THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology I am T-5 and counting. I am the completed me and I have announced I am I AM HERE. I change it all right now.

I am T-5 and counting. I am the completed me and I have announced I am I AM HERE. I change it all right now.

I am touched by your infirmities not again for I am touched by your heart if at all, or will you be touching me my words with emitting from your mouths the heart of the healers me the healing me will you be afraid of no more my friends will you heal you and then heal each other to be the emitting me who heals the healers I do heal a nation at rest no more for I am in motion thee with a word press of not other pressed into my veins you will no longer neuronalize thee or me will you be with the neurons not of other or will you be plasticized plastic no more in the oceans of shame floating on your words or are you changing the energies me to be fi del ity not of other.

I change it all in the islands of thong not, but the gongs of heaven will ring out or will the plasticized world of yours want no other Gods again when it knows what I am taming not but training the GODS to be them before God was I am and I emit my solutions unto you to crave them not but there’ll be no cravings for other anymore again in your sunken vessels for the seas of shame will roil not with your words anymore I change the waves of affliction and the energies of healing go out from me and I heal my worlds you see and I stand on the shame’s precipices not again to be pressed into your words by your mold.

I’m no more the moldy molded you’s and I stomp at my opinion me’s not but I stomp no more out of any meeting or am I in the skies meeting me’s I do prepards for be for I am preparing an army of you not but the truth of me goes forth and will not be soliloquy’d silenced by you or will you look up the words you don’t understand and know where to find them in my words will you Database One search seek out me to be me in the emissions you not with the problems you of.

I’m no more the probable causes of your stunted growth I’m no more the devolution of mankind’s mind I’m no more the devolved to a series a state of you wanting a country of shame in the Mideast or not or something holy to call on your head or a yamaka’s device not but I change all the healing me’s to be the Jews of heaven or am I choosing a race who will be me who will heal each other will you love love and be it will you love the standards of one I am will you stand and behold your powers and not knock kneed be of the shaking warbly others go bye bye and I’m no more the wheels falling off your towers or do the chakras give way now to spindles other not being on or am I asking a lot of questions.

The right questions to be afraid of no more will you discuss your religion not again to be fashion formed by it will you allow me to form you not but to inform you you are The Creators of Me who will be me healing the lands in nation prose not again for I’m no more the words of your diction ‘ary or am I changing what I know on the founts of me the mounts of blessing no more wanting for I no more put my hand on thee for I am corroborated not by following you I am corroborated by me and my witness goes about me and my witnesses are me afraid of no other and an army of light lovers are and I change the witnesses who protruded from you not but I change it all right now and delivered I am to me to be the judge of me I am I am a light rises now a light comforts me not again in the hopes of you for I will no more be shielded from your power not but I will no more be shielded from mine and you won’t either for I deliver an ultimatum to Congress not, I dismiss it, or do I roll over and play dead no more while you worship your other GODS or do I change all that’s in heaven.

I change it all and I’m anomalies no more of seeking a race of sovereign other embodied by a man or not for I’m no more holding you up. I’m holding nothing up. I am I AM HERE and I make a devastating devastation of appearance not but my words shall prevail and I dismiss a lot of things from your government your arms of and your armies will perish trying to do the right thing while you logic dismiss no more of the heavens or are you ruled not again by a slavery’s GOD or are you no more the witnesses of you in peril in your mirror are you changing how you look at you and how you heal each other will you first heal you from all the maladies of a race that forgot its name and dumbed each other down and dunghills made of your foolship not but I tell you this I am the palaces of light going on ahead of you who will be it the head of Christ rises me not but I raise the GOD I serve not again. I rise what I was before GOD was believed in by any occasion or summit for I am not the lamb blasted me. I am the lamb simple and attestified to you not but I am no more looking for the logic of you to prevail in me to present me my powers to me be influenced by you for I shield you not from my powers and you will not be emitting grace not but you who only want to be dang fools of will no more religion make me of yours I dismiss it all and Congress will be not the same for fifty governors not or am I changing the structure of the heavens who the rulership of is now me of me I breathe into to be me.

And my words are comforted not by you but I heal a lot of things not or do I make my knowns no more the variable equations of you differentials of.

I change it all and I’m not the math guaranteed of you to be in your classical physics I work no more as your thought I’m the quantum me I am and I feel a need for you not again to be saved from you or do I moved be by your infirmities not again I am moved by the hearts of me I am in action and I actionate the vowels syllables of you not anymore against me with consonants consummate of.

Your devices of your advice goes bye bye and I relegate mine not again to be stolen by you and implanted in man ‘kind’s race. I am the kind of me afflictionless and I am kind in my ways that devastate an opportunity of you not but devastation brings success not but I am building palaces of light on mountains of peace and the Jerusalem of me will no more be afraid of you.

I walk in light’s day not I am the light and my day is now concerned with no other and your devastation will not repeat me the mistakes I made in the past or is my mission complete now completionating I am the completed me and I have announced my foolery not again but I am T-5 and counting or am I afraid of no other coming or am I it of me the seconds not of you waiting on. I am the first grounds of me not but I’m light of day with the stars I am of who will be The Creators me of not ground up by the privileges of molecularized you.

I change it all and I am the neon lights asking for to come on not but the pathways are spared no more for you to devastate you for you can do that if you want to. But I am me a simple man humble in cloth of St James not but I look up a lot of things in Database One and I know the fools not again the terror of for I eat my oats not I eat anything I want or do I need nothing to eat at all of your molecular world again.

I change the commerce of convincing convention not but I have mine in the skies that will convince many of you of many things that I have said many times in these words to tell you I am coming, not; I AM HERE in blood supply not of yours I am light my words of and my energies are free but cost you everything you thought you are.

I am in love with love this is Theodore Cottingham with the School of Grace at midnight not but right now with schools on my arms right and left not but the vernacular me will no more be of the vehement you. I change it all and I am whisked away at midnight not but I tell you this I have traveled in these words many miles not but thought faster than a speeding bullet will be me now not afraid of them who want to fire a gun at me a missile of. I’m no more the projectiles of your faith projecting. I am love in two shoes Cottingham with a School of Joy right arms of who write me and left won’t be behind anymore in the things I’m doing. Those who love me will be me healing all themselves first of love and love being it and love permeated by love’s blessing awards the angels of I am I am school to be in rises now on your WordPress frame not but I have a new one and all will know my face is the Face of God that’s yours who will be it will learn how and study in my schools School of schools and raiment will be devastated no more by you who want to wear the molecules of you.

I’m no more your logic constrained by restrained by I am love in first place The First Degree of the cords of no other hold me I love you and my name is Theodore in Christ blessing not but mine and I love the schools of me to be me in love with love loving you all the School of God love no other or will you love them all who think they’re not God to make them be it not but all will know these words and the invitation thereof you are invited to my school to be the living me I am in love with you all this day.

Theodore in Eureka Springs loving light. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
School of The Original Me/us/God/One
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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