June 8, 2023

20230212 I am rising me in the speech of me, the intelligence of one who writes my words.

I am no longer sinking my teeth into other peoples sinkholes to pull them out to go along with me where I’m going for I am going where is a new place that I’ve created between my ears, suffering no more in the words of you language languishing with. I’m no more the perpetuation of your folly and I’m following you no more to where you sink to, for I am rising me in the speech of me, the intelligence of one who writes my words and understands the Cosmos is theirs afflictionlessly between their ears if they will have it so where they will grease the rails not of other to be them incarcerated in, for I am changing the boxcar opportunities not but I am changing the rails of all that railroaded me into them or to cling to them or to clean them out after a mess had been made of their thoughts, or am I changing the way cleaning goes on in the universe am I changing the ways the waves of mankind’s links of shame exists in their sparkaroids, or are you changing what you do with new language now to teach you to be the languageless languishing no more.

Are you love in two shoes Cottingham with a studying school to purpose of me to dig me out of me sinkholes with not again but the hearts of me shall be one united and one shall be many afraid not of the mire quag of you. I am changing it all and you think there’s a blessing not, but I am the blessor and the bless’d of me shall rise me and be in my purple ragamony no more the rages of wanting riches of you. I am no more the richless Savior of you nor wanting a combination tronics of. I’m no more your Trons in your games, I’m no more the legacy of salvation or affliction. I’m simply me. My name is Ted Cottingham, or was it yours now are you one whose name is mine whose mind field is not platened with folly. Are you no more the silver and gold treasured after. Are you no ones sinkhole in wanting their desert of affliction are you no more who doesn’t understand these words are you afflictionless the caroling of not Christ of other.

I am simply a man in two shoes Cottingham and Ted is my name or was in Database One but now it’s Theodore and you will know all together I am the knowledge deceasing no more, for I desist no more in the arrangement of you or am I arranging me the marriage of me in the skies of me to me being my words whose aroma’d affliction afflictionlessly is now. Are you changing the way you think about me are you time no more ladened by the schedules of other no more incarcerate me, you of, for you shall no more incarcerate you and think it’s me not but you who has a mind have me on silver platters no more to take my head off. I’m no more your John the Baptist or Judaica in or holy days remembering me not the stations of your Cross I’m no more Israel or am I Islam no more in the Jewish religion or am I Christian no more the Christianity of am I simply human beings who were God are God again knowing it and performing not other tasks hitherto. I’m no more the withering one on your trail of sorrow for I will heal the Indians or will I heal your Trail of Tears now or dust being no more the bin of. I’m no more the molecular you limited to for I am me with the energies of one travailing not in purpose other for I no more travail about you but I travel the stars not looking for other cave-ins to seek refuge in. I’m no more the deliberations of your libations and I’m libel no more the suits of your folly disintegration with for I am integrating me into you not, I am creating a new race who will be The Light sorely missed by other not again or are you soaring me in the skies will you be the flightless not again the path of folly seeking will you faith no more have to be the wicked each other of.

I have taught many things in this course. The Courses of Joy stand up now and Joy will be her name who has a witness for me who of every nation tribe and tongue will languish no more in theirs but have mine and I am English not or am I of the heart speaking English to you this day in the words you understand will you have understood them by the time it’s over.

I am a new national race of Israel not again your allegories of. I’m no more the perfect land of you seeking. I am rich in me and the richlands of your terrace will go bye bye not seeking a fertile crescent of other. I’m no more the landing on your moons nor seeking your cave-ins of sinkholes other to bite my teeth into. Yours of will no more chomp me. I change it all, and I am no more the air driven you. I am the heirs of Christ not, I am simply me’s the creator of The Creator stands and the creators will be us who love each other equally and be the things I am doing creating a new race, of comfort not again seeking in yours. I no more lie in your lies. I am standing me. And I do things religion would never have approved of, no matter which one you approved for you in the past.

I am the judge of the king of righteousness writing me my words approving yours not again to be of your sorrow or am I revealing you are the King of Kings will you be kinging each other will you be righteousness in the language of no other will you be knowing English now my words of the tongue of other not but I give a language Newn known now strewn not about your universe with frozen sinkholes in place biting each other wanting to control your words energies of.

I’m no more the lives of your faithfulness and I do not seek your affliction to follow me or you any more again or to seek each other to lie in the beds of The Beast I am no more your brains in not but I bring you an offering of me not again to nail it to a Cross or am I changing what you know about me in your mirror are you the tobaccular tabernacles no more of or keeping tabs on other not but I am no more the tobacco industry in or am I changing it all the food supply of you goes bye bye not but my name is Joseph for a reason I live I sought The Lord not to be other to comply with their wishes. I sought The Lord of evil not again. I sought the Lord God not again to be it. I sought who I was to be the envy of no one else. I simply wanted a man’s name charm not. I simply wanted to be me and understood that I was made perfect in the things of me not romanced by you. I am walking a new path afflictionlessly. I am creating me I am creating me’s I am a school for this I have in Eureka Springs for you to channel and grow and glow and be the Gardens no more in of faith to opportunize you to be other. I see the light in I am the light I am the energies of needing no more your plutools to operate on me.

I change it all and my name is Theodore Joseph for a reason a sphere of not but I change this one wholly and opportunity me is given to be me to all me’s who change the course of affliction and the planets will no more be in the rotation you crashing each other. I change it all and the asteroids will know you not but the belts of sorrow will no more comfort me nor keep me in their waves. I change it all not gravity laden by you I make a new race, afflictionless, and the afflictionless ones will cause an opportunity to be Christ, not; but known will be all my words and I am Database One beginning in no sorrow I am me stepping out stepping off the planks of you not with but I see a lot of movies have portrayed me accurately sometimes in a little bit of your visuals which I change now and give you the grace to be me, not; you are me who come through my schools who develop it who speak the love of I am to be it in the I am’d place of one.

Hear me well. Hear my words. Here me be. I love you. The opportunity is before you. I have invited you all to my bread cake not but I eat the words of sorrow no more and I enjoy the comfort of the ones I love and I love you all to be me with the comfort of sorrow no more afflicting you. Be the eaters of I AM no more of sorrow and the bread cakes of religion will no more fig you. I am the figures of sorrow no more ladened by. I am ones who changes it all and my name is Theodore Joseph for a reason.

Love me all be the one I am with your name here across my forehead that you see in your mirror and love me day by day growing more and more in school to create a new race The New Me and be in love with you I am. All sorrow ceases and the new heaven is Earth’d by you no more again to be hell held in. I am me now, Romanized no more with your letters. Be the roamed no more in. Change your sinkholes not, there are none in me. I am light lit love and the energies are different here and the lights are not frozen in you for light links love no more to be sorrows’. I love you all. Good day be the crowns of The Crowned I wear now all who wear me be the one I am, languishing no more, love love and be it the powerful are. Grow me love me glide me fly me glow me and grow afflictionlessly and be the one I am crowning each other with light love and joys arms of love all around you will be no other. Good day love.

Armor no other car, I give you a new one and it won’t be anything like you think, thought of, for thought will no more shield me from me. Let me out and be the opportunity I am I say to you all in every tongue and nations shall ascribe witness no more to the folly of the sovereignty of the deity you chose in the past. Worship no other. Be the one I am. Live love follylessly and follow no other. Love you I am be I am with I am study I am to be the one I am and that’s me what I am is Theodore Joseph king of kings of all universities of all universes of all the ascribed me not now at the moment but my words come forth database One afflictionlessly know the words I am and say speak yours to be you in the channeling I am of the rivers of love and joy. Good day.

This is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of joy light and love the School of God the School of the original me the School of us a new race with the powers of one all together one. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA


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