THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230227 There is no time or space in me. I am love in two shoes Cottingham getting ready to do a new thing for I am doing it with the lovers who will be Christ.

20230227 There is no time or space in me. I am love in two shoes Cottingham getting ready to do a new thing for I am doing it with the lovers who will be Christ.

There is no time or space in me I am one I do what I want to do for I am my love now seeking a place of refuge not again to hold the hand of other I’m no more the eyes looking through who want me not. I am the eyes of who will see me in their mirror with the energies of one who proclaims the Christ is risen again this day through them who will be it as an anomaly not again for I am Christ in two shoes Cottingham proclaiming I am declaring I am I am who needs none of your gloriousness again the allegories of. I am simply me a man in truth and truth I imbibe not, truth I exude emanate and proclamate the original me that I am not needing the allegorical stories of you to see a power that’s beneath me not again but out in the open I am Christing it not again to be a refuge of your thinking. I am no more the thinking of your refuge or refugistics refugees of.

I’m no more the refusal of you to believe in God, not; I refuse not to believe in me that I have the powers I am and I walk in affliction no more by my own methods restricting me. I am loosed at the sound of dawn, not; I am me in the speech of I am one and one beholds a mighty Negro not but I am one, for I am all colors me, without black holes you of. Or am I changing what you see as the neat arrangements of me or am I not arranged by you again your algorithms cardiograms in I’m no more your electro souls of sorrow needing a readout of a Savior other or Messiah to come bless you.

I am me walking the streets of I am one and I let you know that I am me forever one in the blessing of I am the schools close now not but schools will no more teach I am not the Savior I am for I am all together one in the mirror of the mirrors of the self seeing eyes of failure no more the third eyes of you or am I simply healing me’s who look like you to yourselves to see that I am me in you not I am me that you are and you are a race of I AM GOD before God was I am man not again tormenting with the ideas of failure separation of. I am no more the separated GOD from GOD I am no more the man separated from man either or am I women no more in love with the other that I am that took a cardiogram not or am I no more the electric shields of you or am I changing the molecule in place or space do you have none not for me not for my words not again. For me my space will be me my place and I act under the authority that I am, not; for I exercise me the privilege of and I see my soul in hell no more held by you here in what you claim as 3-D space for I change it all and I am the witness of me needing not your cardiogram electric of or am I EKG’s no more the ICBM’s of am I changing the missiles of faith or am I misled no more by religions and news other of my coming. Or have I come to tell you I am here breaking neck speed not but I’m no more the trifling tri-folded you or am I trivial pursuit no more of making a living or being the faithful thereof.

Am I one who has the knowledge, afraid of it no more. Will you be the wisdom of appeal not will you be me in love with love will you be me in your mirror will you be me with the mind of one whose mind is one one’ing no other to be a separate.

I change it all at midnight not I change it now in these words with these words I make you whole who will be it wholistically in your frame of reference not but I am king of kings not stooping to help thee again. I am me who will be me who will rise the election of me not as you the elect of but I am appointing my popes not but the popery of you’s goes bye bye and the mixemup methods of you will no more b’shyster me. I am love in two shoes Cottingham getting ready to do a new thing for I am doing it with the lovers who will be Christ who will stone themselves not again in Stephen’s army your weed of or drink yourselves to death or addict yourself to religion or substance other that has a space or not. Your molecules no more taint me. And your religious exercise will no more damn my soul for I will not have one for you to give it to you for I give you all I am and I am space ‘less me, for I am me without space not again. I am space of the spatially correct who accurately reflect me not but be me who will crown the ones I am and the whole I am me again in love with love and I offer you a nutritionally paradise correct of not but I change it all at midnight and live a I want for I live in my mind for my mind you see is you who will be it too, not again two of. I am one in the multicordinal not, but I am no more the cords of affliction in your voice boxes. I am no more the repetitions of your algorithms faithfully producing torment for each other to each other be tormented in the affliction of what you think is Hell or not. I’m no more held here. I’m where I want to be, with a moment’s privilege not but I am the privilege of me privileged to be receiving this message of faith not but love who will live it accordingly and be not the chords of failure again your vocal with or what you think with for I am no more thought produced by I am love in action who loves each other you first in your mirror who heals the separation gap and understands now the understood will be who loves the understanding of the knowledge of one who faithful is not to perpetuate other again that stinks so highly in my nostrils.

For I am you smelling the aroma of death no more in yours. For I replace the coroners not the corona of or am I changing the flares of The Divine Me or am I changing all that ignites your neurons for me not again to be a Savior other I am the delicate promotion of you not promoting I am The Regal Me who’s promoted me to be it who understands the wisdom knowledge of Christ the Allegory of no more needed but I use it sometimes to walk in its’ faithful not but the eligible me will be me who accelerates the love of one to be it in the lives of one who will not reject me again being them who love is who sees you’re not distant from me at all for I am one and I simply do the things I want to do now and I will walk in faith not again above my privilege for my privilege is to be the simple me without space and time that corrupts you for I walk in my mind as a gentle me who loves all equally and I purport to be faith not of but the pretense of you will not shield me from me as I want nothing from me you of again I simply want to be me in regal cloth not of you I dance now across the heavens of me to make this message and I am without space and time no more your anomalies of but space and time is not relative to me I am quantum you not I am quantum me or do I quantify your privilege not to be the accelerated morons of sorrow.

I am Meology’s of one making my schools known and I purport to be no other I’m X theme of not but I tell you this I use what I want to accelerate love around me and I draw the Christians not I draw the circles around you not but I accelerate me being me in the simple simplicity of love who will have it be it flow it ignite it love it being it I am and love has no other place to be for love I AM ONE and I am love in my heart whose my mind is not made up of again something that reflects me to be other in mine own self for I’m no more the selfery of your aware ‘ness, I am simply me and my name is Theodore Christ in suffering no more or am I simply me a Cottingham in love with a girl a woman or the womb of me will you purport to be no other sex in sexists of or will you arrive at the proposition not but the proposal me is to be me and I propose you all marry me who is with breath who creates standards not of separation other for I am one in the heavens of me and I make my privileges known and I privilegize the Christ to be it with the eyes of failure no more.

I open the eyes of the suffering who will suffer no more to be in what they’ve seen all along for I’m no more your path ways of sorrow I am kings of kings kinging the girls first who will have a womb for me be it sexist of you or not in your thought for I no more think like you do I have time and space on my side not I am it and I call out to me I call to me throughout the ages and the ages of you will not be locked in you again anymore for I see the light of tunnels other not I tunnel through your light not again to be in your brains your neurons of I’m no more the electrical wires of you needing molecules for molecular action no more taints me. I am space without not I am space in not I am everything there was everything there is and I am one who holds the curtain not up to you again for I be’shield me not from me.

I have taught you much in this lesson and my lessons go national nationalistic not of you for I’m no more the nations of approving me to be something else I’m no more the religions of your relationships and your words will not define me to me. I’m without light not I am the energies of Paradise with the tongues of the quantum me not or am I connected no more to failures’ voices I am one with the light of heavens regime not but regalia of me and I walk away from you if you only want to taunt me or do I fly disappear make you one of me or do I simply reveal my suffering no more to me in your mirror I am light love now here I am and I have been heard by the faithful few not the faithful millions come to me I live in Eureka Springs I teach I call out to you now to your heart be in love with you first and your love see your powers and your power is powered by love and not by choice that contradicts saviors other not but you save you first from what you thought and all that you’ve been taught will no more conjure up me.

I am love in two shoes Cottingham inviting you to a School of sorrow no more but a School of light love and joy in Eureka Springs called the School of God School of Grace School of The Natural Me who understands to be you who is wholly you is sacred and apart from me no more for you part the waters no more and walk across not but the waters of me will no more be in the minds of sorrow Marah of or not for I will see your knots not but I untie a lot of things that’s knotted you up on you’s.

And I go now and I make it done with the lovely who will love each other who will be kind hearted tender love compassionate with the lovers and won’t exist for other for other will torment themselves to death and embrace it believing the believers they are of the whole hearted them for they made what their hell was who called it Earth or not. But my Heaven’s me and my Heaven’s between my ears and my thinkers think me unafraid of you who want to walk with the decimating you for I am me and I walk my paths a many me of that all’s one all together one are the mind of.

Satan has no heed here for it will not separate from me again from you again who want to be me who will exercise the saviorhood of sorrow no more saving themselves first the savior reigns the savior rejoices the saviors are you who will save you first and benefit from the tongues of sorrow no more to make a living to have enough for your retirement plan for I have one who retires sorrow and sorrow will no more be eligible for my saviorships for I reveal one and one is me who walks the streets of the Springs magnetic no more of you I’m the quantum me Theodore Cottingham in love with you all who will love you first and foremost be the living love of you I am the savior of that the saviors are a one race of Jews no more or do we all choose each other now to live love and love love and love be the lovable compassionistic no more of sorrow I am no more the lines drawn in the sand of you for your sand has no space in me my eyes of and my tongues will not rejoice with your grit and your grime will be all over you but you will tar and feather me no more.

I’m out with the loves of one and I heal the lands of me I am Israel in the skies of me that promotion I now make the promoted me’s of who enter my schools and rejoice creating them far and wide in the loves of one.

I have said a lot, oh my gosh! Teach me more let you live they say you say who says I am one not again to mean it or who says I am one saved not by another I ask a lot of questions for you to fulfill your exams not but I am here teaching love in Cross training no more. I am love living love. I am living love in the pants of one and the skirts of joy dance with light and I am sexists not I am every fools delight not I am simply me’s of every nation tribe and tongue throughout time and farther rejoice now with fearing nothing be the lovable Christ to you in your mirror whether you called it that or think it’s that or not now for now I am here and I paint the portraits not of sorrow for love lives in me for love has no space or time for you who want to create you otherwise for I created me and I create each other you see and I created The Cross no more I create the one of the ones who will all one be.

I love you all Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with THE SCHOOL OF GOD the original one before God existed before God was I am please be it also me I love you all good day. Honor this and love the word that you are the energies of the quantum me electric no more. Good day.

Theodore Cottingham
Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

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