THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology I’m starting a school of leadership. Why? Because it’s me. It’s within me. The words are. The energies of, are. I am one, with it.

I’m starting a school of leadership. Why? Because it’s me. It’s within me. The words are. The energies of, are. I am one, with it.

I want to focus today on being happy. Me, being happy with me, creating my consciousness to be what I want to be conscious of, and that’s the happy me!! Grateful I am, for who I am, what I’ve become, and the capacity to re-form me in my own vision of me. My vision of me sees me happy whole and well. Creating a world that knows no lack, no lack of love kindness light or joy. My world creates me no more, I create it. I am the creator of I am. I am my words. I am the energy thereof, of me. I beautify the gardens of whoever let me, for I see all as light people. Really. The Garden of Eden is between our ears. I speak with light to light, connecting with light, the light people. That’s what I see. Feel. Experiencing what I see and feel inside me, my creatorship expands me and the capacity I have to create, creates me. The Real Me is created this way, by me! There is no separation between me and my creator for my creator is me and I create the creator that creates me! We’re one! And now knowing I heal me, create me; creating me as I see me I become. I heal me. I determine my thoughts, not circumstances, not news, not what I experience in the molecular world, for it limits me no more. I live from within. I experience me, the creator as. The Creator, as. I am one. Me! Healing me, experiencing me, I’m the happiest as The Authentic Me, The Real Me, not attributing my existence to something else or someone else, and not abdicating my authority to choose to walk in the leadership of me. And all of this, is what I’m about, and why I am starting a school.

I’m starting a school of leadership. Why? Because it’s me. It’s within me. The words are. The energies of, are. I am one, with it. I breathe it into place this way, as I do my happiness. My experiences come about as the causation of my existence by my choosing to be me as the creator of them. Most of my life I attributed everything good or bad to another entity. Now I see, I understand, it was ALL me. I was praying to me. I was afraid of me. I was afraid of power. I was afraid of not pleasing X. I was taught to be subservient, a servant of “higher” powers. Sacrificing my life, my energies, my time, MY MIND, to another. But I arose, from the ashheaps and began to learn from my mind that I was not subject to it, for I was the power of me, and I still am, and I abdicate it not. I choose to serve me. And in serving me first, I come out of the severance mentality of needing a higher power to serve me, bless me, help me, when all the power of creation is within me. This is what I teach. I had to forgive me for hiding from me, from being afraid of my power, my creatorship, my ability to create.

From leadership, I hide no more. I stepping up. I’m starting a school, like no other, for it’s all about you teaching you from within to know all these things, not; it’s about you teaching you from within to BECOME The Authentic You, The Real You, that CHOOSES you, to be the lover of you, and loving you first, you experience becoming it, transformation! Resurrection! In the flesh first, and spreading all the intangible me love is, I live. I create. I choose … happiness, healing, creation, creating me all over again a new world in, that reaches out to all equally. It’s not rocket science, but it changes the world, of you and me who will be it, the creators of creation again that restores all of our powers to us for light purposes, being the light thereof.
Okay, that … these are my words, Theodore Cottingham of, and I live what I am. What I do is not separate. See hear feel become, is the process I teach. And all are ready, not; but many shall see the light and become it, powerless not again, to construct a new world, them in it, them it, first. It all happens within, first. So here I am, sharing with you me, what’s on my mind, what’s in my heart, where I’m going, what I’m doing, with The Real Me coming into view, as the simple me that walks the streets of Eureka Springs and sees it as The City of Light, for light people drawn to it, from everywhere, shall be now.

Sharing my heart, my vision, light and delight, I pray to you, TO you, to be you, The One that creates all things anew, light with, light being. YOU, my friends, are the light of the world. We all need you.

Theodore Cottingham 😀

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