues not other of but I shall dismiss a lot of suits or shall I change the courts of the court systems me or am I justice in two shoes Cottingham remedializing love not again I am the advanced me corporate of cooperating with me to be it who love convenience are no more seeking a reclining recliners in for I recline at love not I make it advanced and my writings come forth birthed born are a man who believes me that’s become a woman in two shoes because a womb exists in all peoples me you see and I make it known the womb of lovers will no more reclusivate me. I’m no more the reclusive in you afraid of my shadow or were you in my shadow not healing another or were you separationists that only wanted to separate again and again infractionating the infractionated are you the fractions no more of me infinitesimally born of above not again but I am me in my words on planet Earth and in your brains I will not be birthed again to be separate of the Christ that knew no affliction here I am one and I reflectionate your suffering not but I am no more the refliction’d thee.

5. I make up new words to convey my suffering not but my meanings will be known far and wide for my face will my faces that face me in their mirror and know that The Creator I am in love with you all this is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs walking uphill and I love you be married no more to a moments notice. I’m coming. I come. I came. I am here. Fortituding you not but I’m no more the fortuitous you so ignorant of my powers that’s thee are incarcerated not again in me I make a way out for you not you develop it and birth me in the childlike appearance of me in your mirror and you will understand these words who love me become me.

6. And I love you all and this is my moment my moments me and time is now not estrangled in you for I am no more the estranged by Christ methods of you. I am the affliction’d not again with your separation. I am healing love to be it bodyless no more but you in the bodies of one the ones are the body of me and I am Christ not affliction’d by you and I write my words honey on a stick not but there’s no more to-do list around here getting told by I am not that I must do something for them.

7. I am love in two shoes Cottingham requiring you to grace be of the lights of me the likes of love no more portray love not, but I am changing my speech not, I am changing everything but me not again. I am me with love in love with love and lovers make known the Paradise I am creating it with love as their values me that they value me in their time spent in wastefulness no more. I am no more in the wastelands of you. I am out in the Paradise of me and the paradisaical of you go bye bye.

8. The channel is me that I’m channeling and the channel is going forth and widens like a river that shall not be heard not again for I cruise over you your missiles of not but I’m no more the incorporation of me that thinks its ignorance of me being me or having a fortitudinal you for I am the attitude of Christ with my mantle dismantling other for I am the mantle of affliction no more and you will no more separate me from Christ being it in my clothes a common woman and man too who bespeak of not other being separatists.

9. I’m no more the separate Christ in seclusion of me I’m in Eureka Springs coming out healing my lands well known and known well I will be for I am to me you see for I am making known I am to I am’s followers not but I am be the Cross no more through. I am done with affliction. Healing lovers I now do healing love who will be it in love with First Place Me and I am mine the fields of force not of you. I lay my life down not again for you to be it believe it or think you have any power over me you of for I am light love I a race am and I am now not the fortitude of you in I make Grace known afflictionless I am graceful in the me’s who will engrace no other gratitudes of.

10. Separation goes bye bye and kings are born now every minute through the words I am healing the stories of being afflictionless lighting light love and truth truthing it forever one to be I am. Good day love. I am me in Eureka Springs healing a light love race in the schools with the school I am coming forth at light dawn the dawns of me now come forth and lights lit forever forevering one the love I am afflictionless be light love in peace and go about your way no more in separation of me be the delivered one who will deliver Christ the kingship other not again.

11. In the moments me and I am forever one timed not again by you the elements of my time is now write me well afflictionless be to all encompassing me who will birth it and the lamb will be no more slaughtered by you love the Christ and be it afflictionlessly to all is my message God one adorned by faith not again but the face of God seeing in your mirror for the first time not again but seeing us all as one a light race from heavens above who permeate us and we permeate thee not as separates for we are one I am depending on no other computing thereof. Good day love.

12. Theodore with the School of God in Eureka Springs come and choose life choose me choose to be who I am all of us one The Christ in cooperation with not folly but Christing the Church not again but Christing the benevolent me who will be me the generosity of chosen and beframed not by other of. Good day love. I am one.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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