THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230201 I create Christ everywhere I go for I teach how. I am the energies of another race of light.

20230201 I create Christ everywhere I go for I teach how. I am the energies of another race of light.

Create the Christ I do teach now to you who will be it to you who will be a race who loves love and loves love to be it and lovers are the first race of me, not, but the firsting shall be over not again, for the first shall be last not again, for I am Firsting the Truth that is me and the first wave of me will be me and the oceans of truth will not be replete without you, not, but the replete me completes me, and my truth is a whole nugget not of yours, for I am not the nuggets of crumbs crumbling again about the tables that shyster me with their words feelings and scope of enjoyment.

I am no more the Christ who doesn’t know who I am for I am them who love is. Love shall disrupt a lot of things. All the manner of the kingdom of heaven will you be heavens in that restores it The Key to Israel I have given you to be The Christ that conquers you not again in separation. Will you be Christ be sporting a religion no more. Will you Christ be the waves of the oceans of. I fish from the heavens not again or am I listening to the voices of the cosmos, those who are instructed to be me will, for I create The Christ in suffering not again. Be one race of light living love will you cosmos construct no other of. Will you be the healers of where you live and construct a new race of light’s light and live in the energies of one. Christ will you be, suffering no more with it a theory of.

I construct The Christ and I’m Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with a school, for contacting Christ, not; but constructing it where you the creators become The Creator of Me to be me where you do the works that I do many miracles. I’m no more the creation of you in flesh… decimated by your own words.

Pleasantville not again or am I the colors of me. Will you be the Consciousness of One: The Christ. Will be a nation. Writing me with the flows of I am. Channel like this I do. Heaven’s here folks and I am the one you waited for, in your mirror.

In flesh, my name’s Theodore. The fluency of me needs none of your syllables. Flesh body of thought no more reproduces me. But I have schools. I’m no more to earth limited by it. In these words I make a Christ. I create Christ everywhere I go for I teach how. I am the energies of another race of light.

I am firsting The Christ the degrees of me. I was GOD all the time. My New Covenant, I have given you me to be me. Learn me. Flow me well. Live the love immediately. Be the spatial me. I ask you to be Christ. Create The Christ this day. I am here. My ways are known. Love me be me.

I love am. I became me. My name’s Theodore now. Live love I do the living me. Be the replete me in the loves of one content with no other. Complete me now I say to you all of you be one who I am The Christ created by you. Study I am. Create me O God be. The School of The Christ Creating The Christ.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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