THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology Imagine a new university where everyone learns from each other

Imagine a new university where everyone learns from each other

I am starting a school, The University of Light, for the people of light, as I believe you’re the light of the world. As such you have access to all wisdom knowledge and understanding. You are in fact: creators. Our creativity comes from within. The source of all power, light, and love, is within you; and you can learn to channel it … it being you. The Real You is not powerless. It’s time to change, and develop our lives from the inside out. I’ve channeled for some 20 years now and experienced an education that transcends my BS, my MBA, and my Doctorate. I offer it, free, to you, IF you’re willing to experience it, in humility. Channeling is kind of like going off the high dive; you can study and learn all you can but there’s a time when you stand up, summon the courage the speak and/or write, giving your energy to be one with the words you bring forth. It’s a process. It has to be learned. The Word, these words that you channel can form an education like no other, where you are the teacher, the student, The One, one birthing The Light that knows no limits. This is the day of the new beginning, led by light, powered by love, for us to experience the synergy of a system of accelerated learning celebrating our uniqueness, building upon all that we are. The world needs you, your love, your transcendence here in the here and now. Regardless of your past, your education, your religious affiliation or disdain for religion, the world needs you. The paradigms of the past are powerless, but your love and light are powerful. So I’m starting a school … light school … the University of Light beginning May 12 with a free class entitled “Introduction to Channeling Your Light Within” 7pm – 9pm in the Friends Room of The Eureka Springs Library. And here’s a 6 minute video of your invitation. I love you. I invite your questions, comments, and encouragement. It takes guts to do what I’m doing. I’m standing up, and I’m calling you to.

Theodore Cottingham
University of Light
PO Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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