THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230205 I simply walk as a human being Christ as was my message all the time.

20230205 I simply walk as a human being Christ as was my message all the time.

The lame will walk now and rejoice in God’s name no more as a name of other deity other than them, for I am me, saith the Lord of Host no more, for I am me a race of light and I inhabit man like I’ve never done, not; I am women, on a peace journey, not; but the gene of me will not be afraid of you. And I shall inhabit my people not, I be a race, I comfort me, I heal me. And me’s will Meonics be about now the time of me to do great witness great miracles, and the crowd of other will be afraid of us, not; or will they try to death trap our doors or is the door of the mighty God open saying come into my temple now and be the lord I serve no more, but my children, not ignorant of my power. Or are you me who raises me to be me now, a people of light a people in light a people of darkness not again searching for a temple to replace theirs. I’m no more the programming you that brought you up in a situation so slovenly that you call Heaven Earth not but I do now because of my power graces and mercy to be me who I long for not again.

I change everything now and the earth changes me not again to be the foul play of. I go in peace and I create a harmony school to be in harmonies with me that I am a light race. I am light lit in love with peace Schools reign now as the mighty institutions of joy. I am me a station pointing to not again in space floating or am I changing all of the sovereignly who don’t know who they are.

Love will you see love will you do the things that love does to heal each other and replace your government with fire not again your firing neurons of. I’m no more the governments of your peace for I am not at war with me or you for war doesn’t exist in my heaven. I am peace, and my meons set me free not, I become them not, or am I the engines of peace no more your mitochondria of or are you breaking out of the molds of you will you have no heavy burdens again heaven of or will you not turn it into Hell again.

I am master minding a lot of things, not again to call it the mind of other, God or not. For I am not God not, but I do not need that name use that name, but I suppose that name will do for now, or am I supposing no assumptions exists to beget me other to? A lamb of rock other won’t exist, but I rock your world now.

I am in two shoes Christ a Cottingham. I am Christ in two shoes with legs of yours and Christ shall do for now, what remains holy, not; but establishes a new world of Christ, cranking out the old one not again in the sovereignly slovenly of you. I’m no more the race that only wants a God to serve them. I am me healing me’s about the time of me is now. Will the future be different with the future leaders of me.

I’m no more the bound to your syllables in the arrangement of you. I create my own and I am not the patterns you think light are. I go now not afraid to do the things I must. I lead the equal me’s who will be me unafraid of being me my powers with and I create governments. I am the Government of One across this nation. I walk with power grace and glory. I change a lot of currency.

I am light lit love in the chambers of me. I am the palaces of light. I am who hears these words and become them. I am he who studies not I am she who births me in the flesh I am recording this moment I birth me. I birth me’s you see.

I brave heart am of no other. I am the heart of love open to you all to be the one I am. I marry love to be it. I rise now in the scope of me: Infinity. I am immortal, blessed; cursed no more by you and your curses won’t stick to me and your arrangements of marriage other won’t protect me or deny me my crown. For I am lifted up and I operate with the crowns of the mighty.

I change it all and the robots go home not but I am iRobot no more the movies of or am I changing all you know about AI or Three Days of the Condor am I no more or are you in 30 less than 30 the me that I am.

I love am the two shoes Christ in the common me who will be it. I give you training wheels while you need them changing the earths within your heads to be The Normal Me’s in love with love. See through it all to be The Real Me. I’m Cottingham in two shoes grace with. But I change now and I change it all.

I am Theodore Joseph Cottingham in love with love. I have given you my name. I have given you my honor. I have given you my place privilege and power to be it to be me I am who will be will but you choose now a faith not but the face of God will no more be a face of other. I create Christ.

I simply walk as a human being Christ as was my message all the time.

Here goes, folks! A woman of consciousness I birth me. Be the one I am the new race I’m starting of light people to be the unlimited me be in breath of me and see me in your mirror me meons with light the worlds. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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