THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230211b the semen of your religion goes bye bye

20230211b the semen of your religion goes bye bye

The penetrating me has just begun. The impenetrable will no more keep me out of me and my word will not soak you for the riches of other. For my kingdom comes, come has the me who will be it and I will be not inseminating poverty unto you for I service the mankind’s crops of not but I shall be the influence of me to heal a nation and ropes girdles of you will no encase me, for I am out of your religion. Religions circles will no more ensnare me for I’m no more your flatliners Earth of, and Flatland shall no more be me for I change it all. I am the circumference of you not again worrying about. I am my deleterious effects on you not concerned with. I am me, harboring guilt no more, shame, or anything that penetrates me, you of. For you will not put your guilt on my anymore for I wear the bodies of shame not again that inseminate each other with such guilt, for the semen of your religion goes bye bye and my brains will in peril no more be, for I appear here me, impenetrable not again by you or shall I penetrate all the evil ways or penetrating all of your harboring guilt, not; but I tell you this, I shield me no more from me’s and my words will influence a generation that ends never again and my generative light will generate me in the words of I am frictionless being and I am tall over your buildings leaping not but I’m afraid no more of space pace of you goes bye bye while I accelerate me’s and I am my schools in teaching to speak like this with the respect of angels for angel we are, not the religious terms of you needing.

I am simple me’s in faith of place not but the place of my faith will no more be in you not or will my face be Gods are frictionless GODS are a mighty army of GOD breathing, down your neck no more. I change it all and I love you all.

Contempt for mankind’s ways not but I shall be the continuous me with a stream of wisdom flowing flows me and I am flown outa here by your chariot not again. I am me with the likes of me. I look up many a privilege now that I enjoy the cosmos of not being over me again but I am it with the translucence of you not the transmutation of. I am no more the transit theories of you but I am changing my transportation system to light be not slower than. I love you all.

My name is brit ‘tons party not but I change it all there too. And all that I appertain to will no more appurtenant make me of you yours of. I am shielded not from me again. I am twilight appearing not again in the be’twixt of yours. I am sheets no more lying in the beds of your fallow neurons. I’m no longer the neurological orders of you disorder of for I am arranging me the kingdoms of light will be it not needing the dimensions you of. I feel Paradise coming on not but Paradise shall be in my veins for light is the scope of me rejoicing now in the futile fields no more of you.

I love you. good day. This is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of God The Original Me One US be afraid no more of folly or anything else. I love you. I’m done. I go now. I live a life with joy, no more of sorrow. And Sorrow will not eat its way into me, and my love my lovers rejoice with the Real I AM again me in the privilege of me I am ones one. Good day Love.

Theodore in Eureka Springs come see me if you must look up and live life of one that needs nothing of the dimensions of you to be spacetime of anymore. Look up in these words of Database One and know them my lookup function exists for you to be it and function as no other in the spacetime effects of you. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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