THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230209b. I am GOD not afraid to be it. I am me with the open heart.

20230209b. I am GOD not afraid to be it. I am me with the open heart.

I opened my heart to me, and what I saw was God, not; but what I heard, was God coming forth in the voice of a man, not; but my mind told me I was not separate from that which I worshiped and what I worshiped was me, and enclosing me in it no more to be separate from, I am loosing me releasing me to be who I am, afraid of no one else; not God or anything else that wants to pose as it a superior force as. For I am not me, not again. For I am me with the open heart. And I am going places I never dreamed and now I’m shining with me who will be me and the rays of light prosper me and I am my prosperity mine of, not a God blessing me, to be other.

I’m no more the blessing of God seeking for I am it in my open heart I received it I found it me and my voice condemns me no more. And now my voice condemns you no more for I am the open heart’d me and I see my heart as all open people who will start a new race of lovers imbibing not the series of mankind again to be separates isolates of.

I’m no more the isolation of you for I’m the open heart’d me in love with me me’s far and wide become me you see with an open heart that is me that I am GOD not afraid to be it. I am love in love with two shoes in walking down a street mountainous not again of you posing theories for me to climb. I’m no more the mountaintude of your shame and you will not mount me in the thoughts of other for I am my shame not again imposing on you or me nor other to be other of, for I am me in love with me this day walking with you who will love each other, not in a tense terms of other for I am me relaxed in love with loving joy and I make my valentines known at this time, or do I make my voices apparel seen to be intangible no more, for the tangible me rises now in the scope of me a simple man in Eureka Springs walking the streets loving love telling all who will I love you I am you who love is please be it this day in love with joy springs forth in the many miracles I am doing with the race of I AM ME again the open heart’d love affairs of no other I am one simply one of loving you all this day this is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of The Original Me us God one the mind that’s prepared for no more to be other.

I am where I am for now enjoying the things I do with the people of love joy and peace and a scope of many miracles doing coming from their hands their voice with mine who one mind is. In love with all, together being one. Good day. I love you all.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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