THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham All I love you … but what do I mean by that?

I love you … but what do I mean by that?

I love you … but what do I mean by that? post thumbnail image

“I love you.” I love you. I love you. But what … what do I mean by that? What compels me, what causes me to say that, to want to say that and do so? What in me wants to express love to you? What in me wants to be transmitted to you at any given moment by air, by sound waves, by touch, by ink, by pixels lit on your screen, for you to hear it, feel it, … experience it? Why should I want to convey my heart to your heart this way? What in ME is THAT? Is love in me trying to communicate with love in you? Birth a connection or strengthen it? Remove the veil of unlove between us? Gosh, is our love veiled from each other? If so why so? Why would we mete out our love in tiny portions to select people in select moments in certain situations when we have an infinite supply of it? Is it so TENDER, so FRAGILE that we feel or believe we have to protect it at every moment, from every person we see? What would happen if we freely release our love to be felt by others, women and men, married or not, of every color tribe and tongue, and communicated it freely? Tangibly? Can your love … light my love? Mine, yours? Does love commune at a level we can’t see or imagine, within us? Inside our mind? Healing us?

I believe love heals. I believe in healing each other, with kind words, soft spoken utterances of the heart, soft touches, smiles, patience displayed, forgiveness given for no reason at all. I believe the intent of love, even the intent of love heals, for it has power. It is powerful. Magnanimous. Splendorific!

I think the love in me sometimes recognizes the love in you and it wants to commune, to communicate, to be freed, to be an open channel, a river of life, to each other. Let ego, control, and ignorance keep us from feeling each others love no more. Let us become fearless in transmitting our light and love to each other. Let’s let love love love.

I speak release to our love this day in a way that catapults us out of self-imposed misery, out of the authority of others, out of Religion, out of the image given us of ourselves by others’ stories; I pray for the love in us to come alive for others we’ve never loved, including your ever expanding love for you … to you for you through you, you first. See love, feel love, become love; flow, connect, heal … becoming The Light Ones again. Thank you.

Theodore Cottingham

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