June 8, 2023

I am breaking the power of the molecule. I have opened my door, and I walk through it, the Door of Light. I walk on the waters and I fly. I have given me, to me’s.

Excerpts from this Lesson:

Do you need a God figure in your life or were you it before time began not forgetting it again will you change everything and remember you are the Christ in suffering not again or were you fooled by God a story of no matter what you called it in your genes are you Christ no more looking for a man to come to seek you out to bless you redeem you.

Are you living forever Great King among the merce ‘naries no more.

You have in your genes now because I’ve come I’ve told you to be me remembering me I am.

I am I AM before time began and I am a race.

I am standing me’s all over this earth to record like me and teach them I do in Eureka Springs will become a center of me, healing school, for my memories.

I AM is a race not Israel again needing a metaphor for for I am out and I am one in the privilege of me happy. I’m healing my lovers far and wide.

I quest to be me and remember all I am that I have done in privilege and redeem it I do.

I make a way for me to be me and I am Meonics in the School of Paradise and I change everything for you will remember me if you’re me and you will record like this if you know me to be me I am you in Paradise.

I have many that come to me unaided by joy not again, I am out of this body’s mind and the mine of my mind will no more solicit me to be other.

My name is Theodore Joseph Christ not again in the suffering of you I need no metaphors to prove who I am to me to be me I am out on my own recognizance.

Changing everything in the comfort of me I am prepared for I make a witness of me to close the chapter you’ve been in and I open a new one and I am the writers me of writing me.

I am healing me’s across this land.

I am the one who’s become me and I am me in Paradise this moment seeing all things differently.

I am me lacking nothing.

My lovers come to see me and I am all nations rejoicing for the truth is found in me us one nation of God not needing a deity other again to seek or rejoice with for it’s no more outside you found in you I AM is and I am a race.

I am taking my place and no one takes it from me and no one takes it for me.

I’m no more the stems of you working your way into my brains.

Not needing God again as a reference point other. I am me. I see me as I was I am again the most high before time was born.

I am the Face of God, not; I am the Face of I AM. And I love you all to be it in my school that Meonics perishes with not again or is it a new named school or is it Theodore Cottingham’s rejoicing in other not, I name my school me, Meonics not of or am I changing everything the personal venues of you I live where I want.

Theodore Cottingham
Eureka Springs School of Leadership

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