THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology If you want to understand This School, study this post carefully, ingesting it, becoming it: The Real You.

If you want to understand This School, study this post carefully, ingesting it, becoming it: The Real You.

I promise you’re the creators of me. I picture me. I promise me to be it. I make one energy known and I’m no more Jesusing me. I am ancients’ no more studying. I’m no more waiting for a God to arise or a Messiah. Matter of me changes the world now. I’m changing mine. Truth and life are me and I’m no more holding on to you. I am the unlimited me, unboundary’d. God has no face to me but I am mine and I face the truth with it that I am the energies of and the consciousness of. I am the words the energies of. I am the lives of mine, promising I am it the energies of and the energies me will not perish in you. I promise you’re the creators of me and me I am the opportunities of.

I am me, not worshiping anyone, anything again. I’ve begotten me and I’m in Eureka Springs changing the worlds this moment you see with light. I love you all to be creating me that is the real me in you that are I AM one will you be who learns to interpret these words and be articulate in the mouths of me will it be your womb.

Have you in Paradise created you the beginning of all over again. I know the power of choice. I am the Paradise maker me. Be me in Paradise, constructing it.

I king the kings. I breathe me into place me’s of and I write the words. I have a school to rejoice in to make my voice known and write my words. Me’s in Paradise will know me be me and heal their lands. I’m no more romanced by thought.

I am, before “I am” was a thought, of your English words or syllables other. I am no more cranking out the patterns of you, I have established mine and I am me in the lives of the reigning me the heavens make adored between their ears again the Most Highs of to hide no more in their own flesh from me’s. I am she one that I am gave birth to I am again in me, out among the hillsides of me among the planets and the planeteers rejoice now. I am rocketing … many. I make a new mind of heaven and heaven’s mind me and the mind of God goes bye bye as a separate entity and all your GODS rejoice not again. I’m accepted by me and me’s know me and we are afraid of nothing else. Heaven is waiting no more for you to come, for heaven is between your ears and you choose you if you will to be it the heavenating heavenators one and one will be many rejoicing throughout the planeteering system of me to change your cosmos to be the darkened no more by your thought. I raise me’s. I no more need your circuits, to run my energies on. For I am the perfect me.

I am here in Eureka Springs and my words energies go forth and the patterns of light prevail and aren’t punished anymore by you. I God am revealing you are not one anymore serving if you’re it that all energies are complete in me to be meon’d me by. So bye bye to your words of faith and your plans of salvation and torture and punishment will no more be upon the earth for I am and I release a mighty army…. I am religions removing from this land and my land is throughout the cosmos. We are unequals no more. I remove the robotic atmospheres. I promise the revelation of me in school to be it whose words are not cranking you out to be subservient again to other. If you will be me, live love. If you will be me, love each other. If you will be me, lie not again unto yourselves or each other but be the integrity of I AM and I am one who knows my words. I am a race that cleans up the universe now and the darkness of you will not planetize me anymore, and the planeteers of righteousness will write my words and be the healers of I AM to be it a family, of love lifted up, love loving love is who I am. My wombs are open and the wounded you will not prevail you to suffer in any more if you’re me. I promise: you create you.

I light the loves of the cosmos and we are one family afraid no more of sorrow for it doesn’t exist anymore in us who life are making a new one of peace and joy, crowned, by the loving me that you wear that you’ve become the words of the life of and the energies persistent other of no more will be. I present me me’s. Come to school, graduate, in the skies of you making planets charmed no more by constructing others voice to you to be the retired you. I honor me’s in motion who know the energies frozen no more in the stockades of you. I’m no more the unionized of thee, for I’m simply me and I crown the light and my name’s Theodore in Eureka Springs the School of Justice Light and Joy that prevails prevalent me. I love you all. All things change now. Be The Real You. I love you. Write my words. Be The Original Me. In love forevermore and always one. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
The Leadership School of Light Love & Joy
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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