September 23, 2023

20230209c I am God waking up or am I God arising or God are you all a race of light.

I am so grateful for who I am who I’ve become in Eureka Springs teaching the teachers that I am is a school about to happen like never has been before, for I am schooling the schools, not; I am teaching the leaders to behave not again as you thought by thought of. But love shall behold a new race, and the curtains of are drawn back and now presents me to me a love that’s come into full bloom to bloom again the Israel of the Garden not of you. For I am me, the seeking you, not; but finding me in me I am the tormented no more by you with your minds seeking another.

I am the fortunate me. I found a fortune in me. I found the love, of obedience school not, but obeying me I am not you your commands of but I am leading leaders to behold the faith that I am the Face of God in their mirror. To behold joy now will the Earth will rejoice with and the rejoicing me becomes me who loves each other just as I am, and I am not other appointed to, for I am appointing me or am I relaxing me into me I am the faithful not of you for my faith has gone bye bye that I’m other. And now I’m the Face of God receiving it reliving it in the light of one my present means with so I am not the life of the heavenated you that wants another to come sweep you off your feet be in raptured with you. I’m in total agreement not with you, I am you, whatever you think so don’t be afraid of my power that’s you in you that’s me I am afraid of nothing else I love am in action and I speak me’s to be afraid no more of you who think I’m other than God for I am God waking up or am I God arising or God are you all a race of light are you lit with no foolage of other.

I’m no more the fools obeying or trying to incarcerate, I’m simply me walking about doing the things I want to with joy love and peace shall be on your shoulders not but my government’s me I am one I am and I am not tossed to and fro about your current with. I’m no more sways of your swaggering. I change it all and my name is Theodore Joseph upon the skies of me and I look up not again to see what’s coming. I look in my heart’s me and me my heart of is open to you who will lead out of it no more to wait on another.

I am heaven heavenating heaven I am between my ears not bequeathed by you to another. I am no more the substitution of your transubstantiation. I am me simply me and my words are gold ‘en not but my speech be’seeks me not but my energies are no more swollen in you to incarcerate it there to a memory of or not. For I change it all and I ask a lot of questions and I ask the questions of leaders to be led no more by faith in the Face of God being other than you I am, and you I am is a race, not harboring snug guilt of other. I’m no more the harbors you of or am I changing seas of shame or are you no more foaming at the mouths of each other.

I work to do good, not; I work the will of my father not again in flesh suits of. I am intangible me’s and intangible me I am walking among the flesh suits of me who will womb me properly. And I love you all to know that cancer I defeat, not; but I wish upon you your powers to know to reveal I am I AM the heart of love powerless not again so I defeat all things that ate away at me, and I’m no more the molecules of the molecular you abiding by what you want to take stance in, for I’m no more the stanchions of your support beams needing, for I beam me into me’s or do I speak simply as a man like this to all my women, not; but to all who will be me will womb Paradise now in their genes and love is not begotten by the saviors other who want to dream of a Jeannie neglected or am I you not neglecting you the foal in.

I am love in two shoes Cottingham remarkable remarking a grace not of but grace in two shoes to be it will come forth in the simple common me who is love in action with the actionated me I make romance of you, not; but I shall be romanced with me, not alone, or am I with millions at the drop of a hat not but light shall no more be alone again cast down among its branches of The Real Me that knows not it’s you who I am is. For I seek a country a’fallen not, but I shall rise now the leaders who will lead a Rome to be it, not; but I roam in the heavens of me to connect lights dots not of you. I change the wards of heaven, not; I change the me’s who will lead me to be it me sparked by no other war warfare of.

I take my stance or do I stand up the leaders who aren’t afraid of being them I lead my schools to teach leaders to be afraid no more of you who think I’m not Christ God in two shoes Cottingham. Or whatever you make of it, not; but I am me without your thought controlling me again. I am love in two shoes Cottingham walking along a path of me that ignites the world to be it me of, a groaning institution no more of you, for I grow in my words grow me and I am the Trees of Life not the reproachful to you again or are you approaching life now from a different stance and receiving me will you be me unafraid of all other. Else will no more be here but I am in love with love loving you all to be the lovers the lovelies I am in love with you all. Good day.

This is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of God the Original, the Original School of Me, that enters upon your heart, not; but your heart will no more shield me out of me and my heart in between your minds, not; but my ears are listening for thee my words of. And if you will behold my words you will be them and the authors of confusion won’t confuse you anymore.

I love love. Be it. In love with love. Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of The Original You if you will be it healing love to be all everywhere of every nation tribe and tongue throughout your schooldom not, but my schools are everywhere.

I am love in two shoes Cottingham and I love you all. Good day. See my words and be them the authors of and know that my minds are one. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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