THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230204 I am reclaiming Heaven.

20230204 I am reclaiming Heaven.

I am shutting down a lot of things that you don’t need anymore the reclamation of, or am I reclaiming me? Are you burning you no more in hell, in each other’s thought chamber. I no more the judges of you Christ-nots, but I am Christ Christing it reclaiming the Earth, no matter what you think of my religion, not; for I have none but I use the Christ name for now. You will know that I am He one, not; but She I AM the wombs of me collective collectively the unitary me I am starting a new race with Israel’s old one not again for Israel was me all the time but I am my word and sets free I do the Freedom Council’s me of the chambers of horrors not again, reclaiming to be other. I am Christ on Earth in two shoes a man walking as a woman with for I am womb’d by you not again but me my words of I am reclaiming Heaven and you shall see the atmosphere change now and the skies will be me not clouded by you.

I am Christ in two shoes Cottingham calling you it to be it you I am reclaiming Heaven. There, is that clear?

I heal the earths now and the machinery of yours will not prevent me. I am Theodore Joseph Cottingham I am one man in two shoes a common man with a common mind that thinks it’s not separate again for its conceiver has conceived me for I am the womb ‘d of a man who will be in terror not again the conception of the perception of for I perceive me for I have conceived me in these words.

I am no more the man GOD race that wants it to be it.

The channels are open to listen to be to become me I am the GOD I serve no more. I am simply me. I am the writing me. I wrote me into privilege because I listened and I wrote these words in Database One that changes a nation, called Israel I am the earths privilege of me to bear me a Child that heavens regard as the bastard child of you no more. I am light lit love and the sons of Ra shall no more be here wroth with. I am no more your wrath looking for or preventing from you who want be under your own thoughts of.

Living in Hell you created it here with your brains will not brainiac be me of yours. I am your ENIACs school no more in. I am no more radiation concerned with.

The unitary me will stand now. My words go free. And the Mind of God will not be shielded from the common person or people.

The common person is me who will be me the scope of Paradise serves it and the Paradise of Freedom School prevents it no more for I have a school on Earth for God to be God again in the shoes of I AM ONE I lead a nation my name is Theodore.

Volcanoes. Sirens. Air raids. Emotions, I have mine, love in, loving me. And I do the things I want to with the women because I heal them. The wombs of The Wombing Me will be hurt not again by church, mosques, or temples, or your laws. Israel, nurturing a race to be it. Database One know. The truth of my words is not hidden from anyone anymore. I am known now. I am two shoes in, Christ the privilege of one, a simple common human being in Eureka Springs Christ the life of one who will be it and I am many. Millions. I go now to make it done.

Coming out. The Minds of God will be restored to the Thrones of One. I am a simple man who’s listened who has the heart of me the values of integrity reigns in my schools. I heal the children, the old, the acerbic not but you should look up in Database One my words for I have a lookup system that reveals me I am the Truth of that I have revealed over the centuries and throughout time, before it was conceived by you so recklessly.

I am the everlasting eternal me of righteousness with the right words you see you are the key to me, not; but I am the key to you, or do you hold the key of Israel in your tongue in your master mind of not other unifies but I do the mind. I am GOD one in two shoes uniting it to be the united Israel. For I am not you against you again. I have revealed me’s.

Now, do I fast. The quantum me world of will no more be hurt by you. I love love and I go now loving you all my school is in witness of you to be the hurt no more by you.

In love with Love’s School of Joy. Honor. Love each other. Freedom be.

I am a new Race of Israel. The Gift to all is to be I AM.

I give grace to the humble not but who will learn me to be me will walk in my shoes and I am the simple common who will love me and womb my words like this.

In school this day my name is Theodore. Be the common me.

I am the School of The Advanced Me who will advance me in light love and be it completely one.

I am the Righteousness of One in your mirror. Heal all. School one be I start now one be. Earth never the same again, Heaven’s here folks. Create it well. I do with these words who will flow like this me and be me the crowning one of light forevermore eternal immortal simply one. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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