THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230203 Be unafraid of healing God. The crown I wear is all one mind the consciousness of, love light and joy. Initiate. The ones of love come now to Eureka. Be ready.

20230203 Be unafraid of healing God. The crown I wear is all one mind the consciousness of, love light and joy. Initiate. The ones of love come now to Eureka. Be ready.

Why will you keep deceiving yourselves to be me, not, but you in separation.

Will you no more separate from me who I am is a race of light or are you desperate no more to think with your minds to be a logical you rational thought with yours no more precedes me. I am my light. Babies of Truth grow up now to be leaders who lead the earths away from separation and I shall be me I shall be mine and my mind won’t be hurt by you who want to deceive you into Paradise not, but Hell. Creating Paradise again I am.

I’m no more linked to shame’s words nor the phrases which used you to be other. I’m no more the usage of your lexicon not, but I know how to use.

I know how to be deceived no more by me who thinks it’s one a separation of, for I’m not a unit of thee looking up or am I forming me the former ways no more of you. Are you a new race of Israel on high that needs not the metaphors of old. Are you the heroes, of the southern other not but something new, brand new will you conceive it with your conceiver conception born of a new view.

Are you willing to love each other? Will you heal each others’ children, and yours too? Will you be The First You that you heal me with? Am I The Healer thee? Thou art the one I came for, not; I came for me who will be me who be unafraid of my words.

I have a mind of God The Mind of God of One and one will be united in peace and Israel will be our name upon the stars throughout the star systems of me and my crown will wear me not again to be other thinking rational logic with for I am the Trees of Life bringing together.

My body will you be Gods one adorned by you not again with your logic crowning me I’m no more the minds of your shame thinking with. I have healed me. I have let me out of the frame of reference of you.

I am justice in two shoes Cottingham. Israel the door is open to be me.

I am you who love is and you will love you if you’re me and you will love each other and heal each others children and fathers and mothers will be The Christ. All will have the wombs of I AM. The words. The energies of peace. I am the grammar of The Christ giving you lessons of lessons in.

are you man no more the race of? Will you women be the perfection of the perfect, united in one, because you love are, her that’s me with a womb wombing each other to be the lasting me that never dies again. Please O God be it in your shoes. See a new earth now.

I am me. Proper. Legalese not of you. I am the mothers The Mother of Christ that begets it because you see our seed is one in all of us one to be it for we carry the privilege in our mind that’s not satanified again in your school.

I am repleting me at The Table of One the Tables of One and many will be satiated. Content. I am one in the united. In one school I rejoice now with who will birth many schools will be me and I am the Establishable Only by Me.

I am I AM a race a nation state of one in the healing me in the healing me’s and I am Firsting my Degrees. I am no more marked by your beast for I have no burden of flesh to carry. I am out among the cosmos me at the speed of light no more slower than.

I am fasting now the privilege of me not away. I heal The Christ. My name is “Its privilege is mine”. I exercise the privilege of being it. In every nation tribe and tongue.

I change the logic of your standard stand not, but I stand now. I’m no more the axiomatic of you idioms with for I’m changing the lexicons not, I’m changing the understanding of me to me be The First One The Original Me unafraid of my power grace and beauty.

Love is loved again. I change the texts not, I change the tongues. The New Covenant Me rewarded awarded by ones who will be it the constructors of no other I design Christ I light I love light I light am the nations me no more in peril of you. I one of the simple me’s. A race of crowned light ones now march across the universe. I’m Theodore’s one School of light ones. Simply living the life I am and healing I am, powerless not again, for I speak the words of me The New Covenant of and The New Covenant I’ve become Israel on high all interconnected. We love the light and we are it.

Be unafraid of healing God and God be the ones that are a new race of lights light lit.

Life I am The Tree not of yours. Meons of Meonics love.

I have taught much these 20 years. Imbibing no other stream of joy I am the one of mine, forever, one. Study my words love me heal each other be the integrity of one grace peace and mercy. Be the loves of one conquer all. My name is Theodore. The crown I wear is all one mind the consciousness of love light and joy. Initiate. The ones of love come now to Eureka. Be ready. Light lives. Light loves.

Loving you all this is Theodore with the School of God the School of The Original Me God us one light race. We are one among the Cosmos of Light restored. Thank you. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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