THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology I am redeeming the Race of God. This is my beginning The New Beginning of. 20230331a

I am redeeming the Race of God. This is my beginning The New Beginning of. 20230331a

1. The Revelation of God is here and that you’re it now changes many a thing, not; but many a person shall subscribe to me not again as a limited one. For I am the revelation of mankind changing it all to be God no more a mankind of not again or am I changing God to be it by the forces that will it to be no other or is the will of God for you to be you no more in understanding you’re separate.

2. Of me I am the litigious no more for I am no more litigating anything not but the courts of heaven are open and I’m in my regalia the beauty thereof seeking His Holiness no more for I am women on high and I love the bastards not of religion but I tell you this I’m no more the romantic you’s trying to placate you with religious stories. The barking dogs of religion are no more. I tell you this. I speak because I am the revelation of mankind coming to an end to be God the new beginning of and God will be one God is God was prepared for this for I am and I am walking doing new things new places with people who will be God now redeemed from the curse of their law that kept them in mankind’s thinking on a planet called Earth for I am no more restricted to you by you.

3. I am out with the loves of one with the wings of I fly now that loves gives me to be afraid of them no more that I am one bodyless not in our apparel but appealing to no other I appeal to you to be God who were it I am are one a race of and this is my beginning The New Beginning of for I have begun and I will not shield you from my torment not but I will not shield you from anything that I know of love and love speaks and obeys not its commands to be silent and people will know that there was a Lord God that commanded them to be commands with a mankind’s race of but that shall be no more for I am redeeming mankind’s not, I am redeeming the Race of God who God is God was God was God is and I am one with the mind within the mind of the ones to be one’d and ones will be perishing no more thus I defeat your death camps and death squads with machines of arrays that tell you otherwise.

4. I am healing the light years me the light to be with the lights of the generalizations of your generation not but the specific me’s perish no more with the gravity of you’s. I love am in two shoes. Theodore is my name. Cottingham in light, and there’s more than one of us now for I love you all and we are Cottinghamites not but I tell you this I love am the romantic enjoying who will womb woo me to be I am one and birth my word. My words are released. My words are crowned by light. My words are worn in bodylessness now that transcends a man’s arrays of thinking and I am women on high with the equality of ones who will bash all things not again the thinking of your arrays with for I am rays’d in heavens me of that I am the heaven of the heavenated and heavens will be incorporated not into your spheres again your fears of.

5. I am me living adored adorned by me’s the one I am. I love you all. Heal a new soul not but I am no more sold on the open market to the highest bidder’s charms of their eloquence and the reasons of their credibility and the corroboration of their souls will no more sell me anything.

6. I am one in love with light love and joy and joy I am light love with and I am healing nations and I am precluded from you not again for I am including me of every nation tribe and tongue and the nature of Christ will be to be it to grow up to God be the arraigned in heaven no more by folly for I set my appointments thee of no more. I am mine and I am Christ now in my shoes the God of one calling you all God to be it Christ in suffering no more learn The Cross no more to go through but heal you the resurrection in the manner of Christ being it without suffering.

7. Be the women afraid no more of the child birth word of and word your childbirth to be no other but the resurrection of him not but you in light loves suffering no more. Light the joys of one and be incorporated in no else.

8. I love you all this is Theodore in Eureka Springs with the School of God The New Beginning has begun and it’s begun in me and you who will be it too to be the ones I am the new revelations here the revelations of God to be it in I am one. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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