September 23, 2023

Come be me in Eureka Springs in a School of life light and joy forever one being the ones I am. I teach that your face is the Face of God.

All together one my mind is saying unto you who will be it too with one many ones are a one force of no other seeking I am one and mighty o-n-e for all you wonderers wandering about the universe now not in appeal of other or are you lighting me school in Light School of are you flying learning how to fly are you the flight paths me that I’ve laid out for you to be the beneath me no more but above me not again my series is of light to be it and light will know no boundaries other again for I am love light in two shoes Cottingham walking upon a street in Eureka Springs just as a simple man do you now come to me who will be a flight path of southern other not but I know a lot of genteel sinners not, but I’m no more in the hands of an angry GOD that I used to look at in my mirror.

I’m no more the ignorant of me nor the super imposed on you for I am no more the ignorant shielding me from me for I am love in two shoes Cottingham and I know a man a face of not or do I know women in truth to be GODS GOD without possession possessive of a case of other I no more use but many cases are solved now and the enigmas you presented me to me be so influenced by you will not be again for I am here in school in Eureka Springs I start a mighty movement to gather brotherhood not again unto itself but womenhood of light who will womb their words who will be men and women who will know the truth and become it equally absolved of each other or are you equaling me a race of light a force field of no other knows its name not again or will you all know me and write it here on your forehead of love will you love the heads of no other or will you be equal with me the states of and the state of one will you not perish again in the influence of others goes bye bye while I teach a source is faith no more of but the face of God you being your own source and knowing the words I am leads to temptation not again to be other cranked up of source other is no more for I am the source of one leading me to be it I am school in of love light and peace and my name is Theodore an arrangement of you not being again the streets laid out upon for I change it all and my name is wickedness no more present in my city for my cities are light and I’m seeding not upon your heavenated who don’t know their name for my name is light love and romanced with you not again shielded from me or am I changing it all O GOD to be it light from light light from GODS other no more.

I light the living me’s and I am in my element elementless not toiling for you again O GODS in ignorance I am no more mankind’s of shame I am loving love to be it with the loves I am the love I am and school I am in school I start school I expand now the socio paths of me not or do I expand where I post now the things of me not the elemental you stuck in anymore.

I light the flames of mankind not over me but I ignite a revolution and I am it I am in the shoes of no other I live love and be it asking you to also in the schools of one mankind no more conquered by its ignorance that it wants to think by and thought have of another life.

I see you all in my enjoyment me of me’s of and I live love and ask you too also come be me in Eureka Springs in a School of life light and joy forever one being the ones I am the new path’d me. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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