June 9, 2023

Develop your mind, and your God of separation will vanish

People create their separation from God. Their God is created in their mind. Cause: they can’t explain things any other way but to attribute them to deity. But wait! Creating attribution to something causes reality to take place in you – to you. You create your own reality. You are creating your thoughts all the time, but your reality is caused by your thoughts, causing consumption of what you are thinking to produce your reality.

The thought machine produces reality – a reality. Mine is not yours, though both of us are producing realities that form us in it. We are image-producing machines wearing light bodies, not; we are light bodies wearing image-producing machines, called flesh, suits. Bodies. Bodies of flesh, incarcerating our true selves. Our light body is incarcerated by our brain. Our brain thinking, our thinking uses the energy that we are, to produce what we are not. But since our eyes see it or our ears hear it validated by others, we believe it. We pray to it, and “it” is whatever we imagine God is. We’ve thus, created God in “our” image. Develop your mind, and your God will vanish, as you have known Him or it. Let not your heart be troubled, be one with The One that all one is. The One, is you waiting to decide to be it.

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