June 8, 2023

I’m giving up being normal.

I’m giving up being normal. Having channeled God for 15 years, the light is in my veins, my neurons, my consciousness, and now I choose to become increasingly fearless about completing my mission. I must let out what has come inside me by surrender. I am pregnant with a System of Education that releases the voice of the teacher within; within you, within the surrendered. I must be me, undam’d, flowing. A school for this is in my heart, my breath. I failed to start it in Tulsa. I was dedicated to it, for years. I failed. It didn’t happen. But here, here I am. Again willing to try. Give myself. Some will not understand. It’s all out the box. Redefines everything. Challenges structure, definitions, limitations, and frees all equally to be labelless, originating again that which we were, are, again forming; transformationless no longer. I walk humbly. I walk sure. Laugh if you must, but I’m coming out, to start a school, of lovers, to create their light bodies again. A school of light love and peace. In Eureka. I love you all. Theodore

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