THE NEW COVENANT of Theodore Cottingham Meology 20230307 Israel is upon my head between my ears.

20230307 Israel is upon my head between my ears.

Lesson 20230307

Box 34, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72632 USA

1. With my love I bid thee adieu not, or do we go places you’ve never mentioned in your writings or are you writing some about me that thee art a race of a glomeration not again conglomerated of.

2. I change it all and I go now do what I want where I want to with the lovers who will heal the lovers to be free from you who won’t. And I want a nation to love Jesus, not; I want you to be you and include you in the deities of other not again or will you no more include you as separates or are you changing the race of the races I am included in anomalies not but I tell you this I am no more born anew in suffering for I am changing it all and my name is Theodore Joseph in the clouds of you not again waiting on someone to come and do my duty or bid me adieu. For I am doing new things and I see clearly now that I am the moments me and everything falls into place, not; but falls I’m no more here as was for I’m springing into action now in a way that makes believers spin their twirls not but I’m no more the twirly hoods of you wearing beanie caps for.

3. I let go of affliction, not; have I spoken it out of existence. Do I live in now that incarcerates me not you of anymore or is incarceration dead on arrival not but there’s no incarceration in me for I love am in two trails not again of you contrails of or am I contrarian no more the affairs of Christ are you all understanding a race of mankind not again to be the sovereign in worshiping another sovereign as or are you sorrowing no more in your inebriation of you will you see clearly now that it’s you that I speak to of and I am speaking to all of you who will be me not parked on Earth again or will you change it all now my friends and be the lovers I am afflictionless and light the worlds on fire not again but love with two tooths not but I tell you this I’m no more the bites of your nails and I’m no more biting into your flesh to make marks of me on me’s that don’t know who they are. I’m no more the stingrays of the stung. I’m no more the bunghills of your dung. And you will not portray me as southern other again for I am coming out and doing as I please for I please the witness of me not. I please the pleasing me’s who are pleased to be me and know I am God and God are afflictionless race of I am I am and knowing it I play ball with the lovers sometimes rackets of not but pickles no more in my future not but I do a lot of things undimingly now and I will no more be dimmed by your words.

4. I love live affliction no more in. My name is Theodore in Christ to be it healing love to be it healing love to be loved and schooling schools to be in my training system of joys that accelerate at new loves heights now that never runs dry and I love you all to make these words afflictionless not but know they are rewiring all me’s a me to be in love with you all enjoy me well.

5. This is Theodore Cottingham in Eureka Springs with the School of God the Almighty God I am that God are almighty in school a race of knowing and living the dream not of you but the altruistic you goes bye bye while they want harm to others but I change it all and the motives of peace will no more be Jerusalem other about for I change it all and Israel is upon my head between my ears and I love you all to seek another opportunity not again to be Gods about God worshiping for the Gods of it all will raise their heads now against me no more to be separates. I am one. Loving you all. Good day. Theodore in love with you all. Good day.

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