THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham All,DB1,DB1V1 Love Me by picking up your tablet and writing what I give you

Love Me by picking up your tablet and writing what I give you

Love Me by picking up your tablet and writing what I give you post thumbnail image

Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 10
Theodore Cottingham

1. Pick up your tablet. Love Me by picking up your tablet and writing what I give you, what I share with you, what I impart to you—what I want you to know and what I want others to know.
2. I want them to know and I want them to know deeply who I am and how much I love them. They cannot fathom the depth, the immensity, the global reach of My love for them as individuals. Few are trying to convey to My body, My people, how much I love them and who I really am. I love them. I love them Ted. That’s why I died for them. The pain, agony, and suffering I experienced they know nothing of. Tell them and keep telling them of My love, My love for them, My deep, deep love for them.
3. Tell them that I know their name, their hurts, their experiences, and what they are dealing with and I want to go through it with them. Tell them I will walk with them and talk with them as they go through whatever it is they are going through. And if they let Me I will often give them wisdom and answers that will be of value to them. I am comfort, but I am power. I am that I am and I am is so underestimated in being able to touch, address, the distresses of My people.
4. Tell them I am powerful, not powerless. So many look around and think I am not at work in what they see going on in the world. But they don’t know Me. They have not valued My Word, My words, or what I did for them when I died for them. They don’t value the scriptures that address and speak of Me interceding for them. They don’t know. They don’t know.
5. This is where you come in Ted. This is where you enter My picture and the picture of the lives of so many. You will enter the lives of many because you will give them My words and not your words, not just your words.
6. I want you to give them your words as you point to My words, helping them understand who I am. This is your mission Ted. Not real estate, not finance, not anything else. Today I am relieving you of your other responsibilities in these areas and I will supply your need from My hand, My body, to your purse, for doing the things I want you to do and saying the things I want you to say and being who I want you to be—in complete freedom—taking Freedom to all you come in contact with, sharing with them what I have done for you and what I have given you, what I have given you in your heart, your family and on paper—the words, ideas, concepts, powerful words, powerful ideas, powerful concepts, powerful power—that I have given you.
7. Now don’t be ashamed or afraid or shrink back from what I am telling you now. Finish the projects on your desk you have but you never need again to stumble for an accurate answer when people ask you what you do.
18. You tell them you share My words, you share with My body who I am and how much I love them and how much I want to know them and be known by them. Tell them you are Mine and I am yours and you preach, teach, and bring people freedom.
9. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Never be ashamed of Me and I will never be ashamed of you. For so much of how I treat you is how you have treated Me. Tell them. Tell them that is a fact of life, their life and My life. I am life. I set the rules of how I operate and what I value and how I deal with man.
10. Let them know how much I love them and how much I appreciate and notice everything they do, every single thing they do. I notice. I notice their hearts, I notice their words, I notice their motives and why they do and say the things they do and say that help mold them into whatever they become. Tell them and never stop telling them of My love and how I notice them, how I am there and I am there for them if they will but ask Me for involvement in whatever they are dealing with.
11. I am not a crisis God, though I often come in times of crisis. I am Me and I am that I am and I am everywhere. I am not limited by time or space or what you think or what they think. I am Me. I am God and I am that I am and I love My people. I love them. I love them to cry out to Me to help them and come alongside them and come into them and sup with them and help them and be a part of their lives. Not just in crisis but in all of life, in all they do, in all they say and ponder. Tell them Ted, tell them.
12. Tell them how I long for their touch. And touch Me they do. They may not realize it but in the spirit, they touch me. they are spirit and I am spirit and they touch Me with their words, their heart, their attitudes, motives and behavior. Tell them to come touch Me more and I will touch them more.
13. You wonder Ted, you wonder don’t you? You wonder how long I will talk to you like this and you wonder about specifics, specifics of scripture and direction and finances and oh so many things.
14. Be not deceived. Be not concerned. I will do what you let Me do. I will do what you want Me to do for I do what people want Me and let Me do when they reach a place of relationship with me that allows Me to give them of Myself in that level of love.
15. Love Ted. It’s all about love, it’s all about Me. I am love and I am Me and I have feelings and emotions. You know that so well but many don’t. Most don’t. tell them I am a person and have feelings and emotions. Not a person just like they’re a person but close enough for their understanding at this time.
16. There are truths, great truths that are significant that must come forth Ted, come forth into My people to help them be free, free, free to know Me for who I am and be able to do with them all I want to do with them. They long for Me but many have so little truth in them. Truth. Truth. Truth Ted. So many are covered over with lies and cover-ups and doctrines that alienate them from Me instead of freeing them, freeing their gifts,
freeing their abilities, freeing their personalities, freeing their joy, freeing their laughter, freeing that which fuels them to be who I designed them to be. Freedom Ted. I’m all about freedom, love and freedom. Love and Freedom. Love and Freedom.
17. That’s why I told you the other day as you were writing My words that you Ted, are a ministry of prayer and freedom, a ministry of prayer and freedom, a ministry of prayer and freedom.
18. Now when people ask you what you do tell them you are a ministry of prayer and freedom to the body of Christ and all who will listen to you. Tell them I love them and how I want to know them and be to them all I want to be.
19. Busy, busy, busy. People are so busy scurrying here and there and trying to attend to all that concerns them. But I am Me and I look after those that look after Me and want Me and believe in Me and trust Me to be in theirs and beside them in and through all they do and go through.
20. Tell them you are a preacher but you preach Me, you preach Jesus, you preach and provide people words that I give you, that I have given you for years, and that you share not just theory, you share Me, you share My heart and My words. You share who I am.
21. Stories are great and powerful. Theories are great and powerful but My words are power. My words are Me, part of Me and those who receive and eat My words eat of Me and find peace, strength, nourishment, for their inner man who is their real self, their spirit, their their—what and who they really are.
22. Tell them and let them, ask them, and at times, beg them, to receive Me and what I have done for them. I will let you know when to do what.
23. You are mine and I am yours and I love you deeply and I want you to get better and better at being able to convey My words and My love to those you come in contact with. I will move through you and I will move through you in wisdom, wisdom and power,if you let Me. If you let Me Ted.
24. I will teach you and I will train you and I will improve what you do and how you do it, if you let Me. I am a teacher. I always was. I love to teach, train, and reproduce Myself in others. That’s why so many, as they get closer and closer to Me want to teach, train and reproduce what they have found in Me in others. It’s a principle, a fact, a law of how I operate and I love to teach, train and reproduce. I love to nurture, mentor, share, teach and help people grow and mature.
25. I care about them and I care about the things that concern them for they choose what concerns them. They choose. They choose. They choose so many significant parts of their life that they are totally unaware of the choices they are making and the ramifications of those choices.
26. Tell them to get to know Me and I will teach My people. I will train My people. I will be to them what I need and want to be to them. I am the multi-breasted One and I will feed them and I will nourish them and I will grow them, if they let Me, into strong people, strong men and women, strong boys and strong girls and I will not prevent anyone anywhere coming to Me for what I have for them.
27. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Voice what I give you every way you can, 24/7, 24/7 Ted, 24/7 [meaning 24 hours a day, 7 days every week]. I will give you voice 24/7 to share My words and what I give you. Be not hesitant when offers come forth to help you and bless you and provide you the things you want and need. I have provided much for My people and I have provided much for you and I will reward those who help get done that which I want to get done.
28. You wonder about My “English” Ted and you wonder about My repetitiveness and
how I speak to you, My diction and grammar and how I convey these paragraphs and
sentences and truths to you. Ted, don’t worry about those, don’t worry about those
things. Let Me be Me and write what I give you and share and be happy—joyous—at
what I am doing in you and through you.
29. I speak to My people and I speak how I want to speak. Be fun Ted. Be more fun
to those around you. Unlock yourself in this for I have unlocked you and you are free to
go and do and be who you are. Laugh and be fun and have more fun in all that I have
provided for you.
30. And let people know I am not boring. I am not unacquainted with their distresses
but neither am I dull and boring like so many people that wear My name. I am exciting—
I am life—I am laughter that comes from purity and joy and peace. I like to laugh just
like you like to laugh. I laugh with people. I love to laugh with people. I don’t laugh at
people, except the ones that mock Me. I laugh with them and I want to help My people
laugh more.
31. Help them laugh more Ted and help them in their freedom to know Me for who I
am and how much I want them to laugh and have joy and not be dull and boring.
32. Tell them I am alive and well and contrary to many news reports of My demise or
inaction, now, later, much later, in times of turmoil and world problems, disease and war
and problems unsolvable, let them know I am alive and well and I do what I want with
those who will let Me.
33. And those who don’t choose Me and sit at My feet and let Me give them Me,
those who have rejected the beauty, joy and laughter that I have for them, that I paid for
and gave to them if they only accepted it, accepted Me—those will I reject and I will
laugh at and I will see to it that they know what they could have had. I will let them all
know what they could have had in Me and the life they could have enjoyed if only they
had come to Me and allowed Me to redeem them, redeem their thinking and redeem
their hearts of evil and give them hearts of flesh and warmth and beauty and helped
them become free and know Me, know My son, know My Spirit, My Spirit, My Holy Spirit
Ted. I would have given all of Me to them but they, some, reject Me, and they will be
sorry. Sorrowful they will be. Great sorrow, eternal sorrow, eternal Ted. Eternal. Tell
them Ted. Eternal. Tell them they make the choice and they make it now, here and now,
in this life. They choose how their life will be after the death of their physical flesh.
34. My scripture is real. My words are real and all will be judged and all will know
what they could have had, had they chosen Me, had they chosen Me, Me Ted. Tell them.
Tell them I have spread before them and they so easily, right now, can come partake of
Me and My body and My blood and what I am and what I have done for them.
35. Beauty for ashes. Beauty for ashes. Beauty for ashes. That’s who I am and what
I want to do for those who will come to Me and hear My words and reject the doctrines
of man and philosophies of high minded people who want only to control others and be
lifted up in the eyes of others, to receive esteem and honor for their many thoughts that
omit Me, the Most High God. Those will I laugh at. For they had their chance, their day
of opportunity. They had their day and they had their choices and they made their
choices and they will pay. They will reap what they have sown. They will come before
Me in sorrow but sorrow will not recompense for the choices they made while the
choices could be made.
36. Tell them, tell My body, My church, My people and all who will listen how much I
love them and how I want to be involved in their lives. And Ted, no matter how many
times I tell you these things, write them for My words will go forth. My words will go forth and do what I want them to do and I shall accomplish much through these words that I give you. I say few things one time. I say most things many times for those that want Me,to grasp Me and what I am trying to impart to them.
37. I am Me and I like Me. I love Me and I love My people. I like My people and I
want My people to grow, grow in number, grow in Me, grow in Me, grow in Me, grow in
Me so they can grow in number. Numbers do not reproduce, I reproduce. I want people
to know Me and be Me and let Me be Me in them and through them so they can have
the power and freedom to be who they were designed to be and reproduce, reproduce,
reproduce from a place of position, power and authority, not reproducing people of weak
morals, weak intentions, weak hearts, weakness upon weakness.
38. Power. I am power. No power exist greater then My power and My power is
increasing in My people that will come seek Me, learn of Me and My ways and hear My
heart and receive impartation from My throne room, My heart, My body, and those that
speak power and freedom to those who are bound.
39. So many Ted, so many are bound and don’t even realize what they are missing
out on. Tell them and tell them to come to Me more and let Me do what I want to do for
them, with them, in them. Tell them. Tell them.
40. Your ministry is telling, growing, maturing, feeding, strengthening My people and
helping them hear Me and My voice and to know Me directly—not just through you or
some other person.
41.Thank you Ted. Thank you. Thank you for not answering your cell phone when I
am talking to you, with you, sharing what I want shared with My people. Leave it in the
car unless there’s a reason to carry it.
42.Hear Me and hear Me well. I will grow you more. I will give you more. I will speak
specifics, names, places, distances, times, and all manner of things will I speak to and
through you if you bet let Me—let Me—let Me—let Me Ted—in purity. You must keep
yourself pure Ted for I’ve told you repeatedly I move in purity. You choose Ted. You
choose. You choose and you will choose Ted. You will choose and it will impact what
you do and how you do it.
43. Fear Me more than them. And fear Me. Fear Me. Fear Me and I will use you.
Deflect the honor that some will come to you in, some of Me and some not of Me. Ted,
the honor is Mine, not yours. So many get tripped up in this and get goofy, as George
says. Goofy. Don’t get goofy Ted. Get it straight and always remember the honor is Mine,
the glory is Mine, and the dominion is Mine. And I do what I want to and I work through
those that pay a price to receive Me and continue to pay a price. I am not free. I am Me
and you know what you’ve done and what you haven’t done.
44. Now don’t get your eyes on numbers, finances, dollars and don’t be swayed by
those that will come tell you what to do next to be big, to be this or that. You are Mine
and I will lead you. I paid the price for you and I don’t want you to regress and lose that
which you have gained. Gained for Me and gained for you.
45. Many spiritual children Ted. How many times have I spoken those words to you?
Now go, grow and shrink not back from Me, My power and My honoring of you. Shrink
back from their honor and control and all they want in manipulative settings of splendor, their splendor.
46. Remember the word I gave you several years ago beginning with “you want
power?” You put it in your book, your book, your first book of many books,
uncopyrighted, for Me, for Me, for Me. That book is of Me and I will yet do with it what I
told you I would do with it. Now let that book alone and let me breath on it as I told you I
would, when I am ready to.
47. Read the words I have given you in the past and the instructions I have given to
you, especially those you put in personal. Read them and heed them and know I am
with you and I have provided much for you, for you will go and grow and share My
words, in power and healing.
48. I love you Ted. I love you. I love you.

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession. Also for your study of the Revelation of The Christ being you, see “Jesus the Pattern” Series on my website. Thank you.

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