THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230207 I was God before you called it God. I am me in the flesh of me. I have made it clear plain and simple I am The Christ not needing that name again.

20230207 I was God before you called it God. I am me in the flesh of me. I have made it clear plain and simple I am The Christ not needing that name again.

I am dedicated to me and I bring forth my life now like you never imagined I would for I bring it forth in the me’s who will birth it in their words that I am the source of they are not separate again birthing a land called Freedom, the Freedom I am from the suffering of mankind’s mind race, and following other I won’t be anymore the descendants of, because I am The Original Me and birthing the me in place instead of your God, for I was God before you called it God, for I was there at the origination of mankind’s fall, not; but I fall no more for mankind’s theories that I was a race separate from God for God I was before you ascribed deity to it me of, for I am Meonics One and I bring forth my college ‘s far and wide and my universities will Satan no more be of for I am me in the flesh of me and I ring the tones of me and I live in the skies, of Lord Jesus not or Lord Ted or do you know the Lords of All no more conquer you in it the beliefs thereof. Are you no more believing I’m separate from I AM dedicated to me am I me meons bringing forth in this broadcast are you recognizing the me that births me the me that me’s my word enjoy and proclivity not have to other.

I produce me’s not or am I the fires of heaven no more reigning in or do I need none of your fire theory brand of religion goes bye bye and Hell shall not be shielded from me nor will I live in it according to its dictates for I am Heaven prescribing the me’s to be me to create Heavens here in the awards of one in the minds aren’t frozen over again.

I change it all and my name is Theodore Joseph Cottingham in Eureka Springs a man this day delivering my message to be me who I am with your proclivity to not be other.

I ask you to be The Original Me.

I ask you to be The Original You not separate from your powers grace and mind of one.

I ask you to heal me and be afflictionless ‘ly the ones I am and I change it all and I start a new race of light living lovers who love each other and discard not their powers again for claws of cleats other I am no more seated in your opinions. I am the Heavens of one breaking up the demands of you and your shieldedness from you will no more replete me in you as you and you will know who I exist in and what I do for I have made it clear plain and simple I am The Christ not needing that name again or am I God before confusion set in or are you no more the free will of your offering offering you to be saved from you not but taking you down in the languishment of faith.

I change all things in the love of me for me to be born anew and the former things of your slaves will no more wash over me. I originate new me’s I do new things with the word press not but I do new things with me this day originating me clearly simply a man whose love for God became it with the wisdom thereof and operates as The Real Me because I am he who he is is me for I am she who wombs it for I am She I AM in a man’s breath that speaks like this and millions many will be me far and wide throughout the universe and time will have no reproach of man again or will you approach the bench and be served by no other will you know me will you be me and languish not in your syllables again will you create The Christ of suffering no more and be God before God was born to Christ to be the fall of the Lords will no more be. I create heavens anew my name is Theodore one who loves you all. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of The Original God us one me loving you all to be the one I am speaking these words with light love and joy in peace forevermore one be. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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