THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Coming out Let, is the opposite of control

Let, is the opposite of control

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So many operationalists operate on the premises of today’s normalcy, in a city of light not, but confusion, confusing voices, at war, at length with each other trying to meet on things to say and agree on when the motives are different.

Let, is a form of motive, not; let, is everything about motive, and heart. More than the energy of a chakra, more than the energy of a soul, more than the normal about anything, God about God must be treated as such, and the least of these, suffering and confused, wearing, putting on a front of the gospel of peace that everything’s “okay” with them, and they’re on top of it all, and will meet sales quotas or have enough crop to draw upon when the house payment’s to be made, is all a front. For something else. Exists.

We are a nation of lovers. We are a nation I say it is, of lovers, so let’s create it. Let’s love each other, with smootchery not, but a kind of potionry not, but one that’s creative, cares, and creates with the conceiver of who we’re dealing with when we think we selling, or servicing, or going about out day creating value for other, than ourselves?

Who are we creating value for? At what high price? And what is the effect of all this confusery and normalcy of government standards or cultural effect or what standard is right, for the “masses” to excel in government or business or non profit what?

What is the effect of a question, rather than an assertion? I assert you’re God. Why would you want to rebuke me? Or question me? Or that? Or invoke curiosity does it? Or how do you, speak about such things? Or might you be dealing with a God, across the desk from you? Or one who seems to hate you, in the cubicle? Or when your taxes, come due?

Where does creativity start and conform to a source of energy transcendent of the status quo that keeps all where they are and getting poorer? How can you propel who you deal with into success? And what is “success” to, them? How, what do you know about who you deal with? What are their motives, hurts, and assumptions? About what you are doing, your value, what you create? With your emotions?

If you come to me, what are you going to create within me? What will a chance encounter be? Like? What will be planned? What caring will take place? Presented? Who to who, for what, ending in progress? Process? What process is taking place in your daily day for you as you create in you and other people around you, accomplishing what? What energy, are you employing? What tools, are you using? What plans have you, for your success?

A squanderer of time do not be. Care for others. Plan your day. Quietness in, be still and know that I am let occurring for thee, if you will care for me, the least of these. In ways not like taught, be lovers with who you sell with, sell to, who supply you parts and resale items. Treat the lowest as prized possessions in your arsenal of faith not, to have money friends power and influence, but to serve them, or create God in them that quashes all fears of dealing with you. Consistency of your word is King, not; but without love, you have no basis of contract or covenant to create that which is certain: that you love each other, whether they love you or not. Create it in them, watch your tongue, create your motive carefully, groom what you care about, and marry the freshness of the conceiver who has a new way to do things, to approach people, and let your love flow. Let.

Let your day be created, in carefulness and diligence, to sensitivity be the crowd of not, but alone, not, but in surrender creating creators, and you will never have not enough. For love will flow everywhere, and be infinite. Love provides for its neighbors, and conceives it in every transaction. You are the creator, and creating you are. As you create, as you creating are, operate from your love, not control, let. Let you create.

More later.

I love you.

Theodore Joseph
March 19, 2017




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