THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham All The Consciousness of Christ is being formed again

The Consciousness of Christ is being formed again

The Consciousness of Christ is being formed again post thumbnail image

The God mind is coming forth in the surrendered who will learn to let God teach them directly to form it through direct communication with God. No one will/can defeat this. It’s inevitable, imminent, and independent of religion; for it’s in the “common” people who will rise up now and take your position, exercising your authority to be who you are, not in the image of another. The humble nimble heart will learn to disavow and sever all authority others have had over you, forming you in their image. We are all creators of The Creator and we’re creating something brand new: the “us” that looks like us but with the mind of God. Our egocentric mechanical mind will no longer create an image that we give to ourselves as separate from each other or separate from God. We’re coming back into the oneship of Christ, the Christ mind, that which thinks it’s not robbery to be equal with God.

The development of the God mind knows no gender; no gender dependencies exist. It crosses all boundaries. Religion, even religion will not defeat it, for it will go deep in the hearts of the existent to see the immortal and experience the eternal in ways of The Now as never imagined by the ones who framed our constitution.

The God mind is telepathic, not needing syllables spoken nor words written to communicate. It crosses planets, planetary boundaries; as it has no boundaries. No-limits-God is arising and coming THROUGH the simple people who resist not. Those who open the gates of their kingdom, the Kingdom of Their Mind to the real true light to become it, will become light love and peace again.

The Consciousness of Christ is being formed again, and Christianity will fall apart at its seams, for it will not be able to hold this message back. Concepts like “vicarious atonement” will dissolve and fade from consciousness. God being separate in space or time or capacity will form it no more. The Creator will create it perfectly this time, in a union that knows peace, and the “neuron war” will cease. The God mind defeats the syllables that limit it. The beholder of God becomes God: one with God is God. The unlimited form of man is coming forth as God and one that makes one, not two separate.

The God mind is developing an army, an army of grannies and old men and worn out people who have been discarded by so many. We rise, the simple mind of God, in us, who see, who feel, who become, who become one with the ones that make one altogether one. It’s not a hard concept to grasp, it’s just different. Let not your heart be hardened against The New, The New Covenant, God teaching directly. Not in a book. Not static. Not with religion in between. God direct, that’s what’s happening now, the generation of. Our generation generates Christ, the Christ Mind, the Christ Consciousness, the God Mind connected to all of us, as was intended all the time.

The tendency of people to “want” to be right will now give way to the Great Emergence of people wanting truth more than wanting confirmation of their past image of God. The Image of God is going bye bye. God will again become the “alive” in every surrendered person of every race and color across all lines of demarcation to operate with the mind of love, AND a delivery system that defies explanation right now. It’s all prepared. It’s all in place. “I shall lose none” says God of the surrendered who will be it, creating God and “man” not separate. The Consciousness of Christ, of God, will rampant become; and the “institutions” of separation will now “lose” their power and authority.

The God Story will again become about you; you, “the you” that was in that “manger”, the you that was foretold about, the you that crucifies your ego to transcend this molecular world, the you that still comes back and operates here just as Jesus came and ate fish after the resurrection with his friends. The Unlimited People come forth, just as all the super-hero movies portray some aspect of, just as the Bible foretells “a people come great and strong”. I offer you a new covenant calling yours forth. I’ve written my words and it’s time for you to write yours. Your covenant must come through you, your pen, your creation, your creatorship defining your love in unlimited ways for “your brethren” which is the human race, and yet farther. We’re unlimited, becoming so. We’re telepathic, becoming so. We’re in school to become the “who we are” that we “were” before time and space incarcerated us in thought. A new Mind is developing, and that mind is “us”. The “One”. One loves us all, and The One is us. Fear not. It’s all changing now. I love you.

My name is Theodore, simple one, a one of many ones, birthing now. Amen.

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