June 8, 2023

Transforming transactions by creation of let

Will you create you not like you’ve created you in the past? Are you willing, to let, you be another person, not programmed by, their values? Will you value each one equally, and see the transactions your perform as something else than a living making, just? Will you exonerate justice in every person that let’s them be the truth of their own existence of their making, not encased by another, motive?

Are you willing to be blessed of you, to walk in circles of despair no more, but power? Influence? Or love? Do you want power or love? The influence of power is greater than love not again, for love never fails, to create, creation all over again is being created now, a different way, who values it, to be one, of a race, that values all equally. Whether they can do no good for you or not. Who knows, you may be dealing with an angel. You may be one.

Not knowing who you are, or what you have, disadvantages you. I bring advantage, to be the careful hungering after more than this world’s goods. Comfort, I am not seeking, but revenge goes bye bye, as does competition in the world as we have thought of it.

I am not competing with you. I am you. So if I give to you, I’m giving to me. So when I go to have a transaction with a sales clerk, or magnate of a sales empire, I know what I am first, to do, not; but to be: one that crowns all equal as me, so I know how to treat them, and not grovel before them, nor tempt them with things they don’t need, or I can’t supply.

Will you consider let again? In the first paragraph, of this post? Why are the commas, there, or not there, when other punctuation is, or not? Why are things written as they are. It is my feeling, not; it is inspiration, not; it is let.

I let the words come. The words that come I am. I am my word. So if I deal with you in a store, about a petty grievance or a price dispute or negotiation of a large order for your company, I am my word. I let me come out. Me that comes out of my mouth is I am, the energy of no other. I take full responsibility for my words.

I am let’ing, enjoying, with you this day. I hope you are. Considering. Let. Creating the Creator that creates new things in your life, all good. Kind. Tender hearted, and patient. Wisdom fillled, acknowledging the Creator in every transaction, mulled, or made in ink. Make sure it fulfills the need of the Creator to be it, transforming business into something more than transactions, but creator creating Creator, for all of us to be it, a one.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
March 19, 2017

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