December 1, 2023

Into me see

I feel the needs of people. I feel the heart. At times I ache, at times I rejoice; I exchange with who I can, the energy, the words, the healing of hope, listening to their heart, their words, their wants, their needs. I want everyone to feel love, feel loved, and love each other. I want people to know their power, to create, to re-create themselves.

I bring a heart. A heart full of love, for all of you. A heart for water, and healing ours, restoring our streams to be able to drink out of, our springs too. I have a vision for healing the land that heals us and us healing each other rather than bickering divisiveness that keeps duality revolving around us and us spinning in it. I see, the entirety of the whole.

I see a city, and I bring light. I shine light. I am light. I call your light to shine. I call you to feel light, to feel your light, and let others also. Hear the love of your heart, for you. Love you. Love your heart. Love each other. Hear the heart, yours first. Give, yield to the light, that you are. Be still, hear the light teach you you’re the teacher, of you.

Know that somebody loves you, and I’m

Theodore Cottingham
Box 34
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632

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