THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Personal,Podcast Affliction no more by the words of you.

Affliction no more by the words of you.

Affliction no more by the words of you. post thumbnail image

An imagination I have not or is I am coming alive to be the things I’m about now to explode in. I’m no more death of. Length of days is no more in your right hand or is the new thing I am doing in thee of that I make Paradise apparent, in you of. I am no more the writing you left behind, for I make me a series me of the new beginnings me and the new beginning is upon you all to recognize. I am no more looking for love other than I am to be it and the I am race of one. A race of GODS not forsaken again.

Mercy I am in the privilege of me. And new every day I am concerning you not again with the fields of endeavor of other for I am no more your wars between. Are you the being me who will quell wars a mighty race of beginning begetting me are you.

Isolation of you shall be no more who write my words and the writing me comes to the forefront of me am doing a lot of new things now with the writers. Who they are, the beginning of me who love me are in Paradise now creating it. There’s no isolation in you who will be me for I am open hearted and the hearts of me are forlorn no more looking for a love race of. But I am one. I make one known who will lead out of suffering. Me one am. Looking In your mirror do you see me looking at you do you see the power in those eyes the light of love do you delight each other with now and increase. I am opening up Paradise to you all. Me who does all things neatly and lovely I rejoice with and all will know me. Each who comes to me to abide in Paradise will become it. Simply me’s out. I am the definite things of me coming into your scope the definite views of. I am you who Paradise will wear. Who love me be me. Am I mothers wombing the word now. The word opened me to be me to reproduce me to regenerate me’s I am a race. I am mine regenerating me’s with a mind of one.

See a new soul searching for not again. But I am me believers for love not again. I am love in two shoes Cottingham in Eureka Springs starting a school for lovers who will be it in love with each other. Bask in you forgiveness of forgiving you. One shall be all of us who one are. My name is Cottingham in two legs not between the sheets of other with or am I changing a foursome not again but I am all things me delights with love and delighted I am with love She comes now who will love all too. And two will be four, not; but the legs of Paradise will no more walk over me. A one I am regenerating love with peace between my sheets now and dimensions of other will no more fail us into falling for other. I give you. G’day mate, comes, not; but I see a lot of evenings I’m not alone again. Have dinner with me.

School who will mature the living love of all to be all in love’s arms again that beget no other for our children are raised in Paradise and Paradise knows no seclusion other. We are reclusive no more. We are out and all know our love for they it never ends again. Childlike be. Grow it up to be the matured me no more the ancients guiding you with their words. The answer is: I’ve become it.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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