June 8, 2023

20230209 I am solutions bringing to the world’s problems. I ask you to be GOD plain and simple I ask you to be GOD whether men or women. GOD is the solutions I am to me to love me and be me again in truth love and joy, forever.

The joys of solutions now come about as you never imagined the way would be through you that you solved the world’s problems and the world of you goes bye bye no more for you are me who will be it the solutions to man’s dilemma now and be the women of the truth that seeds me correctly the wombs of truth in and begets my word that lives me that I am a flowing mount of terror not to you, but solutions through love or decibels decimated no more in the characters of you will you have the character of Christ or will you be Godless now and be God without it a deity of just a simple man in charm’s cloth no more or a woman in flesh skins suits not again or are you all me the religious no more.

Are you me who solutions the earth without the divisiveness of you in your democratic party or your political reference or your republicans of Christ or are you Christian not again the torment of will you no more be tormenting each other will you be solving the world’s crimes not, will you be not the crime against yourselves again that which takes you from you that takes you from me that I am one a race of GODS God are you certain Gods are you hearing God are you listening to God will you be the voice of many waters now in flesh suits not again above you or below you will you no more be your kingdom on a church plot not again or will you be but The Christ not seeking one or will you be God knowing you’re not, not again. Will you be the Churchless, the romanticless not or will you be me in love with me of every nation tribe and truth now walking on two sticks not again the joints of I change the stiff necked me Israel to be Israel I am in the cloth of I am the flesh suits of I am whether it be women men or genderless suits of joy will you now solution to the worlds bring the solutions of being me, no more the quandaries in of you.

I change it all and my name is Theodore Joseph a coward no more for I bring you cowards not I lift up who will be me who will recant not again in their words or relenting not on sufferings or are you changing are you the leadershiping me who will leadership me who will me be in the clouds of joy suffering not again in the doldrums of you I’m no more your mess a’mente in.

I’m no more in the thoughts of your shame

I’m no more the minds lifted high against itself.

I am solutions bringing to the world’s problems for I am the world of me in my words I am the solutions I have given you to face God and be it and be the one that rises not up against me again you of but to be you is to be The Real Me.

I have explained this over and over for years. And Database One openeth your mouth not but opens mine, against you not but you will know Israel in upon the stars of me and I gaze not at your opportunities remissfully remorsefully. I am no more the Morse Code of you needing a cryptic network waves of. I am waveless waving you good bye not, I am here in a man’s cloth speaking these words drinking coffee in Eureka Springs with the lovers of truth who will be it now will soak up no other riches from me or will I need none from you or are you terror not terribles of again to each other will you love you first. Will you love the love that never dies and be it recording me like this recording me’s like this I do project a different world now a different frame of reference than you have had against you yourselves of, for I cast mankind aside not, I grow groom it for other not again or do I let you conform to no other if you’re me.

Be The Original Me in clothes of you walk out and shut behind you a lot of things undone, needing done no more to you. Will you be it according to you your love words your love’s words will you give the love of mankind not again away or will you be The Way Truth and Light I garden path no more your circumstances to be the quandaries of. I’m no more the elemental forces of this world subject to.

And I ask you to be you, which forces you not to be other or will the force of mankind’s rule be over now, you not again under it I ask you to be GOD plain and simple I ask you to be GOD whether men or women for women will rise up now with a womb no more against me and the churches who preach other confusion of that want to harbor guilt and shame and put it upon you your heads of to say you need forgiveness of some other deity group or church mosque or temple will go bye bye and the laws of its lands will too for I establish mine right here in me’s first for I give The Kingdom away not again to you. I am my kingdom of light living, afraid no more of you people, who joy rejoice with or not, for I am me mine. And my holy terror strikes a chord in you not, but I am no more chorded by you and you will no more play my strings upon the emotions of my heart for my heart is given away no more for it belongs to me and I am many millions now perish not again but bringing solutions to the world’s woes will no more ill make me of it for I am not subject to your opportunity nor the crowns of your life that you want to keep imbibed by you in the manner that you speak with and teach each other, for I GOD one lifting up I am lifted up and I ask you to be the crowned royal of you not in the sequins of shame or other again.

I lift up the simple who harbor no guilt or shame against each other you first so forgive you forgive each other forgive all the land of Nod no more being but the lands of heaven’s shame no more in be Hell no more in Earth or Earth that you called Heaven or Hell for I’m no more the remorseful you. I am deleting heaven not again from your memory. I am crowning the light lit love with the ones who will be it fooled no more for terror. But love joys lifted high and the solutions come for you are the originality of me it them with a mind The Mind of One. Heal God and be it this day I’ve explained and approach you with gentle joy to love you forever be one me in truth and love this day.

This is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with School of The Original GOD me us one you The Mind of Satan no more divided against itself we unify GOD and GOD is the solutions I am to me to love me and be me again in truth love and joy, forever. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

You can listen to this podcast as it was channeled at: https://open.spotify.com/show/27uiy4jpwtoxcqQ0g5sChE


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