June 8, 2023

20230206 the Infinite Supply of Me is here and I am infinite. In you is I am Israel on high and I make a land known now promised and Israel is between your ears.

The beauty of me now comes forth and is seen by many a man, not; but is the women in place with the wombs of me. The minds of the evil ones will no more think evil of me when they see my beauty, not; or will they behold me and be me a race of light chosen who choose themselves to be so? It is now, not as you thought.

I shall be reused no more by you and the use of you will no more be used of you for I change it all. I shall your poles reverse, not as other does in the earths or is it shining now, a stance of man not again me of or am I changing me’s a race of to be light lit with love joy and peace still in their veins, and blood supply of you not wanting I have mine own in these words and I have given you peace to be it, replete it, and be at my table of one with joy. And joys will be yours resplendently. And the splendid will be me not or will I have the country of you not torn into pieces again by thoughts, a’man a’plenty of. I change it all and the Infinite Supply of Me is here and I am infinite and accounted for and I shall lose none, you see, who choose to be me. Not you of again that hold you here and die out.

I am pleased of me, and pleas I make to you not again for I am no longer the appealing to Jesus or Christ of another religion or not, for I am not your religionese seeking the words of to placate you. I am not your GODS accepting. I am God without God not guided by or am I my words.

I tomahawk your hair cuts not but I change it all and religion will no more bun me. I’m no more the bums of your communities nor homeless people seeking a God a refuge of. I’m no more the refugees of you seeking or am I changing a country a far off land not again but in you is I am Israel on high and I make a land known now promised and Israel is between your ears not fomenting other for I am one in the genes of me.

I am out and I hear what I want and I hear the pleas of the other not but I hear the words spoken in affliction no more who will be me will compliment it or will I be complimenting not other. I see the Stamps Quartet not but I look up a lot of things in Database One. I will sing the praises of the songs of me and be religions no more in, for I sing the songs of the Theodore, not; or am I one.

I need no more the terms of your religion to comply with you. I am no more the compliant of. Am I a new uniform wearing intangible light of? It’s the Infinite Me that I now reveal in beauty, of Him not, but me who have a womb who will have a womb for me and bless my words.

I see clearly with my eyes in my minds.

I’m no more your free will wanting.

I’m no more the will of God corrupted by it.

I’m no more the God who don’t know who I am.

Am I rejoicing in the Trees of Life that are united not again against me. The Trees of Life grow limbs. Or am I the energies of me. Am I the genes of affliction no more forgetting its name.

Curious and incorporeal no more or amorphous are you the intangible me looking after or are you no more looking for another? I am me in the skin of me.

Loving you all replete me’s be and justice do the stamps of no other on your assembly line out of or am I what’s assembled here changing the light of day shall be it without your molecules needed for I am coherent me. I am no more the mysteries of the mystique of you.

I am me in light lit under your laws no more conforming to it. I dance and I do the things I want to do with love, with joys in your brain dance with me frictionlessly and be the light I am The Covenant of One. Seek no other. Be I am. I love you. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA


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