September 23, 2023

I am leading me to be led by no one else. You are GOD is I AM is a race. Common people.

Everything is changing now that I have found you, or have you found me inside you that you are The Real I am that is I AM an Israel of above your skies no more but between your ears I am and I bring a herald of a great Jesus not again The Messiah of but you common people who will lift up the name of Jesus no more over you or any other that is about father’s business for I am no more about the stories of mankind limited to. I am Jesus suffering not again upon a Cross or am I Cross theory no more of yours or am I crossing out a lot of things from the lines of joy you had immersed in were to joyous be the fiction of for I am not that fiction again fictionated by the affliction’d by that are no more here for I AM is a race and I’m cordoned off not by you in corners of the world.

I’m no more the universe frozen in place space I am in of a big hormone not but I’m no more the harmonics of thee looking for a scale to joy rejoice in I am mine scalar’d not to thee but the scales of me will weigh justice now and upon my shoulders I will be the head of not found wanting another for the head of Christ I will be not confusion about I will be The Head of Me and me I will be common people who have a purpose to live for joy with joy being in their veins the joyous now rejoicing and joy will be my world not limited to this one and joy will be my time not the place space of you limited to.

I am freedom’d free I am me with love wings that now spread out upon an ocean with no depths of you for I am the everlasting eternal GOD before GOD was that you needed a descriptor to, for I am no more describing me by GOD’s ways not but I am GOD until you’ve heard the news not or am I GOD a race of mankind are you not ignorant about again the women of peace will you no more be the worthwhile worthless of or will you change how you feel about you and your common man.

I am here and I am changing the peoples of the earth to be friction no more with. I am the afflictionless. I am the healers healing you to be it who heal you and heal each other first not again but healing you in your mirror not the forests of view hidden from yours again you of, for I’m no more the visible realm limited to nor healing who I want to, not; but I shall heal all not afraid of me, not; I will heal all who will be me and the healings will take place now on this very road or the path of me will you see me in Eureka Springs magnetic no more I am the passion play of you not but I am the passion of your Christ no more reveling in, relating to, for I am the first time me, not; I’m the everlasting from eternal immortal with obedience school not to you. I am obeying me laughingly not. I am obedient to my leadership commands, not; I am leading me to be led by no one else and this is my title that you are GOD is and GOD a school is in Eureka Springs fouling not the territory of you nor foaming at your mouth with stories other.

I’m no more the worship of repression. I’m no more the aggression of your troops. I’m no more the ignorance of your slander how you’ve worshiped GOD not but tormented it with the stories of other and taught to worship as another I’ll be no more the worshiping you of for I have people who know me and my word words will be word’d not by you the worriers of for I am replete in me with the faith of mankind’s not again in a GOD of other I am faithful to the few not I am faith in the Face of God looking at the face of God to be faithless of you who think there’s a God another of. For I am God in two shoes Cottingham I wring a school out of you not but I have wrought a lot of things by my hands and my hands type a lot of words not again afflictionlessly but I will have many typists not typers of or will the words of mankind no more limit me to the influence of me my mind with will be imperiled no more by you.

I see a sun shining now that brings the purpose no more to other to live by the standards that take you to death are no more here because I am and I bring a new school and the School of God will raise God from the pews from the people of the common myths no more and the mythic other will no more by the mystics of you mystique of. I’m no more the mystery of Christ solving not, I am corroborating your stories not again who think I’m Islam Islamic of the truth or not. I’m no more the bear ‘isters of your barricades that want to look people in the eye and behold them as a such limited to such by your stories will not inform me of who I am for I am I am a race of Israel in upon the skies of me between my ears first and my ears are yours who will listen to me and be me recording me speaking like this typing the words and transcribing transcription services for not other but I CALL YOU to imbibe you not but proscribe I do the prescription of me where scribes come from all nations tribes and towns to be the elegance of influence of me and I love you dearly and the God of schools will no more be present but the School of God will raise mankind no more above it.

I am healing me forever one to be the immortal eternal God School School of God raised risen in Eureka Springs with the healing me and I will heal many here and you will see and know me well and my words will increase a country not but form Israel in the skies of me with the loving opportunities of one to be led by no other living in the foam of no other I am in the seas of shame no more but the seasons of joy forever one revealing me. Good day to you all be one in love with love this time.

I adore you all who love will be loving healing it everywhere I go I am. Good day. This is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of God for you to be it, knowing answering the questions of who I am; who am I? I am by I am’s words who you are in your mirror healing love this day afflict no other with what you thought was your ignorance or not. Heal the love that flows from your heart between your ears and the minds of God will no more be solidified in you limited to what you called Israel in the past or a mankind’s race. Be the unlimited me in love with love forever one. Joyous. Redeemed redeemer be you first. I love you. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
The School of God
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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