June 9, 2023

20230314 Healing me will be a throng that descends upon Eureka Springs. I bring a great disruption to the stars of me to be crowned in light. I’m the apocalypse.

1. I live my love now feeling feebly no more. The feeble will walk without aid of crutches again or religion’s influence on me, them of; for I am me who beholds it my glory shall be shared not again with man or am I am man in two shoes Cottingham being a God thereupon thereunto not other.

2. I am living my love in freedom and freedom frees me because I have become it and it suits the star kitchens no more to stand in a line breath with yours I’m no more breathing the poverty influence of. I am prosperity of mine and mine heals the nations and nations go free from the hurt their leaders ensued them with not but perpetuated upon them.

3. The strength of me will be me, and them won’t be hurting them again my children of, as Christ is known throughout the Church not again to be a holy man of for I am women on high ensuing the grace with grace of graceful people who know what it is to hurt and heal it now. And healing me will be a throng that descends upon Jerusalem not but Eureka Springs I am at and I do things never imagined by mankind’s mind for I equal the opportunity of me to be me and the opportunities are before you all to heal each other in schools, children not again being of the Most High so ignorant of it, for I am The Most High raising it to be it and I heal the leaders who will love be the healing nations of me who beget stars in conundrums not of you for I am no more the caroling you again that preaches a Christ came at child birth of you, or are you birthing a child that’s you in the speech of you are you declaring it saved from you who wanted to take it down in the past with the past’s blessing will be no more.

4. I school the children to be GOD and GOD will be an opportunity that changes everything for the ignorants will no more demand of me anything but I demand respect not of you but my words shall go forth and my word shall do things that heal a nation now and light lovers will rejoice and I will be the perpetuated upon me who need me not again to be folly of, for I follow your school system not, I have a way that maintaineth itself not or do I have the motions of the motions I am receiving love to heal it I am the fluidity of love loves loving now and

5. I am all one not the feeble folk of you complaining about a sovereign God of other “where is He” no more will be said. Where is Theodore I am saying now for I am in all countries me and the star shines me will be belligerent no more upon me you of and you will know the difference of I am I am from being I am and who purports to be it will no more be bereft of me not but I will no more be your breadworthy breadwinners seeking for I change it all and I’m not the cropped up thee upon your mounted horses horsemen. I’m the apocalypse of you not but I bring a great disruption to the stars of me to be crowned in light with light loving love a new race of Jerusalem not but Israel the capital of me will be Eureka Springs for a while and I change it all star shines me

6. Loving you all this is Theodore with the School of God a lesson in that I’ve brought you this day and many come not turn not your shields away or will you be shielded not from the power of your love and change everything this day with the love of one. Good day. Almighty be in love with love I am.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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