Did you let, Creation occur?

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Did you read my last three posts, or did you read them, how? How did you read them? Judge them? Judge them. Yes. Creatively. Creatively, with yours. Coming to life. Do you see what I have said? Through the last few sentences, without punctuation coving it up, or destroying its contents, of what can be created, created in you, about what what I’ve said?

You may have read them, you may have read the last post as you would a magazine article; casually reading it and dismissing it entirely as “nice” or “this” or “that” or did you let?

Did you let Creation take place in you, about it? Did you let Creation take your place from you, in it? Will you be placed in your own creation now? About it? Will you “create” what you “think” about it not, will you let Creation occur that you creating by a process of invoking curiosity or letting information make connections for you that you would not ordinarily make? In the tone of your day? Is your day robbing you from creating the day you want? The night? The relationships? What are you creating as you this, read? Or are you creating something with it? Fodder not, I hope. I pray you to creation be the creationist of.

I create love within you, for I love you, not extracting tit for tat, or quid pro quo. I’m not offering Me for sale, I give you love, and if I’m nothing else, you will feel it, you can feel it, eventually, if you let yourself, be healed by it. For I know you are love too. We are the bodies of. And the least of these is, also. Whether idled by life or not, composition of circumstances beyond your control, or what you’ve gotten yourself into, by an estimate of judgment that’s inerrant with reality, seemingly, there is more, for the simple, who will not be minded by other. Than you, the creator, of you.

I don’t write like others, and I don’t seek to. Be like you. I seek to lift, love, and obey the laws of the transcendent not, for I am I am. And I am creating in you as I write, and you are creating or not, as you read this, not; you are creating, period. You are constantly creating, the creator, that judges all things, worthy of your consideration or not, something you will spend time on or not, something you will give place to or not, in your mind, the Palace of Light.

I am offering you another way to think, to construct, light that you are, made of, and offering other people, for purposes foreign to you cannot control you, anymore. I offer you you. I offer you the real you. I bring out The You in you, that you are, for that’s my purpose. I  king the king of who will love each other equally, whether they buy from you or not, for I offer you me, and my name is love.

I care for your children, whether you have a job, whether you dominated are by fear or not. I de-create fear. I love love, and I create it in every circumstance, as I learn to. This was not born into me, I created it. I’ve created it, in who I’ve become. And my name is Theodore, wanting not your money, but your love, for each other, and every person you come in contact with today, and think about. Create Creation all over again in your love for all to be no more controlled by control, but by letting out the best in each of us to be the natural, I am.

In love with you all, this is

March 19, 2017


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