June 8, 2023

Love that matures continuously learns from each other

I believe in love. Don’t you? But what kind of love do we love with? Does it need to mature? Is it a once-created always-the-same kind of thing, or is it something organic, something that flows and grows? Does love need education? Is third grade love different than seventh grade love, or high school love? How do we address how our love can change? If you say “we’ve loved each other twenty years!” is it not valid to ask, “have you one year of love twenty times, or twenty years of growing streaming love developing learning from each other, maturing the love you share? What are the attributes of this kind of love?

I suggest one of the most critically important traits of love that matures is a continuous learning from each other. When one becomes not willing to learn from the other, as an equal, the relationship is stunted, and love will hurt, and stagnate. Seems to me love is a flow, an exchange of energy that inherently displays patience and great respect for each other, for each other’s heart, passion, vision, feelings and emotions. I’m thinking mature love cultivates hearts of openness to each other and keeps them open. The heart of love is a continuously learning heart. Mature love asks many questions, listens and considers. Mature love learns to engage others. Mature love takes time to grow and happens not automatically with age or time. Skill is involved. Time is involved. Many never understand the investment required to experience the rewards of a consistently maturing love. I’m still learning, asking, cultivating my openness, learning to explore the vast beauty of those around me … especially those that I love. And I’m learning to love you all 🙂

School of Light Love & Peace


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