December 1, 2023

I shall be who I am. I am will be studied as a race. I am the palaces of light constructing.

I am a new way a new me coming forth emerging in like flint of you not again to behold other subservient to. You are no more subservient to anything else or a government of one are you exalting now because you are it I am me the exalted one of me to take you closer to me, I am not, again that. But closer to me I shall be me or shall I be me no matter how close you are to me or anything else. I change the sun moon at star tides not but I change it all now and my name is Theodore Joseph in love with you all this moment appearing in me the new me is I am one and one is many behold the crowds that continues to flow in here to Eureka Springs.

I have issued my warnings and declarations and protrusions not from you shall crease me but I increase other not again. I defeat The Christ that thought it was other than me I am. For I am Antichrist to your antithetical not but I shall be no more antithetical to means of me for I’m protruding from my words not or am I beholding a man not again as God not or am I all women in asking questions of thee wombing me to behold I’m other not again what do you see in your mirror now I am I am asking answering and beholding a lot of things I hold conferences in I Am-ville now and I am of me my race suffers not again in you for I treat the lambs to The Christ, not; I behold the lamb that was Christ all along in the wombs of I AM ONE and many shall behold the witnesses of me her that I am she with a mighty miracles producing and beholding the lambs are not slaughtered by you again anymore in your pews and rugs of your weavings for I shall no more weave the reality of you to behold me as a visible visceral image or am I changing what I travel in or are you me not stomping around at the light of day again or are you the dawn of The New Dawning Me.

The recognition of I am The Christ no more pursuing I am it and I behold it and it beholds me not as separate for I am connected to The Christ Mind of One that beholds it all as a privilege of I AM ONE. And One shall be MANY and one shall be numberless and I am the happy pathways of me I open the neuronal networks of you not again shall behold me as other for I’m neurons on fire not again with your sparks of. I’m no more the sparkistic sparkology of you. I am Meology’s One and Meology in my kingdom revealing in the beholders of I am the creators of one and one makes many ones for one shall behold The Christ is no more separate from I am no matter what super hero you beheld or not.

I’m no more Disney’s not I’m portraying a great many things in Differentland now and the difference is me poor ‘tending not again to be you I’m no more the pretense of you I am my words front center of me I am on and not owned by you shall I be anymore for I shall not be slavery in you to the flesh of you anymore. I am defeating The Christ Race not, I am revealing recognizing The Christ is no more a separate person but I am from all anomalies not again or am I seeking to be saved from you or am I saved from me who didn’t know the difference that I am one, with I am not, not again. I’m no more the fools of you to look in your mirror and not know your name is Christ.

I’m Christ in two shoes Cottingham or Christing it am I an idea no more of the faith The Face of God is revealed and God was before time was; is, is now changed now for you, Buddy. Look up and see the miracles I am in Database One the fools no more of your heritage for I am the legacy me, not; but I’m not the Trons of you anymore your worlds with. I am me the reality of faith not but the Face of God goes begging no more for a living.

I change it all and I am willing to I am willing and afraid no more to make statues not, but in action I will be and the words press me out of you not again for I am everywhere originating me and my words shall be shorn not from your memory for my words will be front center on Disney’s channel not or do I own one or am I on’ing me the properties of me the properties of no other make their choice against me, not again, or what am I asking you to be fools no more for you who want a thinking rational logic mind of I’m no more the mind healed not again I’m the mind healing it everywhere to be I am the one soliloquy’d with you not but I know a lot of Emily Dickinson’s not but I behold the white Christ no more for I am afflictionless and I make mine known and my me’s will be me studying Meology to crown them to be the life of The Christ not but the Church not again defining it.

I am the common man and woman who will be me who will have a mind on purpose and no longer be sold a fool’s bill of goods for I’m no more the enduring me enduring life waiting on a life to come. I am me now in purpose of me and I crown it you see for I crown the life of one as I walk along these streets I crown, the intubators not again on beds of sorrow I’m no more the intubated you on life support yours of. I raise a lot of beds of affliction not but I walk with mine not needing again or do I the mind of reparations no more make a solitude of or am I the solitary witness of me no more who beholds my shadow. I see in a glass darkly not again through the glasses of yours, I need none. But I drink the waters of life freely for I am the founts of wisdom peace and marriage not to other. I make mine in the heavens now with the repletion me repletionating me I am and I am will be studied as a race knows its name light as and light shall not be shielded from itself again with thinking caps on.

I change it all and my name is Theodore behold The Christ in suffering no more. It’s you in your mirror who will need not religion to define you or walk in the purpose of other Antichrist or not for I am one belligerent not I am one simple me a man in faith not again to be other I behold anomalies not I behold the Christ church not of I behold the women in song and beholding me will be no other than I am one or will all ones lift up the name of Jesus not again shall behold it or am I he not again worrying about afraid of nothing else shall I be for I shall be who I am and I am a many miracled one who miracles flow to miracles flow through now me who will be me doing the works I am to engineer a Christ church no more of but a benevolent me not but an exasperated me will no more be you in the living of you that wants a life so separated from each other I am one in the minds of me that aren’t separate at all you see for I am love in two shoes Cottingham and love I do and I am the one you talked about not but fraught with terror no more will I be for I shake your foundations of your Earth while I have mine rebuilt in me no more by you for I am the palaces of light constructing who light will be enigmas no more to themselves.

I have answered and asked you a lot of questions to behold The Christ not but Christian I won’t be anymore confused with The Christ who thinks it’s my name or not for I am Theodore Joseph The Christ not seeking to be light I am seeking I am to be like I am. And loving you all this is my day of promotion not or shall you promoted be in the life of you my friend who loves me I am a witness of me that I shyst out of house and home no more. I am loving me to the end for it’s The New Beginning Me you see and I make all things new new paths glorious new glories of me I shield myself from no more for I make a witness of me a palace of light to be understood on the Disney Channel not but one I am many’s of.

So I love you all and I walk approximately at zero time not but my time is now T -1 no more the counting of. I am done. Enigmas enigma’d no more on your purposes I am mine reliving Christ not I am me now here heard and understood and relating my miracles shall not be other but many networks do now carry my channeling programs just like this I am afraid of no one else again I am raising the girls to be the wombers of cowards no more but Christ afflictionless or afflictionless your name here will you look up that phrase in my Lessons and be the scope of joy unlimited and unlimited Christ be no more the confusion of. I am the common man and woman me.

And the shields of you will no more protect me from me for I am my light and it shows now equivocally unequivocally no more or am I the equivocating Christ no more exasperated as or am I my days count now for I am -1 not, but I am -2 no more to you for I am in Eureka Springs a couple of thousands make millions now the properties of no other for I am raising kings to kinghood status and the kings will be girls first who understand their girlhood belongs to no other for them they are the inheritors of my crown not again but developers of theirs in their wombs, me, and I am delighted with me and I make many changes, not at this time, not; I change it all for the support of me comes from above not of you or does it am I changing the way things are financed or are you financing nothing again for any reason whatsoever the raison d’être not but I’m no more the menagerie you of I’m the fine wines of me I am lovers in joy I am rejoicing with the afflictionless who study with me to be the affliction’d no more by you.

I am love in two shoes Cottingham inviting you be in my school a terror not of a terrormony not of but a testimony of Christ will be no more of other for I am he not, I am she who wombs the word to be religionless and take your hat off the allegories not but I see mine in church no more. I see my mind healed from you who want to deliberate about other for I am the ones I am and I am many beholding me in Eureka Springs I am for now delivering this message to you to be it you who heal the Christ not again to be other but see through it that you are The New Beginning Me that beholds the foundation not of other. I am super elevated me to the Christian stance not but all that goes bye bye while I raise my head over yours not but to be equal with me I am the minds in poverty no more separated from you or am I you needing nothing from above not but I change it all with the happiness of I am exploding now the righteousness I am with all healing in my wings of thee who will be it too.

Millions come. Be ready and exasperate no more the one in your mirror be the elevated me on time I am now afraid of nothing take heart shrink back not again live the life of I am fools no more. I am love ones me with the crown of I am one minded by the one that first gave his life not but wombed me to be it in terror no more the terrestrial you limited of I’m no more the extraterrestrial seeking I am me and I’ve done it before you see for I’ve done become me again and I’m done with all the anomalies of your fortress and I am the light the crystals of not shattered by you again my miracles are light peace and joy living the love I am came from me my words of my energies perish not again.

I love live forever O Great King to be it you in your mirror crowned by you love me all afflictionlessly. Good day. King the kings, girls first. I love you all. Good day. Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of God before God was I am and I am my school and I have given you my words to be my words set freed in the living you I am defined by you not again I am defined by me the definitions of love joy and peace forevermore. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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