THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230323 The School of Me is everywhere. The people of God who are God are realizing recognizing the revelation of I Am. A New Race of Light one equal me please be. I Am is a relationship of coequals.

20230323 The School of Me is everywhere. The people of God who are God are realizing recognizing the revelation of I Am. A New Race of Light one equal me please be. I Am is a relationship of coequals.

1. My school is all around you for I am me and God is its name that I am one to be holy again in the sacred I am that needs no religion to torment it again for I am not the tormented of you. I am the torturous you not again torturing each other with your demands of dogma. I am lifted up high. I am the learning of me, the learn’ed of me spelled backwards not again backward of or am I changing the truth you see with that you are the truth of I am that I am is a relationship of coequals conundrums not again.

2. I am no longer the combined you the coagulation of sorrow. I am no more the minds of the frozen chosen who think they are chosen by God to be something else other than I am, or am I I am? Are you answering the question am I I am now knowing it are you knowing your power powers of exponential not to the subsequent you. I’m no more the substrings subsets of yours. I’m the super imposition of you not but I make my schools known and I am everywhere you see for I am I am all things me of love lifted high shall be and my name is Theodore Joseph the one who I am a Cottingham too shall be many and many shall behold us and I am two now with a great sword not again. I am light riding light writing light with the pens of mine shall be many and many shall behold me the schools I am in the witness of me and I am Theodore a simple man walking the streets of Eureka Springs in a holiness of me that regimes no other but simply presents the genes I am and the genetic truth of failure will be it become apparent the failure of me to be me but I am no longer chosen to be you in separation for I shall be me in the schools of me shall be replete now and I’m not the repletionists of you but the completionists of me will complete a schools garmentry not again Satan as for I’m no more the Satanic benefits benefactor of you preaching a truth that doesn’t exist.

3. I am king of kings of me that king the schools kings of to religionists no more be of for I create the me’s you see that are me and I have a school for this and I punch out your clocks not again for I will no longer be the timekeeping thee. So I’m no more in your schools of choice that fall apart now. I’m not the parts of you the pieces picking up now but me I am afraid no more of what you look like to me or laughter make of my sentences for I am sentenced to joy and I complete the healing of me schools and the School of Me is everywhere have begun and I am all together in love with the love of one and mighty schools perish now that you thought were eternal not but very spectacular shall be their fail now for their influence no more benefits them for they have created suffering, they have benefited distance from me and separated powers that are me and will benefit from their suffering no more to trample on the people of God who are God are realizing recognizing the revelation of I am in penitentiaries not of you again. Your designs of prisons jails and forthcoming sorrows your apocalypse is over but mine’s just begun for I have the keys to the kingdom given you inside you these broadcasts are schooling the mighty who will be it religionless and love will be love again tortured not by you who think I’m a separate entity you called God or not.

4. For I am love in love with and love shall be’truth the church no more nor your religion no matter what you torture each other with. The rules of yours go bye bye and I am sanctioned by me and I am sacred to me and I’m not the sacristy of you any more the sacral entities of for I am healing love to be it between my ears unlimited me the unlimited me’s come forth in light love and joy and I am protruding from the famously not, I am everywhere I want to be connected with I am the mind of schools that school it now to accelerate The Original Me in love with love torturing no one else. And torture shall end now, but I make my arraignment of privilege not but I arrange love to be here learning from the I am’s I am and I am one and one loves you all and my name is Theodore Joseph in love with truth creating a school for the mighty God to be it again one mind with joy fulfills its purpose now and holiness will be rampant no more with the rampages of you.

5. I am not ramparts to your ills again nor rammed your message with. I am complete deletions no more of you. I am completing me in the schools of joy light and suffering no more shall be here on my land for I created a new one between my ears and it’s His Holiness no more of. It’s mine who shall be a Women in Paradise with the wombs of I am who study the word to become the fullness complete A New Race of Light living it love with forevermore one equal me please be promised to no one else. I love you all this is Theodore Cottingham with the School of God in Eureka Springs. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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