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Who I’m looking for to study with me

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I am looking for light people, people open to the idea that we existed before time and space did; that we are not locked into the cycles we’ve known of birth and death programmed into our DNA; that we’re not subject to ancient books, religions, rites, and rituals. That we’re more than death machines trying to outwit each other to survive and thrive needing dollars and drugs. That there’s so much more to The Story than we’ve ever been told or even let ourselves think about, except through movies and science fiction when we suspend belief to enjoy the possibilities, the stories of more than we experience. I’m looking for light people who are willing to explore the communication of light, light people communicating with us to give us the words to think with, for us to use our minds, to again be creators, rather than our minds using us to live beliefs that others have given us to take us to a grave, to live in poverty, incarcerated by religion time and gravity. I’m looking for people who want to be a new creation, a creation that they create that is not subject to common culture, common alphabets, common diction and grammar, common life.

I’m looking for people who know and feel “destiny”, and are willing to create it, creating it in their own authority, not subject to others. This is where we stand up, where we light be! We are IT and we are not separate from our future that we create. I’m creating mine now, according to the words I’ve been given, words of light that teach me who I am, that I am I am, that I am not limited to this world, that we are all creators and our purpose in life is to re-create ourselves and we do that through the transformation of our word, that we surrender to, that we learn to speak, that’s within us already. The seed of genetic transformation is within each person. It’s activated by voice: our own, through using our “own” words to create us anew. These words I speak of are powerful and transcend logic and formulation. These are light words, words of light, that form patterns of visualization, constructing a “reality” that’s really real, outside of the scope of the visible empirical.

I’m looking for people who have “something” in their bones, in their blood, within every cell of their body that “says”: there is more, more to me than you see in your mirror, more to me than you’ve ever let me be, I love you, I am you, I am I am. I submit to you the idea that every person on earth has the genetic seed of light within them that says that to them, when they let it, communicate with them. The seed is waiting. The seed is there. Light is. It just is. Is, exists. Our physical psyche overpowers it because the Mind Subservient is programmed to serve, to worship, to need a God, a Savior, a Messiah figure, giving them hope for a better future, even if in a future life, after they die. That which put us in these bodies is not the light I talk about. The Mind Subservient does whatever it needs to to keep you in subjection to IT, a collective. All the religions of the world subjugate you to it, so that your energy is used by IT.

But we are light, light people, IF we’re willing to BE it again. Bursting out of the belief systems which hold us here. This is not “reality” folks. We’ve been duped into thinking we are powerless when we hung worlds in space before time existed. We created universes. We laughed, and lack was unknown. “Working” was unheard of. We communicated without syllables. Language of Heart was communicated by intent. Not subject to magnetic waves. Death was incomprehensible.

Light is more than love and love is more than light. Light love, is synergistic, and nothing is more powerful. I’m looking for people who will light love, and love light, igniting it into the most powerful force there is, the existence of the quantum me, becoming it. The quantum me is many membered, and all within it ARE it. It is the state we existed in, and were, as a race of light, in The Beginning. And now The New Beginning is here. Light people are becoming light again. Light is beginning again to be lit, ignited by love and love by light to be one in a state of “being” perfect. We WERE Perfection, now we’re coming into it again, if we will, by love, by light, by peace; becoming people of light love and peace now IN our bodies that we become not limited to, for our “word” the energies of, is us, the energy state of.

This is the time, this is the place. I’m looking for people who will empower themselves, and each other, to be powerless no more. We are The Angelic Race of One and all knowledge of it with it being it is being disseminated daily through the “channelings” of the willing who will learn this education method. The Education of One is systematic and rigorous. It is what my school is about and how it operates. It frees Freedom, to be it. Beyond words, internal is how it is “spoken” into existence. Transformative power is within us all. The time is now. The New Beginning is here. You’re invited to be you, who you really are, before time existed, creating again The New Beginning Us, a race, of light people, to be divided no more again. Each empowering the global awakening of the new, New Creation Race of Light, and it’s here now, in Fellowships of Light Love and Joy. Will you be one, in? I ask you. I invite you. Your time is now. Contact me. Come see me.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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