THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham All The path of the Godseeker is fraught with peril

The path of the Godseeker is fraught with peril

The path of the Godseeker is fraught with peril post thumbnail image

The path of the Godseeker is rough, fraught with peril, loneliness, because the path to God … you walk alone. No one can go with you. It’s an inner journey, that has massive consequences. It affects everything you do, everything you are. It affects your time spent, your values, your friends, your decisions, your family, your income. It changes your life. Few go there; the cost is too high. The “norm” is to know “about” God, to some degree; to study certain texts and become somewhat conversant about “it” and what you believe. But the “seeker” … who truly seeks, who goes inside … without walls, naked of pretense and not holding onto belief of any sort, will find amazing and wonderful things. Light cities. Light communication. Light, that needs not syllables to be communicated. Light downloads that suddenly received are as “clumps” of information/connections producing understanding, linkages of previous experiences, moments, words, feelings, deep things beyond deep. It’s an exploration of you. It requires willingness and humility, and ultimate surrender, to learn who you are, so you become not what just people have told you you are to be. You’re fashioning your consciousness by your willingness to go where “no person has gone”, you going into you; and everything you seek, is inside you.

This is not about meditation, this is about surrender, ultimate surrender, to be still, to overcome the enemy within: that “word producing machine” that wants all of our attention, that machine we’ve all grown within us, that determines our consciousness by its algorithms that interpret waves of a limited energy spectrum to us; sound waves, light waves, waves waves waves. We’re absolutely blind to the light that we ARE until we learn to bypass what has programmed us to learn to be separate from God. When the “machine” The Beast within is stilled, The Teacher can teach and The Teacher is WITHIN every person and does so in intimacy. It’s not label dependent. It’s intimate. It’s sexual union, not; it’s way beyond. It’s intimacy where each mind is surrendered to be The One mind: your mind and God’s mind becoming ONE. And in moments of oneness, all hell breaks loose. Shackles lose their power: the shackles of thought, belief, dogma, darkness that encompasses the light of The One that’s in you that IS you is seen, message by message, intimacy by intimacy, surrender by surrender, day after day, transformation ensues. It’s a process! And it’s an adventure.

The abyss closes, the veil between you and God becomes thinner and thinner, and you begin seeing through it; learning takes place, intimacy is experienced, joys abound; yet there are still times on this path when moments of grief and sorrow pierce us. Agonizing judgment ensues, for all this must be judged by the seeker. The seeker is his/her own judge, of what they are experiencing, learning, putting “together” a new “map” of the world, a New World.

Thus we become citizens of two worlds. We learn to live in a palace of light: the temple not made with hands, because we’ve constructed it surrender by surrender in intimate union with our light body that’s the real us that is The One we sought. There’s no vicarious atonement. Our sacrifice, our Sacrifice, is us. The Savior, is us. Each of us can only redeem who we are. We become The Chosen People because we choose us. Each one “chooses” the one they think they are to go on this path. It’s a lonely path, a costly one. Count the cost, and let no one tell you it’s easy, and anyone who tells you it is has never fully walked the path. Experiencing the new birth you, takes time effort dedication surrender and time time time. You don’t become a new creation by saying a little prayer. It’s a process, a costly one. Judge well my friend, for you’re the only judge of you. And when you see God … you’ll see you. You were it all the time. The light resides … you’re it, all energy of all creation; ready to create, be. Thank you. 

Theodore Cottingham
School of Light Love & Peace
Box 34, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 USA



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